I’m here to remind you about the higher worlds. You live there too, just as you live in the physical world. They are just as important as this world, and can inspire you and drive you when you realize this higher reality really exists. Its time for you to wake up now. Welcome.



  1. So many ancient cultures (and even not so ancient cultures) viewed dreaming with deep respect and honored dreaming as a vital part of the human experience – offering a deep connection to the Higher Worlds! Are you interested in embodied dream work at all? That is my current obsession. Looking forward to reading more here 🙂

    1. Hi AmandaSeesDreams, I agree with you. Dreams can be on different levels – if the dreamer is in the middle Astral level, their dreams can be a direct reflection of their subconscious mind – a lot can be studied about oneself this way. If the dreamer is in the Higher Astral or Mental levels, then they are usually in a place not of their own creation – other people’s creations – and can experience truly new things, and see other people on that level, this way. This is what I’ve experienced in my own life. Your embodied dream work sounds interesting, I will read more about it on your web site. I think we’re all striving to discover and explore the new worlds which, amazingly, exist all around us today. To know when I have written a new article, you can also follow me on Twitter @dreampemi.

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