Month: July 2014

Golems Represent Elements in Your Subconscious Mind

If you dream about stone golems or dirt golems following you, big mindless thick-person-shaped things lumbering around, following you, trying to “get” you or kill you for some reason – that’s representative of things in your subconscious mind that were dormant for a long time, now becoming active.

This can happen if you are making plans to do something totally new, and there are subconscious parts of you that are resisting the new change. This happened to me recently.

If you’ve ever seen your subconscious mind, you probably saw a small vat of tar-looking substance: black liquid, or at least very dark brown – with shapes and things hidden down inside the tar, down below the surface. The surface can be smooth and calm, but there’s still a lot of things down in there.  Things you’ve stored, from past painful experiences, hurts you’ve felt and not resolved yet, wrongs against you, unexpressed & suppressed things in you, etc.

How can we clean this vat of tar, the subconscious mind?

It’s dangerous to focus directly on your subconscious mind – don’t do that.  The best and fastest way to clean it is through right meditation. Read Torkom Saraydarian’s book “The Science of Meditation” for more info about this. That book has helped me understand what meditation is, and why it is so valuable to clean and purify our mind, and connect us to our higher selves.

Another helpful way is using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapas Acupuncture Technique (TAT) to clean hangups you discover in your psyche. Hangups are things that really can hold you back if you don’t clean them. They limit you, in what things you “allow” yourself to experience. Unusual fears, like fear of water, fear of heights, etc. are hangups, and can be cleaned fairly easily with EFT and TAT exercises.  It does not cost any money to do EFT or TAT – you can download the instructions for free – search for them on the Internet.

Even if the EFT or TAT exercise seems crazy to you, give it a try for 2-3 days and see if it helps at all. I think you will be surprised.


Advanced Dream Remembering

I caught myself one time on the Astral Plane “writing down” the dream I just had – which means the “dream” must have been on the Higher Mental plane!  I was confused – I came down to the Astral plane, and I thought I was wide awake and writing down my dream!  But doing this, writing my dream in the astral plane, actually helped me a lot; because I recited the dream experience 2 or 3 times, with pictures in my mind, and trying to find the words for it – words which, probably, disappeared off my made-up astral notebook moments after I wrote them down!

Then I really woke up in the physical plane – sitting up in bed now, realizing I was confused, and now I “really am awake”.  Then it was super easy to write down what I had just memorized in my notebook on the physical plane, that I always leave next to my physical bed.

I think the same thing happens when you meditate regularly. You eventually start meditating ON the higher levels too – which probably helps you reach EVEN HIGHER levels.  I can actually remember a time many years ago that I “meditated” in the Astral plane, and popped immediately into the Mental plane.  That’s one of 2 or 3 ways to reach the Mental plane from “way down here”.