Learning New Things Can’t Hurt You

Some people have the misperception that they have to pick one side of an argument, and stick to it.  I’m a Democrat!  I’m a Republican!  I believe in Capitalism! Communism! Totalitarianism! Nihilism! Technology is good! Technology is bad!  And so forth.  But that is limiting, and doesn’t utilize your full potential. The reality is that most things are “grey scales” – combinations of good and bad; it takes some investigation to figure out if you want to embrace something or not.

The secret is, you can learn about other viewpoints and it doesn’t have to change you.  You can still be you. You won’t be suddenly transformed into an evil entity. You get to stay “you”. By learning opposing viewpoints, you can better understand the other side, in order to argue better against them – or, better yet, integrate what they want/need into what you want/need, and come up with a hybrid solution that (surprisingly!) works for everyone involved.

Some High Schools and some Colleges have a “debate team,” which is very useful for people to train their mental mechanism to argue either side of a topic – regardless of which side they believe in.  It’s super powerful and useful to do that, if you have a hard-time listening to an opposing viewpoint.  If you can’t say “I hear you, and here’s what you’re saying, but I don’t believe it myself,” then you could benefit from participating in something like a Debate Team of some sort.  It’s good mental training.  It doesn’t hurt you, you still get to be you, with all your viewpoints and life choices.  People without this training avoid understanding any opposing viewpoint, they don’t want to think about it at all; thus limiting their ability to work with people of opposing viewpoints.  Don’t limit yourself like that.  You deserve better.

Think about it: once upon a time you could not ride a bike. You saw other people riding bikes, though, and wanted to learn how. Someone gave you a bicycle. So you tried to ride it – and you fell down. You might have hurt yourself too! But you got back up and tried again. And failed again. And you were ready to give up, because it’s impossible! Two wheels in-line cannot balance! That’s mathematically crazy!  The physics don’t check out!  Except… everyone around you seems to have conquered it…. So you kept trying.  And eventually, after lots of scrapes and scratches and hurt feelings – and giving up for a few days – eventually you got it!  You can ride a bike now. And, you can ride a bike for the rest of your life.

Once upon a time you could not even WALK.  You had to learn that, from trial and error, trying over and over again, ready to give up, except that everyone around you can seem to walk, so why not keep trying; and eventually you got it.

Once upon a time you could not even TALK….

Your life is filled with examples of learning powerful things that set you up for success for the rest of your life.  And they weren’t easy. Did you learn to chew gum without swallowing it? Did you learn to blow bubbles?  Can you whistle?  Can you snap your fingers?  In each of these things you probably failed a lot before succeeding. And then, after success, you realized you were the SAME PERSON YOU ALWAYS WERE BEFORE, it didn’t change you; just, you could do this new thing, over here.  It’s great.  It’s amazing.

This is true for you right now, going forward.

What is it that you are facing right now, that you need to do but you can’t do?  That you need to learn but you aren’t learning? That you need to see but you can’t see?  What’s frustrating you, now?

Life-long learning – it doesn’t stop when you leave “school”.  School is just a man-made environment to learn a limited set of stuff; you need to learn a LOT more things to succeed in your life.  I know that, and you probably do too.

What exciting things did you learn last year?  You may have learned things that don’t work, in addition to things that do work.  What are they?

What exciting things are you going to learn this year?  You can consciously choose a set of things you want to learn or do, this year, that you’ve never done before.

The benefit of choosing the things you want to learn/do this year, rather than letting life choose them for you, is that you will fight against them less.  Because you chose them. They came from you.

Unbelievably, life will get our of your way if you are learning and working hard and focusing on areas of your life that you are legitimately lacking, things you want to get better at, and you are putting in the work to try to do them.  Life doesn’t care whether you succeed or fail – just that you are trying.  Because from trying comes failure; and from failure comes success.  It’s strange how that works.

Life gets out of your way if you live a consciously driven life.  If you don’t, then life steps in and throws obstacles at you to help you grow and progress in your life.  So, actually, you don’t have a choice about learning new things.  You can live your life either way – your life can be steered by you, or steered by life itself.  It’s up to you.  You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.  Until life makes you deal with things you never expected.

