Month: November 2015

Dark Matter and the 7 Levels of Matter

The “dark matter” the scientists are discovering in large quantities in space now, I believe to be etheric matter. I’m excited they’re discovering it, because it would be great if science acknowledged the existence of 4/7’s of the matter that exists in our physical world.

There are cosmic elements in our galaxy that are made of nothing less than etheric matter; nothing solid or liquid or gas, only higher forms of matter that we call etheric matter.  In fact, there are all-etheric planets even in our solar system. Some ancient writings refer to 12 planets in our solar system, but we only know of 9 planets today (8 if you don’t count Pluto, however I consider Pluto to be a planet).  Just because a planet doesn’t have solid material causing a huge amount of gravity pulling on the orbits of the other planets in the solar system, doesn’t mean it can’t exist! Maybe its super-subtle-consistency allows it to be located in other areas besides the typical “planetary plane” – the 2-D area that most of our typical solid planets exist in today.  Maybe these lighter-than-air planets can move around to any location within the solar system. The planetary plane is only there because the visible planets are made of physical matter, with their own gravity, innately tied to each other because of it, and have to find harmonious cooperation amongst each other somehow, at the distances they chose to be from the Sun; the center of our solar system.

The physical world that we live in has 7 sub-levels to it: everyone knows the first three; solid, liquid, and gas. But there are 4 more that are more refined than those; lighter than gasses, for example.  These other four do not have names yet, we simply refer to them as ether 1, ether 2, ether 3, and ether4 — where ether 1 is the most subtle of all.  So, the chart from most subtle to most solid would look like this:

  1. ether 1
  2. ether 2
  3. ether 3
  4. ether 4
  5. gas
  6. liquid
  7. solid

All of these are considered part of the Physical plane.  They are completely separate from the other planes like the Astral plane, the Mental plane, the Intuitional or Buddhic level, and so forth.

We already know of some of the things that exist in these levels, we just haven’t connected the dots yet.  For example, electricity and lightning exist in the etheric levels.  Radio waves are a vibration of etheric levels.  Magnetism and Gravity are very observable and reproducible effects happening on these etheric levels.

If you take these concepts into consideration when reevaluating spacial concepts like Dark Matter, and other behaviors observed in the galaxy and in the universe, more of it starts to make sense.

The scientists of the world — maybe you — will some day discover these etheric levels existing separately from the 3 commonly known forms of matter (solid, liquid, gas).  Some day.