Month: August 2014

Elderly Passing Away

What happens when a person dies?

When a person passes away, it is only their physical body that has died – they are still conscious and aware, just on the astral plane now. The first thing that happens is they are intercepted by helpers who guide them to a safe location so they can grasp what is happening to them. Within the next day or two, they meet with their Solar Angel, and review their entire life like a movie – where they get to analyze everything they did during their physical plane life, and decide whether they did right or wrong – cleaning karma or accumulating it. At the end of this movie, they clearly understand how their words and actions were actually received by all the people around them when they were alive in the physical plane. They clearly see now why and how they hurt other people, and the degree they hurt them; they realize the times they were misunderstood now, why and how; and so forth.

This gives them the basic foundation which they can use to have a last visit directly with the loved ones from their life. They visit each person who was very close to them during their physical life, if that person is open to it, for a few minutes or a half-hour or so. Sometimes the loved one is not conscious that this is happening; although they may think fond memories suddenly of the one who has passed; remembering events from their life experiences; and then the feeling passes and they think nothing of it. If the loved one is sleeping, they may meet on the astral or mental plane and have a lovely conversation. When awake, if the loved one is a little more conscious about the higher worlds, they may feel a sensation that the passed person is visiting them, and stop what they’re doing to sit quietly with them, calm their emotions, quiet their mind, open their heart and bring love to it – and, without forcing anything, just be with the thoughts and feelings of that person, and commune with them, in a way. It really feels like sitting down next to your best friend and talking comfortably with them.

A Visit From my Grandma

This happened to me when I was a teenager, when my grandmother (on my father’s side) passed away. I remember it was a couple of days after her death, I was in my bedroom and I felt her presence so strongly. So I stopped what I was doing and just sat on the edge of my bed and felt her and connected with her. I could feel her smile. I felt she was standing in front of me looking at me and feeling love and pride about me, and apologizing to me for the times when we had conflicts. I apologized too, told her I loved her, and thanked her for visiting me. It lasted about half an hour.

Eventually, some years later, the person’s astral body passes away too; so they move on to the mental plane. Now they live in their mental body only. They can live there for many more years, even hundreds of years, before their mental body passes away too from old age.

People who have harmed themselves with drug abuse and poisoned themselves with harmful thoughts and actions while alive, often spend little or no time in these higher worlds; their bodies up there can’t handle it and they pass on much more quickly.

When Everything is Gone

At some point, eventually all of a person’s earthly vehicles have passed away. If they haven’t cleared all their karma and still have ties back to other people, they will reincarnate back here again with a fresh set of bodies – physical, emotional, and mental. A fresh start as a new baby!

If, instead, they have cleaned all their karma and mastered this world, then there’s no purpose left for them to return here as before; they can now move on to higher responsibilities and studies, which is completely exciting and new for them. Graduation!

Those Who Mastered Our World

These people who have literally mastered our world and therefore don’t have to return – they are very fascinating to think about. That’s who people are referring to when they say “Ascended Masters” or “Masters of Wisdom” – they have followed the wisdom of our world, and mastered all the aspects of living a life Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally. They did it. They got it. They’ve accomplished something that seems so hard to us. We can be inspired by their example. I’d like to think that we’re all striving towards that degree of perfection.

I understand that a large number of people have graduated from the school of Earth by mastering it – they’ve moved on to higher duties already. It’s frustrating to me that they are not widely seen today in our society, because they could set very good examples for all of us to strive for consciously. They still have a presence in our world, but it is much more subtle.

Masters Create Masterpieces

Now you may be getting an inkling of the meaning behind the word “Masterpiece”.  A Masterpiece is a great work that shows the height of accomplishment of someone who has truly Mastered their craft. Everybody has areas that they can become an expert in; a Master has exceeded all other people in the area that they have mastered. An example of a Masterpiece might be the decimal numbering system. Or, domesticated cats. The sign of a great Masterpiece is that it is still used and valued hundreds of years or even thousands of years after its creation.

A true Master is someone who has Mastered their personality and cleaned their karma. They don’t owe anybody anything now. They learned all their lessons. They can basically accomplish anything in our world at this point. You could say life is too easy for them, now. They became good at everything – art, science, finance, religion, communication, music, dance, writing, genetics, teaching, you name it. Very few people ever get to meet a master in their physical life; some people get to meet them on a higher levels at night. When you meet a master, it’s a powerful experience you’ll never forget.