I strongly recommend cooperating with this overarching life system by choosing what you want to do, each month, each year, and consciously working on it.  Your life will be so much happier that way.  Mine is.  Because I choose what hard things I am going to work on each year, my car doesn’t break down very often; my health is pretty good, doesn’t cost a lot of money for medical bills; and my family and friends don’t constantly ask me for money; or if they do, I surprisingly have the extra available and I can sense when it is the right time to help them.

What I’m saying is this:

Life gets the hell out of your way when you are earnestly trying to take charge of your own progress in your life.

Life beats the shit out of you, throwing lots of new obstacles at you, when you are avoiding the challenges that you need to face in your life.

But don’t believe me, see for yourself.

Now, can you think of any good New Years Resolutions?

The choice is yours – choose wisely.



Participating in Great Projects

You can participate in great projects on the higher planes.  It’s really fun and feels so rewarding!

But you can only do that if you have a good foundation in your mind for the project – if you teach yourself the basics of whatever it is here in the physical world, then you can be of use on the higher levels related to that area. You will naturally tune in to the right people and projects and places on the higher levels in order to participate in projects involving the cutting-edge of that particular science, on those higher levels.

So: don’t be upset if you learn something on the physical plane that’s interesting to you and then you don’t end up using it here.  There was a reason you learned it.  Maybe you learned it NOT for this place, but for another place.

For example, let’s say you teach yourself a programming language, and write and debug a few silly throw-away programs for yourself to play around with the language until you clearly understand it; programs that you never release to the public, things you never share with anyone.  Doing that may have seemed pointless to you, but I assure you it’s not! You have fine-tuned your mental mechanism in a way that opens you up to accomplishing exciting things on higher planes, even if you never use that knowledge or ability in our physical world.

There can be amazing things going on in the higher levels, but if you didn’t build the requisite emotional and mental foundation for yourself, you cannot participate. So teach yourself new things down here, things that seem interesting to you. Practice new skills. Learn to dance or sing or paint. Learn how some aspect of modern communications actually works today. Learn modern things about medicine or biology; genetics, sub-atomic particles, encryption algorithms & digital signatures, crypto-currency and block-chain algorithms, solar power systems that can be used in third-world countries, water purification systems that require no electricity, new polymers and plastics, 3D printing advances, new clothing materials, properties of carbon nanotubes, the arctic seed vault, future voting systems with cross-checks and meta-moderation, new species of insects and plants discovered after the Mount St Helens volcano erupted, the future of quantum computing, where artificial intelligence is at now, how GPS knows where you are anywhere in the world.

You can teach yourself everything about these topics and so much more, thanks to the Internet, it’s really great for this; we’re so lucky to have the Internet today.  What’s interesting to you, that you’ve been thinking about researching?

Everything on this physical level has it’s higher equivalents on many higher levels.

Knowledge and experience are never wasted and never lost.


Pulling Back the Veil

Humanity is slowly pulling back the veil, learning the behind-the-scenes happenings, the how and why of things all around us in life.

First step: understand the people around you

  • understanding the news is lying to you.  You listen to the news, and cross-check against what actual people in those actual locations are saying about the same thing, on Twitter and Facebook and any other social media system you like to use.  What’s REALLY going on is very different than what you’re being told is going on.  Interesting.  See it for yourself.

  • understanding the weird goings-on of your local HOA – join the board of directors. Oh, wow, they’re just homeowners in my neighborhood like me?!?

  • understanding corporations – create your own company, it’s not that expensive, believe it or not. Learn to run your own business, it’s fun. Learn that customers don’t care about you or your product/service without serious amounts of marketing & advertising and providing way more value than you would think, for the money you’re asking.

  • understanding parenting – become one yourself. Every ex-child has views on the “right way to be a parent,” none of which applies when you’re actually there actually being a parent.  It’s harder than you might think. The fact that none of us are perfect plays a surprising part in the opera of parenthood.

  • understanding teachers – learn a skill so well that you start to teach it to others, so you become a teacher too. While teaching it, you realize how little you actually understand; teaching helps you reach the next level of understanding, from many points of view. It helps you learn how to explain something from the other person’s point of view, instead of your own.

