Create Perfect Health for Yourself

The human body has miraculous healing abilities inside of itself, which most people aren’t aware of.  I know this because it happened to me once, one time only; I have not been able to get myself to do it again since then.

It was Christmas time, many years ago, I was around 17 or 18 years old. My family bought a fir tree from a local Christmas Trees stand in the parking lot of a store not far from our house. We set it up in our living room, with a pan of water at its base, it smelled so wonderful. We decorated it with ornaments and tinsel over the next few days. I remember sitting alone in the living room, with the tree glowing from the rainbow colored lights we had strung on it, a couple of early presents wrapped and placed underneath. There were no noticeable sounds in the house. I just sat there, looking at the tree, thinking how much I loved this tree, and trying to really feel love in my heart, more and more, for this beautiful tree and all that it represented to me. I felt gratitude, a feeling of blessings, and deep love. But I didn’t stop there – no matter how strong the feeling, I pushed it somehow with my heart, to feel deeper, greater, wider love – love for the whole city, the whole country, all of Humanity everywhere in the world, all the trees and all the animals, all the beings seen and unseen, how marvelous every part of creation was, that it somehow exists and continues, long before me and long after me. It just is.

I kept feeling that feeling deeper and deeper and deeper within me. Each time I felt a deeper feeling of love, I didn’t stop there, I tried to feel it even deeper. I’ve never tried to do that before.

After a few minutes of really trying to do this, something very unusual happened. My heart started beating faster and harder. And faster and harder, and faster and harder! It was almost like I had just run a marathon, racing as fast as I could, that amount of pumping heart action occurring within my chest, it felt so strange, considering I was just sitting on the couch, not moving at all. I partly ignored it, and kept feeling deep love of this beautiful tree, and all of Christmas, and the whole world. My mind was saying, “maybe I’m dying? why is my heart beating so fast? could I die from this? how do I stop it?” but something in me sensed that I was not in danger, so I continued. I stayed that way for about 10 minutes, before I started feeling tired, and decided to slow down and stop. I brought myself “back to normal”, not thinking or feeling anything, just sitting there in the silence, looking around, being present, for another 5 minutes while my heart slowed back down to normal.

That was the strangest experience! But what was even more amazing happened the next day.

The day after that I woke up, and felt super energetic. I had more energy in my body and felt healthier than I ever had in my life. Normally, as a child, I had a lot of allergies, including many food allergies; I couldn’t eat more things than I actually could, at certain points in my childhood. Digestion had always been a problem, I would digest slow, and often with pain, unless I ate only certain foods that we determined were OK for me.  But now, after this experience, when I ate a meal, I could feel my stomach going to town, digesting very fast – a little rumbly, but in a good way with no discomfort, as it processed food so quickly! Within an hour I had completely digested the last meal, my stomach felt completely stable, and I had lots of energy continuously throughout the day.

This happened with every meal that day. The next day it continued – great digestion, and great energy. So I decided to do an experiment. I loved chocolate, but usually could not eat it because I would get stomach cramps and feel ill. I went to the cupboard where we had a bag of semi-sweet chocolate morsels. I opened the bag and ate a whole big handful of them. They were so delicious. Over the next few hours I discovered I had no discomfort at all, my body digested them perfectly well! I ended up eating the entire bag over two days, with no ill effects at all. Amazing.

This lasted at least 4-5 days, after which I slowly “returned to the way things were before,” with bad digestion and allergies. I couldn’t eat chocolate like I had this one time, it bothered my stomach again like it always had before. The problems slowly returned, over about the next week or two.

This experience I had is inspiring though; it shows that the human body has great sources of healing energy within it, which nobody talks about, and few ever experience. Even medical doctors do not really know about the extremely powerful healing ability of deep love and gratitude. It’s way more powerful than you would imagine. I can’t really explain it, other than to say, I experienced it.

Some things I realized from this experience:

  1. Our bodies have a powerful healing ability associated with Love and Gratitude
  2. To experience this, you have to really try, it isn’t a natural thing we do in our daily lives
  3. The end of year holiday season is a prime time to experience these deep feelings
  4. Something was still wrong in what I do/feel, because the illness within my system eventually returned.
  5. Something I normally do is causing illness and difficulty digesting, within my body. This love-energy I brought in with my heart wiped away all that poison, temporarily. What feelings & thoughts are part of my daily experience that are causing this illness? Can I stop that somehow, as a preventative measure? Will my digestion return to normal if I can accomplish that?
  6. Imagine being good at this deep-love, and healing yourself with it on a daily basis! How would life be different?
  7. Are there people who already figured this out, use it every day, and don’t talk about it?  I can imagine that might be the case. Perhaps some great people of the past could do this – I suspect Gandhi did, and Mother Teresa also. Look at any picture you can find of Gandhi – look at that super-happy smile he always had, despite all the problems he faced in life!

Can you find a way to love something as deeply as I did that Christmas tree? It doesn’t have to be a Christmas tree, it can be anything that you appreciate as a great beauty, a great accomplishment. If you have nothing like that, please find something. Maybe finding it could be your new year’s goal?

If you’ve experienced something similar to this, I’d love to hear about it, please post a comment.



Higher and Lower, Tied Together

The symbol of Pisces – the two fishes tied together, the big fish and the little fish; the higher fish and the lower fish, connected together, regardless of distance.  I believe we all absolutely will be more connected than we are today with our higher fish, more and more connected over time, until eventually we realize that we have a true Best Friend we can talk to at any time, just as easy as any two best friends throughout history.

Did you really think that our current existence in this physical world was the highest level possible? That this is the greatest environment God could envision for us, that there’s nowhere else to go, we made it, and we’re done and we’re completely happy, living in paradise now? I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like this is the best, this is paradise. But here we are. There’s a lot more for us to experience and learn here, with better relationships we can create than ever before, and more interesting places to visit.