A true Master is a Masterpiece, themselves.


Books with Astral Themes

Sometimes you read a book, and you realize the author must have some kind of connection to the Astral plane.

A few months back I got into Philip K Dick in a big way, which I never did when I was young despite my voracious appetite for science fiction back then. Philip K Dick is widely considered one of the great science fiction story writers of the last century. His works are always very creative, unique and fascinating. In addition to the 6 or so stories I read, I found and watched a documentary on the life of Philip K Dick, which was quite unique. He lived in Santa Ana, California, not far from where I grew up; I could feel the town while watching the documentary, even though I have lived in Arizona for the past 25 years. He passed away in 1982 at the age of 53 (just a few years older than I am now). I think all of that and more caused me to just feel connected to him, to his life struggle, emotionally and mentally. I felt like I got him, that in some way I WAS him. I got it.

I realize now after reading many of his stories that most of them are based in the Astral plane. The stories feel to me like he tuned-in to various levels of the Astral plane, primarily lower Astral or middle Astral; where you can get caught up in a tangle of complexity, not be able to reach where you’re trying to go, not be able to see your friend that you’re trying to locate, things like that are typical components of these levels.

You might think to yourself that you’ve never read any of his stories; but you’ve probably seen movies based on them.  Have you seen Total Recall,  Blade Runner, Minority Report, or Paycheck? Those were his stories. Also: A Scanner Darkly, Next, The Adjustment Bureau. Some of these are my all-time favorite movies, and I’ve seen thousands of movies.

I don’t agree with the drugs he used and the lifestyle that he and his friends lived. But I think that was what contributed to the freaky and strange worlds that he envisioned, and wrote about so eloquently.

It makes me wonder how much damage a person does to themselves by taking powerful drugs, especially psychedelics. I believe it blocks them from being able to reach the higher levels of the Astral and higher planes, where happiness and cooperation exist. It saddens me to think that they would have limited themselves so much, cutting themselves off from some of the greatest parts of life that we have in our world. There is enough pain and agony in our physical world – everyone needs some relief, some vacation from this place from time to time.

Philip K Dick was a very good person, but I think he trapped himself in a way he never expected. It hurts me to think about it. I hope that he has an opportunity to return to our world and try it again. Maybe next time he can be fully creative without the use of drugs. What if he had kept writing without drugs? Could he possibly have visited the Mental plane and brought back memories from that level? What kind of stories would he write then? How would the memory of those experiences affect the quality and power of his writing? I wish I could read a PKD science fiction story derived from experiences in the Mental plane. That would be amazing.

Wherever you are, PKD, thank you for your contribution to Humanity. People need to read your stories. I hope they get to stretch their imagination the way I did from reading your various fascinating tales of science fiction.

His wikipedia entry:

One story I read that reminded me so much of the Astral plane is Ubik

Meditation to Calm and Connect You

Meditation can calm your emotions and mind. We need this to give us perspective, and control over these bodies of ours that want to be out of control a lot of the time. Meditation can help you be the captain of the boat and the sea; rather than huddling down at one end of the boat, getting pummeled by waves and rain.

There are many different types of meditation. The best kind is very simple – start with relaxation. Close your eyes and sit relaxed. Take 3 deep breaths. Silence your feelings. Quiet your mind. Go back over your body and see where you’re tensed up; relax that part. Quiet your feelings and mind again. Hold onto that quiet. Keep silencing them if any party of you speaks up, because your parts aren’t used to it yet.

Don’t beat yourself up or accuse yourself, or say “I can’t do it,” because that hurts you. Don’t hurt you. Be nice to you. Instead just calmly and quietly try again. Silence. Physical silence, emotional silence, mental silence.

When you can sit silently, the next step is integration – visualize your body, your emotions, and your mind integrating, combining, with each other, sort of like a camera picture that’s out-of-focus and gently coming into focus. Three becoming one. Hold yourself that way for a while – be one whole self.

Again, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do this right away, it’s harder than it sounds for most of us. It takes lots of practice, and from practice you will be able to do it. It feels good to do this.

Once you can do that, the next step is alignment – connect your one body up to a powerful source of light and love. Imagine your bodies reaching up or rising up to the light, to love – maybe to God, or to Christ, or to Krishna, or Buddha, or any great being that you believe in. If you don’t believe in anything like that, then see yourself reaching up to your Higher Self – the greater You that exists, and is waiting for you, happy to see you coming to visit.