  • understanding rich people (if you weren’t born that way) – learn about assets, good and bad debt, cashflow, balance sheets, true investments, the difference between running a true business vs self-employment – none of which was taught to you by our outdated farming/blue-collar oriented school system.

  • learn the WHY not just the HOW. Why are things the way they are?  There’s a reason. That doesn’t mean it has to be that way, but you need to understand the people who created it aren’t stupid – they did the best they could, and their (possibly) retarded result is the best thing they could come up with. Can you really do better, for everyone involved? If so, go for it.  We’re all rooting for you, believe me.

You might notice that most of these fit in with the idea of “be it and do it, to understand it.” Because that’s the best way to truly understand something – throw yourself into the middle of it and do your best in that arena. Then you can speak about it accurately, from personal experience. Some things are harder than you think, but equally more rewarding.

Second step: learn about nature and the world

  • learn about intuition in nature – the fauna and flora naturally have more connection to intuition than humanity has.

  • animals wisdom – friendship, joy, minimal response to threat, being with others unlike yourself, but also spending time relating to others that are like you.

  • people sensing motives of others, real needs, destination for all people. Understanding the differences in other people are OK, and supporting them, and helping them.

  • combined aura of all people as 1 person; where are the holes? what needs to be built still? what’s missing?

From that you will come the realization that all of life was created by a powerfully beautiful consciousness, more advanced than our own. It’s currently being maintained and guided and fine-tuned by that same consciousness.

Walking around in the world and seeing with your eyes becomes a new experience when you hold this realization in your mind – life begins to speak to you in a way it never did before. It’s happy that you’re becoming conscious of it, and wants to share its joy with you and show you funny & happy things.

Third step: pondering Humanity’s role in the world

Realizing you are part of Humanity, and Humanity is part of nature, part of the world, you start to wonder how we can fit naturally into all of this, harmoniously like all the other types of plants and animals that seem to live relatively harmoniously together, moreso than Humanity does today by far.

New roles and activities become clear about what Humanity should and shouldn’t be doing.  Life can become so much simpler, the way it is today for animals and plants, but on a whole new level, the Human level. Humanity can be the protectors of the other levels of life on this planet, and guide and balance all the factors using the rule of Least Interference resulting in Most Harmony.

Fourth step: integrating these realizations into practical action

Practical steps of doing, and not doing; having and not having; talking and not talking; cooperating and not cooperating – with other people, and all of nature. Practical tasks in line with your best understanding of what The Plan is for Humanity and the world.  Feedback loop where you analyze the results of your actions, and plan better and better actions going forward, making improvements, fine-tuning results.  Finding solutions to problems that are win-win for all people, and all of nature. Finding solutions to problems that cause nature and humanity to tend towards improvement, rather than fighting against the improvement – the way the minute-hand pointing straight up is in balance, but if it’s jostled it swings away from vertical; while the minute-hand pointing straight down is in balance, but if it’s jostled it returns to the same position naturally.

Humanity should be the Concierge, the Guardians of nature and of the world. It’s a great role of responsibility for us to take seriously. To be successful, Humanity needs to tune in to what the pure intention is for us and for the world, and take actions that fit in with that Plan. You will know that Humanity is tuning in properly to that Plan when everybody tuning in comes up with basically the same Plan (integrating/compatible actions within an overarching Plan).

Pulling Back the Veil – that covers our eyes, to see the true purpose for Humanity and the world.

We can do it, it just takes work.

When Once I was Overwhelmed with Life

There have been a number of moments in my life when I was completely fed up, filled to the top with the bullshit of life, I was completely done. It happens to all of us at one time or another. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve observed amazing, striking, things can happen in moments like that.