There is a concept in radio science called the signal-to-noise ratio. This concept applies to our normal lives as well: the more we eliminate noise inside ourselves, the clearer we can hear the signal. I know there are signals inside of you, that you’ve never heard, because there’s still too much static. I know this because I’m finding that there are signals inside of me that I’m just learning about.

Some of the little actions we take have huge and great consequences, even when nobody sees it. Some of the big things we do or hear others are doing (or that we worry we’re not doing) have very little consequence in the “long game” of life. I think about all the emails I could not bring myself to reply to, which I feel bad about; but doing that enabled me to create more unique content on the Internet that helps humanity; or allows me to spend more time with my family; spend more time in nature; spend more time writing and thinking, and being alone, which is the main way I recharge my batteries.

Everyone has to find a balance between higher and lower – so that some day the two will join together more closely than they are today. You can make events in the higher worlds mirror the ones in our lower world; and vice versa.

On days when you’re just not yourself: give yourself a break – don’t push yourself too hard to be “normal”.  Some days are self-cleaning days. Just as we need to clean our physical body with a bath or a shower, similarly our emotional and mental bodies have to be cleaned. Sometimes the cleaning can be painful, and that’s OK. It’s just part of life. It gets better later.

On days when the life around you pushes you to the limit, or even beyond your perceived limits, it’s OK, go with it. Live it. It doesn’t mean you’ve been abandoned – if you feel that way as I do sometimes, it’s good to realize that is just an emotional hang-up that can be cleaned. You’re never abandoned, never alone, you always have a partner with you, and nobody can remove that from you.

When you’re at your lowest point, that’s a great time to strongly insist on knowing where to go from here. Ask strongly why things are the way they are.  You can actually get an answer. You can do that wherever you are. I did that while driving down the street one time after a particularly painful day at work, at my first full-time job after graduating from college. I learned some deep things about myself from that experience, which I have never forgotten.

You have more friends around you than you think, all of the time.  You can choose to recognize them or ignore them – either way, they’re there. They’re cheering for you; they’re here to help you. You deserve help – all you need to do is ask for it.


Movies with Astral Themes

Movies appeal to us more when we connect with them, sometimes when we don’t even know why. There’s something about them, some great underlying truth to it, that we can’t quite put our finger on yet.

Sometimes it’s because it contains elements from the subtle worlds – from the dream world, from the Astral plane.

Some movies I like that have heavy Astral themes:

Inception – while literally about sleeping and dreaming, there are so many great elements in this movie that show how things are in the Astral level. Like how the dream world can be strongly effected by elements in your subconscious (trains/trucks crashing through the dream). The idea of a dream-within-a-dream is very symbolic of reaching higher levels beyond the Astral plane by passing through the dream-level to reach a new place. In the real world, you can reach the Mental plane, beyond the Astral plane – it’s a better place with higher vibrational energy and higher quality people, instead of being a lower/disintegrating place as shown in the movie.

The Matrix – the core element of realizing the power you have in the world, that you’re dreaming, and don’t have to obey all the rules you thought were immutable forces; this is what it’s really like on the Astral plane. Flying / defying gravity, dodging bullets with ease, and even controlling those bullets completely. When you wake up consciously on the Astral level, you literally can control the world around you, even moreso than what they portrayed in this movie.

Paycheck – I love the idea of the main character, thrust into a series of events that seems wildly out of control, continuously makes the right decisions, and figures out the right thing to do at every turn just in the nick of time – and it works out for him in the end. This has many Astral qualities to it. Bad things on the Astral plane literally cannot hurt you, cannot even touch you, if you don’t allow them to, if you don’t accept it. When you realize your strength there, it’s very powerful.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – So many Astral elements, when his world is changing, memories are being wiped away as he stands there, titles of books being erased on the bookshelves. This is a very wistful movie and makes me feel bad after I watch it, but, so do various Astral dreams too, in the same way. It’s just a part of this world and you don’t have to let it hurt you, it’s just a thing that happens sometimes. Realize that everything is going to be OK when this happens.

The Truman Show – A man trapped in a fake, constructed world – that is so Astral! He starts out following all the right indications, but eventually starts to see cracks in the false scenario all around him.  He tests the limits, and finds even bigger things, the very edges and walls of his world (literally). And then he escapes. I love this movie so much.

I could probably write for ages about these, and other movies like them.

What are other movies you’ve seen that have dream-like elements?
Did those movies appeal to you or repel you?
How did you feel after watching the movie?
What elements were likely Astral ones?

Good and compelling movies are a great way to break out of the boring limitations of our “real world” and excite our mind and heart with new ideas and expand our limits.

Sensing the Etheric Plane

The Etheric Plane is not really a plane of its own, it’s really part of our Physical world. It’s just refined matter, more subtle than the normal types of matter we think about today.

Science has discovered solid, liquid, and gaseous states of matter.  But they haven’t yet discovered the other 4/7ths of matter that is described in numerous books written 50 to 100 years ago!  Super-subtle types of matter that are truly matter, important parts of our world; just not easy for us to sense, and haven’t been largely understood yet by our scientists.

Doesn’t it irritate you to realize that we don’t even know about over HALF of the types of matter in the world where we live?  It irritates me, that’s for sure.  I want us to be able to measure this stuff, to prove it exists, to utilize it for Humanity’s benefit.

