Month: November 2014

How to Get Better Sleep

There are tricks to getting better sleep and traveling to further lands at night.

I’ve experienced these things interfering with my freedom to travel during sleep, and as well as getting a good night’s rest:

  • having sex within 4-6 hours before sleeping – sex takes a huge amount of physical and emotional energy from you. Good sex can rejuvenate you in various ways, but sex can also drain you in ways that can interfere with escaping your body at night and traveling to astral or mental levels. Your body needs time to rebuild its store of this energy. To freely visit distant lands and remember them when you wake up, it takes a particular kind of energy, and sex can sometimes prevent this. (We need a better name for this energy; is it “psychic energy”? “orgone energy”? Kundalini energy? A lot of people bristle at these words; and we don’t really understand these things yet or have a common naming scheme for them that everyone can agree on).

  • alcohol in larger doses – In my experience 1 or 2 drinks is OK once in a while if your body is used to alcohol, without having it interfere with dream-time travel. Just as long as you’re not drinking close to your personal limit, or drinking more than 2-3 days/nights in a row. Of all the items listed here, alcohol is the least-harmful towards getting great sleep, I believe, unless you overdo it.  Drinking too much alcohol can trap you in the lower astral levels, with nightmares and “busy dreams” that generally waste your energy and leave you feeling exhausted when you wake up in the morning.

  • gossip/slander/hateful thoughts or speech or feelings – try not to do these things at least 4+ hours before sleep; preferably not at all during the entire day. You’ll feel better about yourself by avoiding these vices, and you won’t hate yourself so much that you block yourself from having a great sleep at night time.

  • eating a heavy meal before sleep, especially with red meat – some books say you should strive to become vegetarian, but personally I don’t believe in that. You should strive to reduce the work your body has to do to digest the meals you eat. If you feel your heart racing, your neck throbbing from that greasy meal you just ate, then perhaps that was not the best thing for your body! Experiment and see for yourself. A low-quality hamburger from a fast food restaurant contains low-quality meat and might make your heart race like that, while a high-quality steak from an actual butcher shop may not cause that reaction at all. Chicken, turkey, pork and fish are a lot easier to digest than beef, in general. And any foods you’re allergic to are much worse for your body, and should be avoided at least until the source of the allergy can be cleaned (see references to Emotional Freedom techniques like EFT and TAT in other blog articles).

  • dirty/sweaty clothes – yuck. At least change clothes. If you’re really dirty, take a shower or a bath before bed. If you wear pajamas, don’t wear the same ones more than 3-4 times in a row. If you sweat a lot at night, change them every 1-2 nights.

  • dirty bed sheets or blankets – again, yuck. It’s easy not to notice. Try to change your bed sheets once a week, or every 2 weeks at least.  It helps to have a spare set of sheets, so you can change the bed while the dirty ones are washing.  Smudging your bed sheets can improve the comfort level of your bed, help you fall asleep easier, and give you better dreams at night.  Simply rub your forearms and hands all over the surfaces of the sheets and pillows that will be touching you at night, while intentionally holding joyful energy in your heart as much as you can. I also smudge the head-board or wall above the head of the bed.  You will be amazed at what a difference this makes. Freshly washed sheets and blankets need new smudging – the washer and dryer cancels out this energy for some reason. If I forget to smudge our bed after replacing the sheets, my spouse usually has nightmares that wake us both up in the middle of the night. This technique is especially useful when staying in a hotel room!

  • strong smells – perfumes, room “deodorizers”. Don’t apply antiperspirant before bed! I believe that air freshener sprays are all very harmful to the human mind and memory, not to mention screwing up sleep-time.  If there are smells in your house, find the source of them and fix them instead of covering them up with chemicals. Kitty litter box?  Clean it every day from now on. And keep that thing out of the bedroom. I don’t allow any of our pets into our bedroom anymore, they leave too many smells and stains and fur. Our pets already dominate the rest of the house; that’s enough. Use one of those plastic drain unclogger tools if your sink starts to smell.  Wash your dishes before going to bed whenever you can.