I can remember, maybe 10 years ago, the time I tried my best at work to convince a room full of people the right way of researching and solving a problem; and nobody would listen. A couple of people scoffed at me; and I shut up and shrunk down into my seat. Now, please understand that I am a talented software developer, I’ve been writing computer programs since age 13; and I’m 51 now.  I take software development very seriously, more seriously than most of my peers. This particular event happened when I was roughly 32 years old. I love programming and designing database layouts and data structures, algorithms, and software development concepts and procedures – to be the most clean, the most optimal, the fastest way to get things done properly and effectively.  I love changing the design when the requirements change; keep it clean and correct. Remove, as well as add. I love software design in general, I naturally think in software algorithms, and I spend my personal time keeping up with the latest technology, along with the many other things that interest me.

The room full of people were solving a problem in the simplest, worst, way; just to get done; just to move on to the next topic; the next emergency; the next event.  Big egos; they were proud. We are fast; who cares; we take shortcuts; we rock. It really pissed me off that they didn’t want to solve the immediate problem in the right and proper way. They didn’t care about the right user interface. Patch it quick and move on, that was the attitude; we can always “fix it later” (which would never happen, ever, during the 11 years I worked there; particularly because of their attitude towards how problems are solved). Never fix things because you know they need fixing; only fix things if the customer complains in such a way that your boss tells you to fix it.

After that meeting I was fed up. I couldn’t take it any more. I had to go on a demon drive after work that day. As I went racing down the freeway on-ramp near where I worked, merging onto the freeway at a speed far in excess of the other cars already on the freeway; swerving between cars all around me, racing forward, because I am young and skillful and irritated and energized and upset, heading towards another city that had stores that I wanted to visit and a restaurant I wanted to eat at for dinner that night; I literally shouted inside my empty car, my voice echoing in the small container, at the top of my lungs – “why are they that way? what are they thinking? why am I so different from all these fuckers? why am I here? what value do I contribute to this company? What value do they contribute to this company? Why don’t they get fired? Why do they all believe the same way that is not the right way? Why don’t they understand what I am talking about, or show any recognition of the value that I am presenting? Why don’t they all get fired? They aren’t meeting my view of the goal of the company. They aren’t doing it right. What really is going on?”

And I immediately got an answer.

Inside my mind some new thoughts that have never passed through my consciousness brushed against my brain.

The thoughts that occurred to me were as follows, very quickly in this order:

  • I am a completely different person than these people: they are engineers, and I am a scientist. My origin and goals are different from theirs.
  • An engineer is someone who takes all the existing things that have already been discovered by other people, learns about them, memorizes them, and applies them to solve problems.
  • A scientist studies the world around them, puts aside their preconceived notions and discovers new rules and laws of nature, new solutions, simplifications on what people currently do, new combinations nobody has ever thought of, new angles, the next step beyond, and it’s so obvious to them, and it’s so simple and easy for them to make this new thing, they think anybody should see this obvious easy thing.

And in that moment I realized: the Engineer never invents anything new. They only solve problems with what’s already available to them.  They have their “tools”.  They learned to use their tools. They were hired to use their tools. They are a worker, and workers need their tools. Without attending a “training class”, how could anyone learn a new tool? The job never expects them to use more than their tools. If they did, they would send them to a training class, to learn a new tool, then they could expect them to use the new tools – not, at any time, understanding the higher purpose behind what they’re doing.

The Scientist says “people keep saying THIS; but I don’t believe it. Let me research it myself, and see if it’s really true.”  “Oh wow, I just found out that this is the way it actually works; but why? Why is it that way? What if I change this, or that? what happens in these cases? Are there exceptions to those cases?  What if I mix other things in?  Combine things? Subtract something? Add something else? Try it a new way? What if I break it, and fix it, and erase it and draw it, and mix it and separate it, and combine it and extract it?  And lift it up? And put it down? And look from another angle? And see it from above? And view it from below? What if we don’t try to solve the problem this way at all; but a completely new way? Maybe it will fail; but maybe it will work? Let’s find out!”

An engineer learns something the first time someone tells it to them; by not questioning it, they learn it fast.

A scientist says “that’s new; I don’t know if I believe it; let me see if I can verify that. I need to hear it from 2 or 3 authorities, and research it myself.”  And thus, appears to learn more slowly than the Engineer.

A scientist says, “I have found a new way to do this, it’s much better than the old way.”