The total time you should start to do this is 5 minutes a day. Not more. After you’ve been doing this regularly for a month or more, you can increase that to 10 minutes a day. After 3-6 months, you can meditate for 15 minutes, if you want, but no more than that per day. Meditation is not about disappearing into infinity, or spending all your time. It’s about silently focusing yourself at regular intervals (daily), and connecting to higher sources of energy that you already have within you – connecting to your higher You.

You don’t have to bring back any messages, hear any voices, or get any special feelings from your meditation. This quietness of all your bodies can help you realize interesting ideas, new things you never thought of before, but that is not the goal here. And, it might just be your mind trying to avoid being silent – just tell it to be quiet for a few minutes. Later you may get excellent new ideas and insights about things interesting to you. If you do, write them down after your meditation.

Some days are a lot harder than others. If you just can’t for whatever reason, don’t worry about it. Try again tomorrow. Don’t let your mind and your feelings trick you into giving up.

Once you’re able to successfully practice this meditation, I recommend seeking a meditation teacher for more instruction. The next step is to meditate on various subjects with your mind, beautiful things like flowers and trees, try to find the purpose behind things in our world; or concepts like beauty, goodness, justice, joy, freedom, sacrifice, service – what do they mean, what are the consequences, what can I do to increase these in my life, how can I help others obtain these things, etc.

This meditation will help you stay focused when visiting the higher worlds when you go to sleep at night, and to have the energy you need to experience things there and bring back the amazing stories of your journeys in the higher worlds, to write in your journal. How amazing will it be to read years worth of interesting dream-experiences and meditation-realizations you’ve had, after a few years go by?

waking up within your dreams

People know about “astral projection”, a name for the ability that some people have to wake up within their dreams so that they can control the dream, and do what they want, change things, see everywhere, control the situation, etc. This is entirely possible, I have done it many many times. You can control your Astral world, every dream you find yourself in. The material that makes up the astral plane is entirely controllable by you, you just have to become conscious on that level, without surprising yourself so much that you wake up physically too when it happens!

The first few (many) times I woke up there and realized I was dreaming, it surprised me so much that I quickly woke up physically. That was a big let-down because I wanted to stay there and play. Eventually I got used to it and could stay in the astral world for a while before gently easing my way back to my physical body.

The trick is to remain calm and just observe. Don’t think about everything, don’t change the subject in your mind, don’t have feelings about it; just observe it. Like you’re a visitor, and you’re just going to see what this place is all about.  You’ve done it when playing computer games, when your character has a role of some sort and lives in a world so different from your own, and so forth. Take an adventurous view and look at everything.

You can learn to do this too.

Sleeping Piano Playing Man

I have a lot of friends on the Higher Mental plane. Sometimes I go there and visit with them when I sleep. I get to explore, do scientific experiments, and learn things about the world around us, and talk to each other about it – show off our findings. Everything is open there. We go our separate ways to visit places we want to visit, and we join back together again at various times to share our findings. Some friends I see more than others.

This one night I had many dreams that I remembered and recorded in my Dream Journal that I keep next to my bed. I have a mechanical pencil stuck in the spiral metal rings holding the journal pages together so I can wake up, rotate my body 90 degrees to sit up on the edge of my bed, grab my journal and start writing before I lose anything. Every moment counts, and not having to use my lower brain to figure out how to write it all down helps even more.

The following is just one snippet of a long night’s experience.

I was walking around the inside of a building where different people were doing different interesting things in different rooms. I walked past a closed door with a big window where I spotted a man sitting at a black grand piano. I opened the door and walked up to him, and he was playing some nice music. It was a song I’ve heard before; I don’t recall what it was now, though.

I continued walking past 2 or 3 more doorways and found my best friend in a room setting up some experiment or something. He is a nice young man in his late 20’s or early 30’s, average stature, blonde hair. He’s a scientifically minded person, someone who thinks the way I do, so we share notes and do experiments together, learn things from each other and have a lot of fun doing so. He’s one of my buds on the Higher Mental plane. (Awake now in the Physical world, I can tell you that I’ve never seen this person before in my physical worldly life. But I’ve seen him many times over the years in these sort of dream experiences).