In case you’re feeling doubtful, I have to say – you have already seen the effects of these etheric types of matter, and chances are you regularly use them every day.  Do you have magnets on your refrigerator?  Magnetism is an etheric effect. Do you use radio or TV, or WiFi for Internet access?  Those use radio waves, and radio waves are etheric effects.  Radio waves are nothing more than the wiggling of matter – what matter? It must be a very subtle matter; not solid, not liquid, not gas; but something even more subtle than those – probably 4th etheric level matter. What the heck is 4th etheric level matter?  Well, the levels are arranged like this, according to many writings I’ve read:

Ether 1 – most subtle matter in our world today

Ether 2 – subtle matter, less than Ether 1 matter

Ether 3 – not quite as subtle as Ether 2, but more subtle than Ether 4

Ether 4 – less subtle still, but more subtle than gas

Gas – gaseous state of matter

Liquid – liquid state of matter

Solid – solid state of matter

Apparently, this is our entire physical plane. There are other planes, which you can visit when you go to sleep at night; but that’s not what we’re talking about right now.  Let’s stay focused on the lowest level, the Physical plane, and talk about the 7 subplanes of this physical level – those 7 things I listed above.


I’m pretty sure that when scientists discover these etheric levels of matter, some interesting things will happen:

  • Dark Matter will be explained, measured, understood.  Dark matter is just Etheric matter, which is not detectable by standard astronomic equipment unless massed in VAST QUANTITIES; causing the scientists to say “most of the universe is Dark Matter.” Oh my gosh! Really?  Could it be roughly 4/7ths of the universe?  We are missing something vital – equipment that can measure etheric matter. Science is far from “done” if it can’t measure more than half of the matter of our universe. Let’s get on this, people.
  • The “unknown planet” will be discovered to be an etheric planet.  Astronomers have already observed, they’ve even measured, wobbles in the path of the planets in our own solar system; right here, close by the Earth, that they cannot explain.  How can that be?  With the advancement of computers and sophisticated instrumentation that we have today, they should be able to predict the EXACT position of EVERY planet in our solar system, down to the centimeter.  But they can’t. There’s a fudge-factor. There’s something else going on. There is a percentage of error that they cannot explain.  I am sure this is due to Etheric matter, and probably even Etheric planet(s).  Unbelievably, some books from the ancient past talk about an “invisible planet named Vulcan,” which is (by the way) where Star Trek writers apparently stole their planet Vulcan from, the place where the character Spock was supposedly from.  I guess art imitates life, doesn’t it.
  • Glands in the human body that “don’t do anything” will be discovered to contain subtle Etheric matter, particularly in the “open spaces” they contain. It will be discovered that they help us heal, and connect to different levels in different ways. Those glands are not “disposable” and “useless”, science just hasn’t figured out what they do yet. As is usually the case.  When they realize this, they’ll stop using drugs on people that damage those glands, or remove them entirely through surgery. They’re realize they have a purpose which we didn’t previously understand. You know, science never seems to learn. Science should know by now that the thing they can’t explain is probably just something they haven’t discovered yet.  You’d think they would figure this out by now!  But giant egos get in the way, which cause ignorant limitations and retardation of scientific discovery and understanding.

Think about this, now: you have to pump power, voltage times current, into a radio antenna to send a signal. When you do, you can “receive” the signal at some distance, and the amount of dissipation of that signal strength is easy to calculate over that distance.  It’s the same every time.  What is that physical matter that’s being wiggled, that took that amount of power to do that?  It’s not a solid. It’s not a liquid. It’s not a gas.  Those 3 guys are still sitting all around us, not helping with the radio transmission at all. No, your radio transmitter was wiggling some etheric matter of some sort. How do we measure what level of etheric matter is being wiggled by these “radio waves”? Maybe there’s a way we can calculate what etheric level it is, somehow.

Let’s do a comparison: how much more subtle is gas than liquid? Liquid than solid matter?  If we could figure out the pattern, we could project or predict it. Maybe it’s an exponential scale. Well if we consider how quickly each thing balances itself when disturbed, if we can only figure out a mathematical pattern, we could maybe predict how etheric levels of matter would work.

Solid – when disturbed, never re-balances itself (or maybe it does, over thousands of years?)

Liquid – when disturbed, it fairly quickly re-balances to a flat level, with all the liquid at the gravitational “bottom” of the container, and the surface trying to find its equilibrium.

Gas – when disturbed, it super-quickly re-balances itself over the whole container regardless of gravity, in fact we call it pressure within the container because of how quickly it evens out, so it equally distributes itself throughout the container and isn’t affected by gravity very much in small amounts (less than earth-sized amounts).

Ether level 4 – ?  Radio waves, which move at the speed of light?  We’ve measured them moving that fast.

Ether level 3..1 – we have no idea yet.

There are some things that are easier to observe in larger quantities. For example, if you watch a model rocket (1-2 feet long) flying, it’s so fast, you can’t really even see it; it’s a streak that’s instantly at full altitude in 2-3 seconds, and then parachutes down to the ground (if you’re lucky!).  But that’s model rocketry. Real NASA-sized rockets, which are solid matter flying through the gas of our air, just like a model rocket, behave much slower, don’t they – you can see them slowly lifting off the launch pad, even though they’re probably going as fast as the model rocket, they’re so large, that at their scale it looks slow. They accelerate…slowly…until eventually they are in outer space, much further than any model rocket ever goes. It’s interesting, that difference in scale has a powerful affect on timing and behavior of rockets.  Our air, which is always the same density everywhere, is relatively more dense for the huge NASA rocket – it acts almost like a liquid, for that giant skyscraper-sized rocket to pass through. Not true for the tiny model rocket.  A model rocket also has to have giant fins, compared to the minuscule fins of the NASA rocket, relative to its whole size. I find that very interesting.

That tells me that gaseous matter can behave like a liquid when measured or observed in very large quantities.

So… I bet etheric matter can behave like gaseous matter, in very large quantities!