  • loud sounds – even if you can go to sleep with loud sounds going on, some part of you may not feel safe enough to leave your body (to travel to other levels).  It feels dangerous; so you can get stuck hanging around, and not have the wonderful experiences and healing that goes with being able to travel at night to higher levels. Find a way to solve loud noises. Don’t sleep with the TV turned on if you can avoid it (all that mess goes into your subconscious mind which is not good for you).

  • emotional conflicts with other people – find a way to resolve conflicts as much as you can before going to sleep that night. If you can’t resolve it with them personally, then you can do it solo. Re-run the scenario in your mind while sitting quietly with your eyes closed, but make it different – you apologize to the other person and see them genuinely apologizing to you, with heart-felt apology; hug them in your mind, bow to them, shake hands; do whatever it takes to be OK with them, and really see them being OK with you and feeling bad about having a conflict with you.  If you can do that with them in person, that’s even better; but if not, just try to “rewrite the history book of your mind” before bedtime. It really helps.

  • watching violent movies or TV, or reading violent stories – maybe these things are fun, but they screw up your emotions, subconscious mind, and energy system in such a way that it interferes with your visiting the higher dream worlds.


Doing the above things can cause you to be trapped near your body all night, with no dreams and little relaxation; or, if you travel to the astral level, you will only be in the lower astral (painful / evil dreams / nightmares / astral jails) or middle astral (subconscious/self-involved dreams) levels. This is what is happening when you wake up in the morning and don’t feel refreshed, you feel worn out, and just want to go back to bed.

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t do all the things above – you should do all of them! Please, don’t limit yourself, live your life to the fullest. The point is, if you want better sleep / better freedom on certain particular nights, consider the circumstances you’re creating for yourself on those nights.

Also, experiment with this yourself, and record your results in a journal.  Find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t just believe me.  I offer these ideas as things to consider as you strive towards greater and greater personal freedom in your dream world. In your journal you could document the times you watched a violent movie or TV show within a couple hours of bedtime, and then write down how well you slept the next morning. Find out if there’s any correlation.

I don’t smoke pot, or take any recreational drugs. I never have and I don’t plan to any time soon. I believe they interfere a lot with reaching the higher worlds and being in tune with subtle energies. I also believe they cause cumulative damage in your body, so, be careful with that stuff.

I recommend being particularly careful to reduce the above things around the Full Moon time – that’s when the most energy exists for higher level experiences, because the Sun is blocking certain harmful energies coming from the Moon by shining it’s light directly on the Moon. If you reduce things that waste your energy 1-2 days before the full moon, through 1-2 days after the full moon, it can really help you a lot.

You absolutely should experiment with what makes sense to you in this world.  Observe your experiences, and learn from them.  We make faster progress in our lives this way.

And please, share your experiences with all of us, so we all can benefit from what you figure out.


Battle in the Higher Worlds

Many many years ago I had a dream that I was involved in a very important battle in the Higher Worlds.

Now, I should mention that I’m not a fighter, I’m not a warrior like some people are on the higher worlds. I’m more of a scientist. I’m not good at waging battles against evil forces, it’s not my forte, it’s not what I like to do.  But I do love to help people, to help groups and teams as long as it is an actual way that I really can help – with skills I actually have, so it’s a real help, and not a drain of resources and time for everybody involved. I like to know my limits, and stay away from “helping” with things I am not good at doing.

I realized I was standing by the sidelines, holding my staff-weapon of electrical killing power, which felt like a large metal rifle and looked more like a cross between a staff and a bazooka; it was mostly cylindrical and skinnier than any bazooka, but the front-end flared out a little bit like a blunderbuss but not that much. I was a little unsure what to do, I have never really used one of these before that I could recall.