When he saw me my friend said, “did you see the man playing the piano?” we zoomed back to stand outside the doorway, looking at the man playing the piano. He was sitting at the piano but not playing anything at the moment. “I heard him playing earlier,” I said, “he’s really good.” My friend replied, “well, watch this.”

My friend opened the door and we went inside. The man was just sitting facing the piano (away from us), poised to play, but not moving; not playing. We zoom up to his side. When he spotted us standing there out of the corner of his eye, he immediately started playing the piano, playing a song right in the middle, the same song, just like I heard him playing before. “He does that every time,” my friend said. I hadn’t realized it before, but I think he was right. This is very strange.

We zoom out of the room through the doorway and close the door. We talk about the man briefly, considering many possibilities of what’s going on with him, pondering how we can help him. We could hear that he stopped playing again. We go back inside and stand next to him again. Same thing happens again – he realizes we’re standing there, and starts playing the same song again, from the same exact spot as before, right in the middle of the song! My friend leans over and shouts in the man’s ear, trying to help him, to tell him what’s going on – he doesn’t have to play the piano any more, he’s not back at home like he thinks he is, nobody is expecting him to play now, nobody will be mad at him if he stops playing, he can really do anything he wants to now, he’s free, etc. But it doesn’t help. The man keeps facing forward, concentrating on playing his song.

I feel so bad for this man, whoever he is. I wonder what kind of trauma he went through to end up like this. Some people don’t realize they’ve passed away from the Physical plane and wind up in strange situations like this. Could that be what happened to this man? I have no idea. And I don’t know how to help him.

Eventually I get tired of waiting for my friend and not knowing how I can help; so I leave to find something else to see. If anyone can get thru to the man, it’s my friend.

I hope my friend figures out what to say to wake up the piano playing man.

Elderly Couple In the Park

I dreamed that I was visiting a nice park with grass, trees, and a nice walkway with a park bench near it. It was a beautiful sunny day.

On the bench sat an older woman, just sitting there looking forward. Her husband, who passed away, still loves her very much and enjoys being near her when she visits the park. However, his favorite thing in the world to do is going swimming. He loves the cool water of a large swimming pool, he loves swimming laps and getting good exercise, and moving through the water. So, as he’s in the Astral plane now, where anything can be created by your own mind, the couple gets to do both things at the same time – he is swimming in the water in the Astral plane facing her as she sits on her park bench, in the park, in the Physical plane. No matter how hard he swims as he plows through the clear blue splashing water, he never gets closer or further from her – he remains about 2 or 3 feet in front of her, his head level with hers. Because he loves seeing her and being with her. And she sits there quietly, knowing that he is close by, not seeing him so much as feeling him and enjoying his company, as he enjoys her company.

I caught a glimpse of the activity, the togetherness, of this whole beautiful moment, and I just realized right then that love really can span worlds.

Well – I just had to tell someone.  Earlier that night in an earlier dream-experience, I was on the Higher Mental plane with a friend of mine. We were trying to wake up a man who was playing a piano, sort of; he was kind of hypnotized and didn’t know where he really was. I’ll tell that story another time.

The above event with the elderly couple being together despite living on different planes of existence was so moving to me, and was such a perfect example of cross-world communication that I wanted to tell my friend. So I shifted myself up to the Mental level and zoomed over to where he was (just by thinking about him). I shared with him this amazing experience I just had, in an excited tone of voice and energy. My friend responded with a cold shoulder and a look of boredom. He didn’t want to hear about the Astral plane, and worse still, the Physical. Everyone knows that the real world is the Mental plane where we are right now, that’s where all the good stuff is – the real science, the real fun, good people, joyfulness, plenty instead of insufficiency, and so forth. Why was I even bothering him with this crap? He didn’t want to hear about it.

I felt so let down. My good friend who I talk about science with all the time, didn’t want to hear about my discovery. It was kind of snobbish of him, but understandable since he never goes any lower down than the Mental plane. He just doesn’t need to. His life is here on the Mental level, and that suits him just fine. I get it – that’s all he wants. I shouldn’t push him to appreciate something he doesn’t want to. But this was so cool!  Who am I going to share it with?