I believe that is why Astronomers are able to detect dark matter at long distance, in vast quantities; it’s behaving more like gas, or even liquid, at such as distance and scale; something we understand, something we can measure.

Our world is so interesting.


Angel Movie Idea

Here’s my movie idea:

An angel comes to Earth to watch people because she thinks human beings are so fascinating, and she doesn’t fully understand them. Her supervisor warns her beforehand, that while she’s on Earth she must adhere to the energetic laws of the planet — do not interfere, she is warned, because if she triggers any karmic connections with people at all, she will be karmically indebted to them, and have to pay off that karma somehow before returning home. She hears all that, and agrees, but is too excited about the prospect of visiting Earth to really think about it very much.

When she gets to Earth, she zooms around observing people, and she notices that they can’t see her, but they see a bright glow of light any time she’s in the room. “What’s that?” they say, pointing at the light in the corner. Once in a while it’s near a lamp, and someone says, “oh that’s the lamp that’s broken, it just turns on and off sometimes; ignore it.” so she is not found out. But then comes the time when she visits a single man at night, when he’s asleep, she observes him from up near the ceiling, and his bedroom is filled with light. And then he wakes up.

“What the…!!” he is startled at the bright light shining down from the ceiling, something he knows just can’t happen in his dark bedroom at night.

The angel realizes her mistake and disappears real quick, observing him from a higher dimension (up higher above the roof, but seeing thru the roof, and the view is a bit opaque and harder to see) causing no glow of light. The man is deeply startled and nervous now, he can’t get back to sleep; and has a sleepless night, which somewhat ruins relationships at work the next day at his crappy job. His annoying coworkers magnify everything wrong with him, pointing out his wrinkled clothes and messy hair. They are not very nice about it, making him feel like an outsider. The angel witnesses all of this from a distance, and feels so bad because she caused it. She realizes she must do something to fix it. She ponders the karmic tie she created, and how to unwind it.

Thus the adventure begins. Of her trying to help this guy in his life, from a distance, without interfering but with guiding him with joy and encouragement, something he doesn’t have a lot of before this time, and he doesn’t know where his inspiration is suddenly coming from. He feels better for no reason, and his mind can think clearer than usual. He is about to drink a cup of coffee, but stops – and looks at it – and dumps it into a nearby sink. His newfound self-worth causes him to walk home a different route, see new places and new people.  He meets people who become better friends than his other friends are, and he tries to spend more time with them.  He gets fired from his job and quickly gets a new job that is a better environment for him, brighter office, friendlier people, more successful responsibilities.  He loses his druggy girlfriend, and realizes he can be happy alone; then meets a really nice girl and hangs out with her now.  He grows and matures as a human being, as a man, in our society. He had a great heart the whole time, but was so downtrodden and had such low self-esteem, he didn’t seem to amount to much at the beginning. But the angel helps him overcome his limitations, slowly, to live a much happier life and be more in control of his own destiny.

At the end, when his life is much better off, he suspects he’s getting divine help, but doesn’t understand it and never sees the angel. She just watches him now, not affecting his emotions & mind hardly at all, because he’s doing it all himself now. When she realizes she’s paid off her karmic debt, she waits for him to go to sleep at home, in the same bedroom, in the same body position, everything the same as in the original scene; when she visits him this time, there is a powerful bright light in the room just like before, maybe even a bit brighter. This time he does not wake up but has a happy & satisfied smile on his face, as if he somehow unconsciously knows what is going on in the room. She swoops down and kisses his cheek, and blinks away; plunging the room back into darkness.

The End

See also: “Angel A” by Luc Besson  – it’s a really hard to find movie with a very unique and enchanting story line.

Astral vibration when falling asleep

Last night I experienced an unpleasant feeling and sound that happens to me sometimes when trying to fall asleep; I was vibrating in and out of the Astral plane. It had a loud sound, almost like the chopping sound of a helicopter flying overhead; in fact, I wove that into the dream on the astral side, where I dreamed I was lying in some different bed in a different house, and some helicopter kept flying around the house, trying to spy on me; and I got up (in the dream) and looked out the window, but could not see the helicopter.  It was very loud, and moving around my head.

I did not get very good sleep last night – at 3AM I woke up and could not go back to sleep. I took some melatonin which usually helps me become drowsy again, but this time it did nothing; there’s something more powerful in the human psyche that can override melatonin (both the natural one we have in our bodies, and extra ones you take as a supplement); which kept me awake until about 5AM when I fell asleep again.  Luckily I was able to sleep in until 8:30AM, because I am on vacation (holiday) from work.

I think the main reason why this happened last night is primarily because I bought some new teas at a nearby world market, and I couldn’t stop myself from preparing a cup of Jasmine tea after dinner, which was fresh and delicious; but it is basically black tea – high in caffeine.  Taking any caffeine in the evening can keep you from going to sleep (or sleeping soundly), especially if you are 30-35 years old or older; and more so the older you get. That’s my experience anyway. I will not drink any tea (except maybe a herbal chamomile) tonight after dinner. Violent or scary TV shows and movies right before bed can do this, too, hold you down so you can’t sleep and rest properly; I don’t recommend it.

If you feel you have some kind of unreasonable fear of helicopters flying around overhead, maybe this Astral-vibration happened to you a lot when you were growing up (it did for me). Either that, or you watched the movie Area 51 when you were young and impressionable (like me), and it left an emotional scar about helicopters flying around overhead at night, shooting at defenseless people. If either of these might apply to you, you might be able to clean this from your system the way I did – use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to clean the emotional painful connection to helicopters. Then go for a helicopter ride someplace that offers them – it’s really fun!