An engineer says, “that is not a proven way, it’s not a commonly accepted way, I’ve never heard of that; so I can’t use it.  Sorry.” The engineer says, “don’t change how things are done! It works, today! Don’t break what we already do!” without thinking thru the problem at all.

The scientist says, “but look! it’s so much better than the old/wrong way that everyone has been doing it all this time! And it makes more sense! Use your mind! You can clearly see this is a better way. Let’s at least try it, so you can see if it works.”

The engineer says, “If that’s so, then other people smarter than me would have thought about it before, and told me about it by now, I would have heard of it from some place other than you.  I don’t believe you.  Besides, I have a job to do, and I have these dumber, but more familiar tools, and everyone knows what to expect from me, and I know what to expect from me when I use these tools, whether they be adequate or inadequate; the expectation is met, and so everyone is happy, so I get paid.”

Then the scientist says:  “… well … Fuck.”  And the scientist wants to quit his job immediately.  And the engineer says: “…what a pretentious fuck.”

And the engineer goes to sleep at night, and dreams of sex, and self-centered things in the Astral plane.

And the scientist goes to sleep that night, and races off to the land of scientists, past the Astral plane to the Mental plane, all of whom share knowledge freely and process new information the way he does, and understand everything he talks about, and tell him new things, and listen carefully to him, and talk clearly, and build upon his ideas, and encourage him, and are happy to receive encouragement themselves, and there’s a feeling of real connection and real progress and real conclusion and perfection of ideas, and they accept him as their closest peer in all his comments and discoveries, and integrates everything he says immediately into what they already know and do, if it fits in any way with what they’re doing; and he does the same with everything they say and do; and conversations and ideas fly around very fast; and everyone learns new things and has lots of fun doing so; exploring, researching, sharing; and everyone is happy here and this world is such a beautiful healing place to live in.

And then the morning comes. The scientist wakes up back in the physical world. It’s a bit of a transition, every morning.  Sometimes the last memory is falling down into the dark clouds, sadly thinking, “do I really have to go down there again?” Sleepily awake he takes a shower, drinks some coffee, gets dressed, kisses his wife and kids and cat, grabs his day-planner, checks that he has enough business cards that say “senior application engineer” (which he should be proud of but actually feels embarrassed about), and heads back to work at the fifth company in 30 years that hired him for his engineering expertise. Because that’s where the jobs are, in today’s modern society. Today. Not 100 years ago. And not 100 years from now. Today, companies want engineers more than scientists.

A scientist is a scientist. He is not something else. He is only what he is.  Identify him.  Use him for the skills that he has. It will make him happy, and your department, your company will become greatly successful if you can recognize it and do it.

If you are a manager, don’t force scientists to become engineers. Don’t be so average, so middle-income, so middle-management that you can’t see their potential and build it and utilize it. Don’t limit your own potential at the company because you couldn’t utilize the amazing treasure you had placed before you in a more proper way. By just solving the immediate need for more engineers by hammering all pegs of any shape into the one square hole you see before you, you will always remain middle management, never reaching the level you wanted, because you didn’t understand and value the incredible people around you in their own unique ways; because you didn’t listen clearly to the training you were given in your corporate world about how to manage properly, because the highest people in the highest positions understand the true value of people but you failed to absorb it in your training, and so you will some day retire on a lesser-than possible income, and live a lesser-than-possible income all of the remainder of your life. Then some day you will pass away and go to the Astral plane, a place where you are ill prepared; and you will float around unconsciously, not doing anything of use to anyone, not even for yourself, and eventually be reborn like a blank slate to do it all over again instead of actually making something out of yourself 500 years from now.

I’m sorry but some of us don’t have time for that.


Future May Hold

As the year 2016 begins, here are 10 things that I’ve been thinking about – things the future may hold for Humanity:

  1. A new money system – value rooted in useful cooperative behavior, not products. Each person can have more/less money independently from other people, countries, and economic conditions.  Money is not moderated by any government. Money is created by acts of good will and useful work and action, and varies in quantity as the need varies. People will be able to stop any fear of losing housing, or worries about obtaining food and clothing; they will have all the basic necessities of life.

