Month: December 2014

Intuitional Level

Some people are learning to master their physical body.

Some people have mostly conquered physical body control, so that’s not as interesting to them anymore; now they are learning to master their emotional body.

Some people have mostly conquered the physical and emotional parts of themselves, so the mind is more interesting to them – they are learning to master their mental body.

What is there to do after that?

The next level is the Intuitional level.

When you are beginning to reach the Intuitional level, it’s like being born as a baby all over again. You can feel intense energy pressure, and it’s really hard to open your eyes; at first you can only open them for 1 or 2 seconds.

You’re awake and conscious enough to hear other people talking nearby, even with your “eyes” closed.  You can hear your “parents” on this higher level who are watching you and love you very much, more than any other love you’ve felt. You can clothe yourself in anything you see fit.

When you’re back down here on the physical level you can actually see the sun shining within you, in your mind’s eye, especially when relaxing to go to sleep.

If you are Mentally focused and are super good at physical activities and emotionally connecting with every type of person in the world, it’s time to go further.  Let your heart lead you, even when your mind disagrees with the decision. Try it, at least, and see where it gets you. Thank your mind for giving you a quick bunch of thoughts on the matter, and reassure it that you’ll consider all those those ideas; but right now you’re going to follow something greater than your mind without logically thinking through it.

It’s a kind of instant knowing, coupled with action. Follow your heart and see what happens.

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Let the sun shine in….

The sun is shining in a place without any clouds.

This is the true meaning of being born again.


Night Terrors are Astral

Night Terrors

Night terrors are lower astral dreams where you stay connected to the astral world even after you wake up for a little bit. I had them every night for a couple of weeks as a child, it was the worst thing ever. I was probably around 7 years old. I would still be connected to the dream for 10-15 minutes after waking up crying, I remember sitting on my dad’s lap as he was trying to help me without much success; the visual movies I was seeing were brighter and more powerful than the brightest TV set in the physical world; and they connected to me emotionally; it was much scarier than anything I’ve ever experienced in the physical world. I would flinch when something flew at my head, in this visual nightmare in front of me, with my eyes wide open.

One time my dad was holding me in the middle of the night to try to reassure me. He asked me to tell him what I was seeing.  I couldn’t really explain it. It didn’t have the words for what I was seeing and experiencing. The closest thing I could say one time was, “there’s way too many pennies, they’re all falling and going to hurt me!” and that was about it.  I don’t remember much more about them, but those 2 weeks were really the worst experience growing up. I dreaded going to sleep every night for many weeks after that.

Stopping Night Terrors

Smelling eucalyptus oil really helps. My father figured this out. Eucalyptus oil successfully disconnected me instantly from a night terror, one time. I took one deep breath with my nose over the bottle’s opening, and with half an inhalation, the dream was GONE.  This trick didn’t work as well at other times, but it always seems to help somewhat. Peppermint oil should also be very good. You want pure oils that have no other ingredients. The place I buy my oils from is the White Mountain group bookstore, but there are many other sources of pure natural oils.

Try Not To Feel Fear on the Astral Plane

I know that the way the lower astral plane works, if you show fear, the dreams take advantage of that.  If you’re running away from “danger”, and you’re worried it’s going to catch you, then you’ll hear it getting closer, no matter how hard you run; or you won’t be able to run very fast (like running thru mud); if you don’t want to see a danger, you squinch your eyes closed as hard as possible but you somehow still see through your “eyelids” (you don’t have eyelids in the Astral plane) – so you can’t stop seeing whatever it is.

Practicing Controlling the Astral Plane

As I got older, I learned to control my emotions on the Astral plane. The more I was able to control myself, the more I controlled the entire experience around me – sights, sounds, people, objects, ground, sky, everything.  It can be scary and difficult, especially at first; but definitely worth practicing if you have nightmares or night terrors.

Do you or anyone in your family have experience with night terrors?  What helped stop the night terrors? Are there any tricks you figured out that you wish you knew when they first started?

Your comments below may help other people in the future who go through this scary experience.

Musical Tone Prevents Horrible Car Accident

It was very late at night, like 1 or 2 AM, many years ago, when I lived in a small town in northern Arizona. I was driving home from a friends house or from the movie theater, or something like that. I had not been drinking at all, but was very tired; exhausted. I just wanted to get home.

Almost nobody else was on the road at this late hour. Just me, the street lights lighting up the darkness with their reds and yellows and greens, that one oncoming car in the far distance, and me in my car traveling along.

The light was green at the intersection I was approaching, no reason to slow down. The lights generally don’t change on this major road unless a car triggers the light to change by approaching from the cross street. So I knew the light would stay green for me the whole time I went thru the intersection.  I have lived here for years, I’ve driven these roads hundreds or possibly thousands of times before. The lone oncoming car was safely in its own lane, two lanes over from me (there was a center “turning” lane separating us).  They were going about as fast as I was, probably around 25 or 30MPH.

All of a sudden I heard a clear distinct musical tone in my ear – it was IN my ear, not coming from mycar, not coming from outside, but coming from somewhere inside of my head.  Not loud, but very clear.  It sounded like a clean electronic tone (like a sine-wave) of a single musical note, a very pure sound. Like something I recall from playing with an electronic tone generator at the university. It sharply began and sharply ended, without fading.  It lasted about 1 second.

The instant I heard that tone I felt a feeling and a strong thought occurred to me (all at the same time) that told me: PRESS THE BRAKES RIGHT NOW LIKE YOU’RE GOING TO STOP THE CAR.