Another thing that can help some Astral problems with falling asleep is to sit up in bed, drink a little water, go to the bathroom if you need to; then rub a tiny bit of pure eucalyptus oil along the spine of your back. Then try to go to sleep again.

Whatever the resistance is when entering the Astral plane while falling asleep, it has to be eliminated, so you can slide smoothly right in to sleep. The Astral plane is the “dreamland” that so many people experience on a regular basis.  There is a bit of a thin wall between waking consciousness and the Astral level that you have to get past, to actually sleep. And then, from the Astral plane as they call it, try to find a way to climb up and enter the next higher energy level – the Mental plane. That’s where the real fun is.

Solve Your Problems from the Level Above

Physical problems usually cannot be solved by just physical action alone; you have to rise up to the Emotional level to solve those problems.  That’s the level where people connect with each other, and work together to solve problems.

Emotional problems usually cannot be solved by just emotional action alone; you have to rise up to the Mental level to solve those problems. You have to use your mind, or recruit people who are good at using their mind, to formulate the right things to say and do, in the right order, of the right magnitude, to solve the problem. This includes problems between people – your mind is the only thing that will help you out of the jam you’re in. Practicing changing your reactions to events. Reading books can really help, taking courses, Internet research, talking to trustworthy friends & advisers who can really help you think thru the problem and come up with some good solutions.

Mental problems usually cannot be solved by just mental action alone; you have to rise up to the next higher level to resolve those issues. But what is that next level? What’s higher than mind? Many people get stuck here, and don’t know that they can go further.

The next level up is Intuitional Level – or Heart level.  Leading with your heart.  The funny thing is, our minds want to reject the idea that there is anything greater than the mind!  Our brain scoffs at the ridiculous idea that Heart could be greater than Mind.  How could that possibly be?  The heart doesn’t even think!

Except that it’s true.  The Heart is greater than the mind.  The intuitional level of a human being.  Pure Heart “knowledge” (for lack of a better term) can solve problems that our minds cannot figure out.  It can even solve problems that our minds created! Because that happens a lot to so many of us.

The Heart can solve catch-22 problems, chicken-and-egg problems, cart-before-the-horse problems.  It can solve supposedly “unsolvable” problems.  When two are directly opposed against each other and there seems to be no compromise, the Heart steps in and offers a third alternative nobody thought of before – which just may be surprisingly acceptable to everyone involved.  What sort of things in your life are like this today?  What world events did you think of, when considering this idea?

When the Heart comes up with an answer, it takes no time at all. There is no thinking, only knowing the answer. The complete solution, understood from beginning to end, is done, ready, in your consciousness all at once, without having to agonize through a slow mental process fraught with delays, dead-ends, confusion; there’s no hypothesis, no procedure, no questions, no assumptions, no beginning-middle-end; none of that. There’s just the answer, immediately.

It’s the strangest thing to experience.  You can only hear these Intuitional Heart answers through silence – silencing your mind from all thoughts, silencing your emotions from all feelings, silencing your body from all impulses. Just for a moment, not forever. Temporarily put a stop to your automated knee-jerk reactions – which we participate in constantly throughout every day of our lives, or haven’t you noticed? When the “three stooges” are trained to stop reacting when needed, when you can silence your three musketeers for just a moment, your three amigos, it gives opportunity for the silent inner thinker to take over and make a suggestion – the only real true suggestion that will absolutely work when that inner advice is heard, understood and followed.

The inner unwavering advice of the Heart.

Are you saying this Heart mechanism has been inside me all this time?  Yes.

If so, then why haven’t I noticed it before?  It’s not easy to hear a loved one whispering while in the middle of a loud raging party. You can’t hear a cat purring when voices are shouting in the house.  First, stop all the shouting.

Every time you see a person who is suffering from problems directly caused by their thinking – you are going to see clearly, now, that they haven’t found a way to reach beyond their mind, they haven’t gone past the Mental level.  But they need to.  Desperately.  Could you perhaps be one of those people?

Virtual Reality – the Archetype

Sometimes when there is a great idea what we lock on to in our physical world, something that’s a great idea that everyone understands but really hasn’t been implemented properly yet, and everyone’s working hard to make it a reality – sometimes that very thing already exists in perfect form on the higher planes.

Virtual Reality is one of those things.  But Virtual Reality, it’s basic essence, doesn’t make any sense; you want to create a computer simulation so good, it mimics the real world? Why not just experience the real world, then? I know there’s a lot more to it: something that everyone desires, the ability for a human being to create a computer model and visualization system, with pictures and sound, that are so real and responsive to our movements and actions, that it feels real, that it can fool your brain into thinking it’s completely real.  You can tell by the feel of thinking about Virtual Reality that there’s something more to it than just “making things feel like our regular boring life.” There’s a greatness to it, a purity, a perfection, an outcome that excites us.  But why?

Because it already exists on the Astral plane. We have already created true Virtual Reality on the Higher Astral level, for all people who have an Astral vehicle and know how to use it, to reach that level and hang out with everyone else there.

The greatest games exist on the Higher Astral plane. It’s truly amazing.

I visited a new game up there one time, that started in an all-white lounge, with post-modern oval furniture and huge windows looking out over a massive hillside many miles across, and maybe a thousand feet tall. It was an impressive view. It was more interesting, though, to see the wide variety of people hanging out in this all-white observation room, which was the starting point of the game. Most of them were just standing around talking to each other, having fascinating conversations they were totally absorbed in, hardly looking out the window at their friends running around the hillside playing the game. There were hundreds of them out there, many that were separate from many others because of the size of this massive playground.

I didn’t feel like joining any conversations, that seemed boring to me; I wanted to play this game! I don’t think I had ever played it before.