  2. Truly understanding the cost of war – so that we sensibly stop wasting vast amounts of resources, money, human lives, and eliminate massive amounts of pain and agony and bad-will, reducing separatism between the different nations of the planet.

  3. Truly understanding the benefits of cooperation and respect between nations, to such a degree that we don’t have to have national borders any longer; no passports, no check points. All Human beings will be allowed to visit any city or country on Earth, without restriction.

  4. New level of art, created to inspire and uplift people from a mundane existence. Art created from the highest heart, rather than the solar plexus or self-serving ego. Art that meets you in the lowest places you find yourself, and uplifts you to your next level, whatever that may be. And art that uplifts you from there, even higher. A fresh understanding of Beauty, and respect for the healing qualities of Beauty.

  5. A carport with four electric cars for every house: one small car to zip around locally (energy saving); two medium sized cars for both husband & wife, or any 2 partners, to drive around separately whenever they need to; and one big vehicle for hauling loads of whatever needs to be moved.  The single carport for these four vehicles will look like an “X”, with the top space within the “X” containing the smallest car, and the bottom space in the “X” containing the largest car; and the two regular sized cars fitting into the left and right sides of the “X”.

  6. People will figure out how to communicate with loved ones telepathically – audio and visual.  This will eliminate the fear of death, and help people understand the law of reincarnation – how it works, and why.  The general population will understand the basic cycle of birth and death and rebirth, the various levels of existence, and exactly how many human souls there are now, both in and out of incarnation.  It will also help to expand people’s view of “loved ones” to encompass more than just their immediate family & friends in this life; it will encompass everyone on the planet.

  7. People will understand the spiritual development mechanisms within Humanity, accurately understand their own level of development, and consciously work on their next level of development. This will be commonly accepted and encouraged.

  8. You will consider every stranger your closest friend by default. You will only avoid contact with a person if they have proven themselves to be bad or mean towards you in some way; you’ll consider that a one-off, an exception to the general behavior of humanity. This will actualize the ultimate American dream, that people are innocent until proven guilty, emotionally and mentally as well as physically (something we do not have today, even in America).

  9. A true understanding of win-win scenarios, why they are better than win/lose; and how to create win-win situations and avoid win/lose and the lose/lose traps that humanity has suffered from in the recent past. This is a science that can be taught and learned, and it will be taught in all schools and learned by all children.

  10. People will figure out how to fly safely with their own bodies, no vehicles needed.

I really feel like these are achievable aims for all of Humanity over the next many years.  Some of these things may take hundreds of years, some maybe 500 or one thousand; but all of these things are completely achievable.  Open yourself up to these possibilities, and see what kind of progress you can make in yourself and engender in others, related to these goals, during the next year.  You might be surprised.

Picture Window

The master contractor stood in our bathroom when the walls were not yet finished, looked into the back yard
and saw the scenery. With a creative eye, he instantly knew the dimensions that the picture window needed to be
for the most beautiful view out the window. he knew they were not the exact dimensions of the
cookie-cutter house design he was supposed to build, and he didn’t care.
Looking thru the space before him he instantly knew the top line, bottom line, left and right sides
that the window must be, and he made it so.
Thank you, master builder, for your quick eye and experience.

We’re here to express our heart towards fellow humanity, despite every hint around us to do the opposite.
When you have the perfect opportunity to hurt another person with your words or actions, just when every
law is on your side and every person around you is in agreement that this is what you must do,
because it’s so obvious, so do it! Get them! That is the moment you stop, let go, and do nothing.
walk away. Or shake the person’s hand. Or give them a hug. or pay them $20 on the spot in silence.
Break the mold, break the stereotype, break the giant trough of same-ness and boringness within you
that was created by your mind and all the people around you.
You do not have to do exactly what everyone around you would do.
You do not have to do what your brain told you to do.
You can do anything you want at any time you want.
This time you want to be kind to the vulnerable.
It will open your heart, you will free them, and that act of kindness will free you.