Looking in front of me I saw an amazing sight: a great leader of ours, shining with white light, was surrounded by a few evil warriors in a circle; like 5 or 6 of them. They in turn were surrounded by a larger number of good guys, powerful warriors; maybe 10 or 12. They, in turn, were surrounded by a large number of bad guys forming a ring of their own; all told, I think I saw about 8 to 10 rings of alternating good guys/bad guys, forming this large circle of beings in front of me.  Everyone was facing inwards, towards the center, with their weapons aimed.

My Team Goes Into Action

The outer ring at the moment was made up of bad guys.  They were about 15-20 feet in front of us. Now it was our turn! We got the signal to advance quickly and take our places! Myself and a huge number of good guys like me rushed forward, aiming our weapons at the evil forces in front of us! We formed the outermost ring, trying to protect our leader! I had never been involved in this kind of battle before, never seen anything like it; I felt a bit uneasy about the whole thing.

The sense that everyone around me had was: this was probably the winning move, because look at how many good guys we brought to the outer ring, over a hundred people, at least; this is as big as the battles usually get.

Evil Surprise

Then, just as suddenly as we were called to duty and took our places forming the big outer ring, a much larger array of evil bad-guys surrounded us, standing right behind us!  Now I was trapped, surrounded with bad guys in front of me and behind me! I really didn’t like this feeling now. If I was part of the outer ring so that we could win, I was OK with that; but this new ring of bad guys was a surprise move! Nobody in our ring expected it! I felt like I was in serious danger.

I did not know what to do. I could feel a weapon being pointed at my back from inches away by the bad guy standing behind me. It felt awful. I turned around briefly and aimed my weapon at the guy behind me, because I’d rather shoot him first, rather than him shooting me! But the instant I turned most of the way around, my buddy next to me grabbed my shoulder and stopped me. He said, “no, stay facing forward,” and I had to admit that nobody else was doing this except me, so it must be the wrong thing to do; I turned facing forward again, not shooting anybody, just like everyone else in the room. The tension was immense.

The bad guys had surprised us with an extra ring of evil warriors, we never expected it.  We were totally surrounded.

Surprising the Surprise

Then, just as suddenly, A whole new wave of good forces appeared out of nowhere! They had been hiding from sight. A vast array of white warriors, each with their weapons, each highly trained, appeared behind the evil ones that were standing behind me – these new white warriors formed a circle around all of them.  Now the outermost ring was completely made of white warriors! We surprised the surprise attack! We outnumbered the bad guys after all!!

The instant this outer ring of good guys formed, the battle was over and a huge cheer went up into the sky and filled all hearts to incredible heights of joy and ecstasy! Good warriors threw their arms into the air and cheered loudly, and the bad guys all slumped their shoulders and threw their weapons on the ground. We won!!!

Everyone was moving around chaotically now, like at the end of a high-school graduation ceremony. My heart was filled with a super-high joy, but I felt scared still, there were so many bad guys walking around this place. I kept my weapon leveled in case I needed it to protect myself or others, but nobody else was doing the same. Nobody fired a single shot at anybody. The good guys won this battle, the bad guys lost even though they thought their surprise attack would win.

What I Realized

What I realized from this was that the top-level good guy warriors knew a surprise attack was coming, and needed to recruit more good warriors than they had to overpower the bad guys or they would lose the battle. I was recruited, even though I had little to no battle experience – I could wear the clothing and hold the weapon, and if all went well, I would not have to use the weapon or know any tactics like the trained warriors knew. Thank goodness it went according to plan, and I’m not surprised they didn’t share the final plan with me.

They had to use all of us “newbie” warriors on the “fake outermost ring”. Because it wouldn’t be the true outermost ring, that was going to be made up of the real highly-trained white warriors. Those guys had to hold back and not form our ring, let us form the ring in their place, so they could form the REAL outer ring instead.

I felt good that forces greater than me had planned this thing out really well. I wasn’t in a whole lot of danger after all; I did the right thing and it worked out, thank goodness. I was proud of our side to conquer the bad guys in so large a battle.