So I jumped into the game — donning my play suit, armed with a cool gun with a tube running back to the backpack that was on my back. All of this just appeared out of nowhere, and I was placed in the center of the hillside; I could tell where my position was, relative to the spot up in the observation room I was in just a few moments earlier.

I looked at my gun, being held by my gloved hands; it seemed to have two settings.  I tried the first one, and when I pulled the trigger a white foam sprayed out powerfully from the barrel of the gun all over the ground – and in half-a-second, flowers sprang up where the foam hit the ground!  If I concentrated the foam at one spot, it would grow a tree; spray it randomly, and the most beautiful multicolor flowers would suddenly spring up from nowhere.  It was amazing.  I went to a dirt-area, and covered it with flowers in just a few seconds.

The other setting on the gun was the “bullets”, if I was facing bad guys, I could shoot at them and take them out, supposedly, in this game.  I loved that you could approach the game either way – healing, or hurting, using your flower-foam, or bullets.  After playing with the foam for a bit, I decided to try to pursue a piece of the normal story line of this game – which was to free hostages, being held by the bad guys. I know I’m not real good fighting bad guys, but I wanted to try any way, maybe I could help some hostages become free.

So I started sneaking left and up the hill, where I saw a building and some structures.  As I got closer, I could see that next to a small 1-story house was a man-made jail made out of bamboo posts, tied together with ropes. And there were 4 people inside it!  I snuck up near them, and waived to them – they said “help us get free! The key is inside the house! But be careful, there’s bad guys in there!”

So I motioned to them that I would come back for them soon – and started sneaking to the open door I spotted on one side of the building. I ducked beneath an open window, and sneaked thru the open door, and looked around. It was dark inside, but I could hear men talking and moving around. I knew they were the bad guys.  So I ran into the room to shoot and capture them – and I was tackled and caught!  So much for scoring any points in this game.

The game was over for me, and I was back in the all-white waiting room with the other people chatting with each other, who never noticed my absence or my return.  I felt let-down, like I knew I was bad at shooting games, but that was ridiculous. I would have to come back another time and try again.

Another time I was visiting the Higher Astral plane looking at the amazing game constructs people had created, I was with a friend, who was showing me a game he liked to play – and amazingly enough, in this 3-D world, it was a side-scrolling game!  It was a huge (50-foot-tall or more) rock surface, with different shaped and sized rocks protruding, and lots of caves all over this roughly flat rock-side-surface, that stretched into the distance farther than I could see.  It was obvious to me that the left side where I was currently standing was the “beginning section”, and as you worked your way up and to the right, you get to more intermediate, and advanced, sections of the game.  You could only get to the next few caves by conquering a number of the current caves you’re currently near by.  In other words, you didn’t have to solve every cave in every order, but you couldn’t get any further until you had conquered a certain percentage of the ones you hadn’t solved yet.  I remembered, I had played this a few times in the past, but not recently.  I mentioned to my friend that I got up to a certain point, pointing to the spot, over there, up and to the right where I was standing.  He said, “oh good, do you know how to get past that room there?” pointing to one I was stuck on.  “No,” I admitted.  He gave me some advice.  I don’t recall what he told me now, but it was something like doing a special kind of jump, to go higher than ever before, or getting an object to get past a dangerous spot, or something like that.

Looking up I could see dozens of people playing right now, and going from one area to another, walking, climbing, hanging from ropes, catapulting, jumping, swinging, crawling thru tiny crevices, avoiding bigfoots and yetis, snakes, etc., and making progress slowly through the interesting experiences that many people had created and interconnected into one giant massive game – far larger than any “paper mario” you may have experienced in the physical plane.


The sense I get is that these games are stored on the “hard disk” of actual people’s memories and feelings – there are people who are probably more advanced than many of us on Earth, who have more storage capacity than we do – who create and maintain the intricately detailed worlds or partial-worlds that comprise these games, as a donation to the world for the benefit of all of Humanity, to make fun experiences and interesting explorations and entertainment for hundreds of thousands of people who have advanced to the level that they can reach these Higher Astral levels and play around with these virtual worlds.  I think that all of us can create virtual worlds on the Higher Astral plane, however until we become more spiritually advanced, we cannot “store” as much stuff as more advanced people can.

I distinctly remember waking up from a nap one time, and as I was returning to my body lying on the couch at my parents house in Sedona AZ, I knew I was in my body and about to open my eyes; but I heard a little girl’s voice say to me, “can we build a world now?” and I replied, “I can’t, I have to go,” to which she responded – “oh, PLEEEEESSSSEEE?” in the loudest voice, directly into my ear – it was startling.  And I opened my eyes.  She sounded like the cutest little girl! I don’t know what she looked like or where she came from. But from that experience I surmised that I have the ability to create Virtual Worlds myself, and that apparently I have friends up there who like to build things with me as well.  It sounds like a lot of fun actually, doesn’t it.

Teachers create experiences on the Higher Astral plane as teaching instruments for their students.

There was a scenario that I experienced over and over again, which usually means it is a training situation that you have to re-take until you get it right, because that’s what happened for me with this one.  In this scenario it was a big square bamboo maze, sitting on the ground – lots of different rooms that you had to visit in order, to get past the distinct unique puzzles at each one, to move on to the next one – maybe 12-15 puzzles in all – to come out the other end, which was where the greatest things were, the smartest people and the best experiences beyond that point.

I know I tried to get thru this maze at least 80-90 times.  Eventually I was able to get completely thru it in one night, and eventually I did even better than that.

Each room helped you face a different type of fear, that you had to conquer to pass it.