Now how do we communicate this deeply to every human being in the united states of america, and all over the world?
How do we make everyone understand this is their new goal?
Look for every opportunity to do the OPPOSITE of what everyone else is doing.
* when everyone is laughing and carrying on, you stop – because it’s dumb and boring
* when everyone else is serious and worried, you’re happy because finally something new is happening.
* when everyone is praising the rich person, you belittle them for not looking past themselves, for bragging
and showing off, for not donating to charity. You see them as small when everyone thinks they’re large.
* when everyone is belittling the poor person, you encourage them with human connection, honesty,
truth, love, compassion, providing for their immediate need.
If it helps, you can think of them as you. What do you want and need, since now, you are them?
Why doesn’t anyone treat me right, you think to yourself? Just one person?
YOU are that one person, and right now is the moment you treat yourself (them) that best right way.
With an open heart, and right action. You’ve wanted it for so long – now you finally have it.
You have it by giving it.
You will feel something great in your heart that you never felt before.

These things I realized in a split second when I was suddenly woken up by my wife in bed as she
shouted something in response to a bad dream. it woke me from a deep sleep immediately, I was
someplace else, coming back into this body not in the normal order. I knew things about this life
for a moment that I don’t normally know, I saw what life was about, and how shallow it really is
for us when we don’t live with our hearts, and we don’t, most of the time. 99% of the time.

I am not a criminal this lifetime because I love you. I don’t want to live a double life filled with lies
and deceit. I think I became very good at crime in other lives, but it hurt my heart so badly,
I will not do that in this lifetime. I’m so lucky I got to live my life this lifetime without any
connection to that bogus world. I love how this world works, Thank You great emancipator
for letting me out of such a horrific trap I found myself in, in the past.
I am free from that trap, and working my way out of nicer traps of life, slowly, surely.
Thank you life for my joys and my loves, my family and my friends, my invisible helpers who are all around
even though I almost never see them. I love them, and the one life I see I am inside of.
It’s so simple, with one rule, that is love everyone around you, and act that way at all times.
My brain can’t imagine I could get away with it, but my heart says keep trying.
Finding new ways and niches and moments is a good start; keeping it foremost in mind is a good start;
eventually every word, every action, every expression will be all light, all love, and as a result,
it will be all power. Life can be mastered, it has been done before, the formula is so simple,
and you can do it, and you will do it. you can do it immediately, and you can take your own time.
Life loves you that much, unconditionally.

Dark Matter and the 7 Levels of Matter

The “dark matter” the scientists are discovering in large quantities in space now, I believe to be etheric matter. I’m excited they’re discovering it, because it would be great if science acknowledged the existence of 4/7’s of the matter that exists in our physical world.

There are cosmic elements in our galaxy that are made of nothing less than etheric matter; nothing solid or liquid or gas, only higher forms of matter that we call etheric matter.  In fact, there are all-etheric planets even in our solar system. Some ancient writings refer to 12 planets in our solar system, but we only know of 9 planets today (8 if you don’t count Pluto, however I consider Pluto to be a planet).  Just because a planet doesn’t have solid material causing a huge amount of gravity pulling on the orbits of the other planets in the solar system, doesn’t mean it can’t exist! Maybe its super-subtle-consistency allows it to be located in other areas besides the typical “planetary plane” – the 2-D area that most of our typical solid planets exist in today.  Maybe these lighter-than-air planets can move around to any location within the solar system. The planetary plane is only there because the visible planets are made of physical matter, with their own gravity, innately tied to each other because of it, and have to find harmonious cooperation amongst each other somehow, at the distances they chose to be from the Sun; the center of our solar system.

The physical world that we live in has 7 sub-levels to it: everyone knows the first three; solid, liquid, and gas. But there are 4 more that are more refined than those; lighter than gasses, for example.  These other four do not have names yet, we simply refer to them as ether 1, ether 2, ether 3, and ether4 — where ether 1 is the most subtle of all.  So, the chart from most subtle to most solid would look like this:

  1. ether 1
  2. ether 2
  3. ether 3
  4. ether 4
  5. gas
  6. liquid
  7. solid

All of these are considered part of the Physical plane.  They are completely separate from the other planes like the Astral plane, the Mental plane, the Intuitional or Buddhic level, and so forth.