It was not a voice. It was a feeling, like when you have your own realization about something – maybe you just realized you left the oven on, or the pot is boiling over on the stove; that urgent feeling that makes you jump up from what you’re doing and run into the kitchen to deal with the situation. The instant the thought-feeling hits you, you know exactly what’s going on; long before you arrive at the kitchen and see it in person. That’s how I felt from the feeling-thought that hit me in this moment.

I instantly followed my own thought-feeling – I pressed the brakes very hard, the nose of my car leaned forward from the stopping force; while I could clearly see the light was still green for me, there were no pedestrians or bicycles around, no cops, no bad weather, and no other cars besides the one coming the other way, which my brain said was still in it’s own lane. Except now it was turning sharply towards me. Crossing the yellow dividing line, suddenly darting in front of my car making a sharp left turn onto the side-street on my right, smoothly and evenly. The other driver never once noticed me or my car as they passed maybe 8 feet in front of my car at the closest.  If I hadn’t pressed the brakes at the right time, we would have had a near-head-on collision.

As soon as the tail of their car cleared the side of mine I let up on the brake and accelerated back up to speed and continued on my way as if nothing happened. No squealing brakes, no tone in my ear, just smooth operation of 2 cars and 2 humans, like a ballet with perfect timing. I wasn’t mad. I simply fit in with the situation to the most appropriate amount of movement and timing, and non-movement and non-timing.

My brain didn’t even have time to ask “WTF are you stopping for? Why would I do that? There’s no logical reason, why are we doing this?”  My brain also realized I would NEVER have had time to avoid a collision if I pressed the brakes only after my brain said to do so – by then it was way too late. And that’s often the way our mind works; first, annoyed by something that makes no sense; then, humbled by the unseen reasons behind the thing.

The oncoming car never saw me, made its turn at normal turning speed, and continued on its journey in oblivious safety.

I think that is called good karma. For the other person and for me.

And as a scientist, I have been thinking about this happening for all of my life since then.

I learned that there can be a Tone that calls your attention immediately. That relays a mental message with emotional content, that is 100% believable as much as your own impulse is to yourself when you make a decision and act on it. I think maybe the thought and feeling traveled on the sound wave of the tone.

I realized that some kind of being must have sent that tone to me. Because it wasn’t me (the lower me). I would NEVER have thought to slow down at a green light with nobody around except that 1 car that was still in its own lane, like thousands and thousands of cars passing me that stayed in their own lanes so many times in the past. No, some kind of entity helped me to not smash full-speed into an oncoming vehicle at 1 or 2AM with nobody else around.

What plane of existence did that message come from? The Astral plane? The Mental plane? Maybe it was from an Etheric level?  Etheric is part of the physical plane, it’s matter, just more subtle than regular matter; for example magnetism and gravity are etheric forces. More subtle than solids, liquids, and gas.

Who sent me the message? An Angel? A friend? My higher-self? A spirit of some sort on the road, or in the neighborhood?

Why didn’t they send it to the other driver, the one actually making the mistake? Maybe I was easier to influence than they were? They were probably more asleep at the wheel than I was, at 2AM.

Whoever sent it – are they watching me always? Or did they just happen to notice this time? Were they attracted to a location/situation/time where a horrible incident would occur to someone that doesn’t deserve it, just at the exact moment, and with the proper skill to completely help? How did they know that this small gesture would be enough to save the moment, and that something stronger wasn’t needed? I’ve never followed an action suggested by a tone before or since this event. How did they know me well enough to know it would work?

I did not deserve to have a horrible car accident that day. Neither did the other driver. I’m so thankful for that.


Visiting with people who have passed away

Once you’ve experienced the higher worlds of the higher astral plane, the mental plane, and beyond, you realize something interesting – you can visit with people who have passed away, and people who have yet to be born.

You can see your old friends that you haven’t visited in a long time.  You probably have way more friends on the higher levels, collected over a much longer time period, than you have down here on the physical plane. Some friends you may have known for 100 years, or who knows, maybe 1000. Why not? Occasionally you and they incarnate in the physical world around the same time. Maybe one is your mom, or your dad; maybe one is your child, uncle, aunt, grandparent, or other relatives. And, some family members are not. You never know. A relationship can begin here in the physical world, and continue long after you and they have passed away.

On the higher levels you can stand effortlessly with your friend and talk with them for a long time. You can play games with them, 100% realistic virtual reality games, and create game-constructs for them to play, creating adventures to explore; just as they can do for you. You can work on important projects together, when you have common things you both enjoy thinking about and doing. When you get tired of working on one thing, you can immediately go and work on a different one. You can come and go as you please.

You lived in these higher levels before you were born to this physical world; you visit there at night when you go to sleep; you will continue to spend time with your pals up there even after you’ve left your body behind – when you pass away from old age.

Of course immortality exists. The more you experience the higher worlds, the more it truly sinks in. I hope you get to experience more of the higher worlds for yourself in this life time. It’s fun.

We, the real us, exist. Which bodies we get to experience life with seems to change over time. Sometimes you put on a jacket, and later you take it off. Don’t be too attached to that jacket. The real you existed before, during, and after that jacket-wearing experience.

There’s no need to be lonely. Your friends are all around. You may not have recognized them yet, or they may not have recognized you. Even if you have no friends in the physical world, you have many friends on higher levels. I’m sure about that. So don’t worry.