The first room I remember vividly – it was a 3-headed dog, sitting in the back of it’s cage, and you had to walk by the front of the cage, well within reach of any of the 3 snarling long-fang-ridden faces of this 3-headed dog. It was really scary.  It snarled and barked at me.  There was a piece of meat hanging high up inside its cage, that the dog-thing couldn’t reach.  I could reach it – but I would have to stick my arm completely inside the vertical rungs of this cage – the dog could bite my hand or arm at any moment!  I could never get close to it at first, the dogs would scare me too much, and I couldn’t walk past, with those heads and long necks reaching around, trying to bite me, drooling all over the place.

Eventually I learned the secret.

If you maintain a calm attitude with no fear, the 3-headed-dog stays completely calm too, just looks at you.  He’s looking at your fear, to measure how to respond to you!  So I avoided looking at him, and held my fear in check, maintaining a fully calm attitude, and he just sat down, and did nothing.  I reached in, calmly, to grab the steak, and succeeded!  I threw it over to the 3-headed-dog, and he was grateful and appreciative for the food- and all 3 heads started eating the stake at the same time.  I walked calmly and in conscious control of my emotions past the cage, to the next section, which had yet another puzzle to solve.

After solving all the puzzles many times, over many nights, I eventually figured out some tricks — after solving the first puzzle, I could smash thru the bamboo wall in this spot right here, to cut off 2 whole rows of puzzles, and solve only 3 more puzzles, to get thru the maze much faster. Then I could spend more time in the huge area beyond the maze area.  That was where the real fun was.

Another time I know that a teacher friend of mine (someone I greatly respect on the physical plane, who was my spiritual teacher for a while) created a scenario to help me and many other young men at the time learn more about our world, and about heart quality, and doing the right thing, etc.  She made us go thru this scenario she created on the Astral plane, and I ran thru it with them about 3 times, doing the best I could.  But I started getting bored of it, tired of it, and my lower self was starting to wake up which didn’t want to go thru the game a 4th time – so I decided to start screwing with things in the game, doing the opposite of what you’re supposed to do – because I knew it was just a fake scenario and an artificial construct.

Along the shore line of some kind of aquaduct system there were unconscious people whom I was supposed to stop and help.  But I already did that a bunch of times, I was tired of it, she was having us re-play the same scenario with no changes over and over; so I decided to start kicking the bodies into the water!  Just for fun.  “Fun”, not that I would want to hurt anyone (unconscious people), but “fun” in the sense of “this is just a dumb game, I’m done with this game, I’m not playing by your rules anymore, and here is how I am going to show you that.”

Anyway, it’s what I chose to do.  So I ran along doing that, but some of those other young men were also taking the course from this teacher, and half way thru the teacher stopped the course and pulled us all together to her, to see what was wrong.  I was just standing there watching – and this boy started shouting, “did you see what he did? He can’t do that! He shouldn’t do that! He pushed the bodies in the water so they would drown! That’s not what you’re supposed to do!  Why did he do that?  He can’t do that?!”

This was getting really interesting now! I watched my teacher to see what she would do – this was partly my way of judging my teacher, if she was a wise enough person to handle this situation properly, or if she would yell at me, or drive me away or something.  Here’s what happened next:  She listened to this boy exploding his emotions about all the wrongs I just did, while I was thinking how fake the whole scenario was; and the teacher just stared out into the distance, in between that boy and me, not looking at anyone or anything, accessing information we don’t have access to in her mind; and she said, “it’s OK, don’t worry, no it’s not like that, it’s not that bad, it’s OK…” kind of reassuring words to the boy.  Then she said “I know why he did that, and it’s OK, you don’t know why he did that but I do, it’s OK, don’t worry about it, you’ll be OK,” that kind of thing.  I was watching her and listening to her, wondering if she really was seeing the reason why I did that, and the fact that I am not a bad person, and would never do that to a real person ever, but that I was fed up with the scenario and did not want to redo it a 4th time.  Around that time I left the training center, and went someplace else, and woke up shortly thereafter.  A lot of times that I become “conscious” up there, means that I have to wake up pretty soon, it’s my lower consciousness regaining consciousness, up there, wherever I am at the time, and bringing those memories back down to my physical body/brain so that I can remember them to write them down, to tell you on this blog. At least that’s the process as I understand it.

Another time I remember joining one of my best friends on the Higher Mental plane, he was building a really cool scenario for people to play on the Higher Astral plane, and I was helping him build it.  He was wiring it up and designing it from the Higher Mental plane, but all the experiential portions were in the Higher Astral plane, which is below the Higher Mental plane.  In fact, my friend is so advanced, he cannot venture to the Higher Astral himself – he relies on other people to do that for him! That’s where I come in, because I am good at bopping back and forth between HM and HA planes and can stay connected to my friend, to talk back and forth like a walkie-talkie, the whole time.

So that’s what we did.  I saw him building this room that looked like a mini-living room with comfy chairs and a table, a picture or two on the wall, and a dial or button or something as well on the wall; it was a secret room, kind of like the “escape rooms” we have that are so much fun to play these days in many cities around the world now.  I gave him advice on how to wire it up, what would be cool to do with that room, things I liked to see with some puzzles I’ve solved before.  He was building one, and some of his friends were helping, along with me.  After helping for a while I got bored of how slow it was going (lots of discussion with his other friends), so I went someplace else for a while.  Later that night I went back to see how my friend had progressed — he had a whole set of rooms now, all “wired up” in the mental plane, so that they would function right when people experience them on the astral plane. The main room had a secret panel, when you found it and discovered how to open it, the wall slid open and revealed a passage way to the rest of the adventure!  It looked really cool, I wanted to try it!  I love stuff like this!  But then I woke up.

The higher-astral plane has the greatest Virtual Reality, right now, today. The VR and AR work we do on the physical plane will some day approximate the Astral plane; but I think not for a long time.  The Astral plane continues to be the greatest inspiration leading us to successful VR and AR in the physical plane, in the future.