We already know of some of the things that exist in these levels, we just haven’t connected the dots yet.  For example, electricity and lightning exist in the etheric levels.  Radio waves are a vibration of etheric levels.  Magnetism and Gravity are very observable and reproducible effects happening on these etheric levels.

If you take these concepts into consideration when reevaluating spacial concepts like Dark Matter, and other behaviors observed in the galaxy and in the universe, more of it starts to make sense.

The scientists of the world — maybe you — will some day discover these etheric levels existing separately from the 3 commonly known forms of matter (solid, liquid, gas).  Some day.

Evaluating Your Own Motives

As you become more sensitive to the higher worlds and inner forces within you, you will start striving to do work that is not motivated by your lower bodies, not self-serving, not thought up by your lower mind. Your best work is influenced by your higher self. But down here on the physical plane it’s not always easy to distinguish between lower and higher motives, plans, and ideas.

Here is one trick that I use sometimes. I have a big framed picture of a Great One on my wall in the room where I meditate. I stand just in front of the picture maybe 2 feet away, looking at it, and formulate the thoughts of what my plan or decision is and say it out loud (or say it in my mind). And I try to be aware of the feeling, of the reaction, that I feel from saying it. Sometimes I feel that the picture is “frowning” at me, rather than smiling.  Of course the picture is not changing, just my perception of it; it’s very subtle.

You know when you say something to your friend that they disagree with, that uncomfortable conflicted feeling that comes between you? I feel a subtle version of that feeling when I do this if my plan is not in line with nature, with my higher self. I can sense if it is the wrong decision or the right one. I can usually tell if it is good and helpful, if it will end up being harmful, or if it’s just neutral and pointless. Sometimes I take the action anyway regardless; then observe the outcome and see how it matches up with what I intuited from this exercise.

Start with a physical picture of a Great One who means something to you.  Eventually the picture will live inside of you, and you can hold any plan in your mind and sense the rightness/wrongness of it. It’s a very subtle feeling though; all of our strong feelings cover up these internal feelings, making it hard to know what the right thing is to do. But you do have this mechanism of question & answer inside of you right now!  It’s just a matter of becoming sensitive to it by not overwhelming it with ordinary feelings and thoughts that cover it up and override it.

In this way you can do the highest work in our world, driven by your inner purpose, for the good of all, if that’s what you’re interested in doing.

If someone is talking or shouting incessantly in your room, you can’t hear the beautiful music that is playing.  Stop the shouting and talking.

The Truth About Sleeping

Actually, I want to share … a secret with you.

Sleep isn’t what you think.

We say that when you “go to sleep” you have “dreams” (the Astral plane); then you “wake up” back in our physical world. But is that really the right way to think about it?

We know that the Astral plane is a higher, more subtle level than the Physical plane; and the Mental plane is higher still.

The truth is, going downwards to the Physical plane is the real falling asleep! Rising up to the Astral, Mental or higher levels is the real waking up.

Who would have thought that this “real world” we live in, which feels soooo real and soooo scary sometimes, is actually closer to sleeping? I think this is why movies like The Matrix and Inception strike such a chord in us.

Sleeping, awakening; I guess our language has it backwards today.

Simply Living Life Uplifts Matter

Just by living our lives on the physical plane, our bodies are transmuting matter from lower forms to higher quality – from solid/liquid to etheric, emotional, mental levels of energy.  You do this naturally, every single day. You eat food, and feel feelings, you think thoughts, make plans. You send greetings to other people, which helps them form higher thoughts and feelings themselves.

The higher matter we create this way stays with the Earth.  It’s just higher quality matter, available for other people to use and appreciate, long after we pass away.

If you meditate and uplift your own body-cells even higher, that’s even better – but even if you don’t, the basic actions of just plain living helps a lot in the world. People don’t usually realize that.

If you use Joy energy to cure yourself of illnesses, you’ve converted the germs and microbes that once were your enemies into powerful allies and co-workers. Maybe they even bring skills at abilities (at their level) that your body didn’t have before.  Instead of cooperating with darkness, those little lives are now working for the light. They’re better off, and you’re better off – a win-win scenario.

You are naturally the bringer of light.

You are a spark of light.