After waking up from this, I realized this ring of different types and colors of warriors, alternating good and bad, reminded me of something I’ve seen; as a child my family had a jigsaw puzzle of a buddhist painting of rings of different people in concentric circles; waterfalls; houses; many different layers of things. I wish I still had that jigsaw puzzle, I’d love to look at it now, but my parents apparently got rid of it a long time ago. I think that buddhist artist from the past probably experienced battles like this, and painted them the way he saw them – the way I just experienced it myself. It’s neat to see when art on the physical plane is representative of something on the higher worlds. You just never know when something in the physical world will surprisingly match something abstract you’ve experienced on the higher planes. I never connected with that painting/jigsaw puzzle before; but suddenly I wish I could see it again, and see if I could see things going on in it that I never noticed before.

I could tell from the height of joy in our hearts after the battle ended that this was a truly major battle that we had just won, by sheer number of warriors. It was a good day.


Being Born Into Our World

When a baby is becoming born into our world, an interesting series of things occurs. They look forward to visiting our physical plane so much. They are warned by their Solar Angel that it can be a hard life down here, but they still want to come here. They discuss with their Solar Angel what style of life they will have this time around, and they get to provide some input as to how that will work – with the goal of cleaning a certain portion of their past karma, and accomplishing various works and even some great works if possible.

Around a dozen goals are set, or so, some large and some small; some hard and some easy to accomplish, including some that are VERY hard to accomplish, but possible; and some that will be accomplished with little effort other than by just living in the physical world. And many things in between.

The baby understands that any number of things can happen, but these basic goals are important to accomplish if they can manage it in their life. Here’s perhaps an example of an agreement a person might make to be born here. Maybe they will plan to raise a family, or live with a family where there are children who need a strong sane adult figure. And maybe they will create a variety of works of art, with one specific piece of art that exists for a long time, beyond the end of their life, to inspire people way into the future. And also, they plan to clean their karma with a number of specific people who they may be karmically tied to from past lives. Not everyone they’re tied to, but many people they’re tied to – to reduce their karmic debt. It’s exciting to have a specific plan. Which parents would best fit what this baby needs to accomplish these goals? The baby is happy to have this opportunity, and can’t wait to be born.

And then, they are born!

The pressure of the physical world immediately hits them at birth! The air pressure, the coldness of the air in the hospital, the lights are way too bright; much more so than they had expected. Not being able to talk to these people or even control their weak (newborn) arms and legs; a baby can take only so much of this harsh physical world awakeness before falling asleep again, retreating back to familiar ground – the astral plane, where they most recently came from. On the astral plane they are in full command of their faculties and body once again – they can play with any toy they see, visit people they know, fly around anywhere, speak to anyone, etc.

When they’re slightly older on the physical plane and learn to play with toys, they want every toy they see, including taking a toy away from another child that’s playing with one – why not, after all this is completely acceptable on the astral plane where they came from, because “taking” something from someone else makes a COPY of the item – it doesn’t affect the other person, they still have the original copy! But in this strange physical world, for some strange reason it’s considered wrong to take something from another person – the baby is surprised when mommy or daddy scolds them, and even worse, takes the toy away from them and gives it BACK to the other child! What? I can’t have that toy? But I want it! This hurts so much the first time it happens!

Eventually the baby learns the rules of the physical world. There is only 1 of each thing, in the physical world. There’s a whole new strange concept of “scarce resources” here, something that’s not a problem on the higher levels. Copying something in the physical takes a long time and a lot of work, and the copy is NOT the same as the original – it’s different, maybe noticeably different, or worse than the original in various ways. Well, OK, that’s not true for digital media is it; data files like mp3 songs and mpeg videos. With those, the copy is as good as the original. And you can have as many copies as you want, instantly, no problem. You REALLY CAN make a copy of the thing your friend is holding, so you get one and they get one too.

Wait a minute…  That sounds familiar…

And you were wondering why children are so good at computer technology.