Some People I Know

I know a lot of people on the higher levels, on the Higher Mental plane.  I know more people up there than I do down here in our physical world. I have more time to meet with my friends up there than I do down here.  Down here I spend the majority of my time just working.

The greatest scientists and spiritual leaders and interesting people are up there on the Higher Mental plane. At night I talk with them on a regular basis. I know I’m not the only person who has done this. Don’t be afraid to talk about this now, people need to be inspired about the higher worlds and experiences and reality, now, it’s time.  If you read Nikola Tesla biographies, near the end of his life he talked about talking to great scientists who have passed away, when a reporter was talking to him during a rare interview. Most biographies completely skip over that part because it’s so far-fetched and crazy sounding to most people. I’m sure it was true, I’m sure he really did that. That must have been amazing.

On the Higher Mental plane people are completely honest and up front, they never take offense, and don’t get mad and upset, and never misinterpret things, and never twist things. They aren’t using their emotions up there, because the Higher Mental plane is the level above emotion – it’s pure mind, in a way we’ve never seen down here in the physical plane. It’s unnecessary (and probably not possible) to bring junk from the “lower levels” to the Higher Mental plane. I think it’s not possible. Really those limitations from the lower levels is what holds people down, keeps them away from experiencing the higher levels that are so close to them they would be surprised if they only knew.

On the Higher Mental plane you can think much more clearly than here; you don’t have emotions and physical body problems that interrupt what you’re doing, what you’re thinking. It’s just not a thing up there.

One of my closest friends up there who I work with on a lot of projects (and have throughout my whole physical life), is apparently a very advanced person, because his lowest body is his Higher Mental body – in other words, he has no Astral nor Physical body; unlike us.  He doesn’t need them – he graduated from those levels, and does not need to go back, ever!  I think he can choose to go back if he wants to; one time I was talking to him about the fact that I still live on these “lower” levels – Astral and Physical.  I told him about a problem I was dealing with in our physical world, and he looked at me with sarcasm and a little apprehension, and exclaimed, “well, good luck with THAT…!”  in a funny way that made me laugh.  I could tell his meaning was “I’m glad I never have to deal with that stuff anymore!”

And I realized how much I wish I didn’t have to deal with these physical things again, and I won’t have to, some day, but for now I do. And I kind of like these problems I have in the physical world, in a curious, conquering every problem in this world, kind of way!  I feel differently than he does.  I actually like it.  But I do admit, it can be painful to live in our physical world at times.

It’s hard down here. But I’m glad to be here.

Flying Dream Running Out of Energy

This is a dream I had on April 21, 2017 –
I found myself consciously awake on the Astral plane.
I was able to fly because I felt like it; I was in a neighborhood area with houses and backyards and fences, and I was standing outside in some back yard and decided “I want to fly now to get out of here, and see the whole area from a high up point of view” – something I like to do a lot because I can then go to wherever I want from there.
So I used a burst of energy to launch myself up into the air at an angle, mostly up and a little bit towards some other houses I saw.
I didn’t put any more energy into it after that initial propulsion, I just went along for the ride, which was fun; my body/viewpoint traveled in a long arc, way up, over, and down, landing on the ground. It felt like it took 10-12 seconds.
I landed in a field behind the housing area that I wanted to land in the middle of.
So I re-aimed myself and tried to launch again, up at a smaller arc, to fine-tune my position, but I realized I couldn’t fly – I couldn’t launch! I could not figure out what muscle to move to make myself fly up into the air again.
This happens to me sometimes in dreams, and I don’t know what to do when it happens.
I had to break myself out of some limitation that was gripping me at the time, remove some restriction that I have within myself, my beliefs, or something. This time the way I did that was to twist my head to the right about 90 degrees, jerking it quickly like that, which changed my whole viewpoint, and that made me launch up into the air suddenly!

Now I was travelling in a big arc thru the air, however I couldn’t control it or aim myself for some reason; so I landed on the ground again, in a different completely wrong location than what I wanted.
At that point, I believe I was getting bored with the whole idea and I just woke up. It felt like it was time to wake up, that realization that I am losing all my propulsion energy, and things in my dream start to fall apart; it’s usually time to wake up then.

Those flying curves I travelled in were gravitational arcs; up, over and down. Like if you threw a stone at an angle, up into the air, the kind of path it would travel.

Of course on the Astral plane there are no hard rules about space; there is no gravity, you don’t even have to stop moving when you hit the ground, that’s not a requirement, you can go right thru the ground if you feel like it. I’ve done that before.
But since gravity is such a strongly built-in feeling in my consciousness from living in our physical world on Earth for years and years, gravity feels natural, the arc my “body” should take when thrown is a known feeling to me, so that behavior naturally happens on the Astral plane.
I wanted to stay longer, to stay conscious there in my dream world, and I wished I had more control in that moment so I could fly around some more like before when it was easy; I just didn’t have the energy now for whatever reason.

It would be interesting to learn what that motivation force is, in the Astral plane; what really is it, and how do I get more of it? Is it related to the thoughts we think in the Physical plane during the day, and the emotions we feel too? Perhaps not hurting ourselves and others with our thoughts and feelings produces more motive-force energy the next night? Sort of like not punching holes in your bucket before trying to get water from the well; keep more by not losing it from a leaky bucket. Maintain your capacity of that motive force.

I think it’s closely tied to slipping out of the Astral plane and back into the physical world – like getting out of your car and stepping onto a scooter – for a moment you’re kind of “between vehicles” and it may be awkward for a small bit.  But then I wake up, and my body moves and functions, and I am wide awake in the world once again.