This has happened many times in the past, I remember – as soon as I launch into a description of something Astral or Physical that was really interesting to me, my friend on the Mental level stops me 1-second into my description. Sometimes I’m so excited, I can’t stop describing it; and he goes elsewhere instantly, leaving me explaining this interesting thing to the wind. To nothing. Just talking in space, talking, explaining, describing, gesturing, emoting; with nobody to see or hear me. It’s OK with me – maybe the wind needed to hear it.  Maybe I needed to hear it. I love the things I love, and sometimes describing things is what I love too; so I won’t stop until the story is told.

A few minutes later my story is done, followed by silence and stillness – and then off I go to find the next interesting thing I can in whatever worlds I feel like visiting next.


Moving Between Astral and Mental Planes

I am not exactly sure how I move between Astral and Mental levels, most of the time it just happens on its own. But I know the times I forced it, some experiences I had doing that.

One night I decided that I wanted to skip past the Astral plane quickly. When I arrived in the Astral plane I was in a scenario that was outdoors, in a neighborhood with houses and front yards with grass, mailboxes, etc., on a nice sunny comfortable day. I could hear kids nearby playing, someone was washing their car, small background sounds like that. I ignored all of these things that I saw and heard, and just started walking in a straight line, diagonally across the yard I was standing in, not in any particular direction. My lower mind said, “I’m going towards the street, I have to look for cars approaching from the left and right; why aren’t I looking? Now I’m walking across the street! Oh good, no cars came down the street. Now I’m crossing the yard on the other side of the street. If I keep walking in a straight line, won’t I bump into the wall of this house? Should I look where I’m going?” But I ignored all that and walked on with focused intention – and suddenly – pop! – I was on the mental plane. I felt great relief and success that I found a way to get there intentionally!

Another time I sat down in a meditation position, focused my mind in the center of my head just as you do with meditation on the physical plane – and pop! – I was on the mental plane.

This led me to realize – some of the things we do on the physical plane have seriously huge impact on the higher levels. The act of meditation in our physical world, when performed regularly and continuously, helps you on many levels not just the physical plane.

Meditating is not only helping you in our “real” world.  It helps you on higher levels, too.

To get back down to the astral level from the mental level, it’s a kind of “letting go” feeling – nothing visually changes, instead a copy of all that I can see around me is duplicated by the infinitely pliable matter of the astral plane – but now everything is an astral construction, not the real thing, so for example if my friend was talking to me, now he is still talking, but strangely, his words aren’t making sense anymore. Or he is telling me something I already knew. Things usually degrade at this point, until I wake up a few minutes later back in our physical world.

These are just some of my experiences. Your experiences may vary. I’d be interested to hear if you’ve experienced anything like this before.

Warriors of Light

Some people are warriors on the higher levels, even when they are just a shadow in this physical world. Usually there are signs about them that helps you realize who they really are, if you are open to looking and listening beyond the obvious. Most people are not able to do that, they like to judge people by the most obvious external qualifications. Have you seen one of these warriors in your life?

Warriors on the higher levels do not have to be warriors on the physical plane. They don’t have to be rich, or even middle-class. They may have a steady job, or they may not. They may be chronically sick or mostly healthy. There is no single obvious thing indicating who they are in our physical world. They often have very strong energy about them, confidence in the things they like to talk about and do, and an overwhelming sense of fairness and right-action, expecting it from themselves and all of the people around them. This world is extra difficult for them sometimes because of the dirt and corruption that is so prevalent all around us today.

To the degree that we manage to clean up the dirt and corruption here on Earth, to that degree we will be enlightening the load on the warriors who move among us, enabling them to fight for all who need their help on many levels.

What do warriors do on the higher levels? One thing they do is defend the weak and innocent, and protect them from bad forces. Some can stop people from committing suicide (in our physical world) by visiting them on the astral level to help them. I’ve been told that there often are two evil entities connected to the person considering suicide, whispering terrible things in their ear, nonstop. The warrior speaks to the evil entities and says, “if you don’t leave immediately, I will kill you!”  And he means it. The warrior is trained for battle on this plane of existence and could win such a small battle easily, every time. The entities realize this and usually flee immediately. Once in a while an entity tries to fight back and is destroyed immediately.

Warriors sometimes protect and guide animals in the physical world to defend them from unfair and unjust harm at the hands of heartless and harmful human beings.

Warriors help root out corruption on the physical plane, invoking natural disasters at the critical moment to destroy dangerous facilities that are harming humanity with their evil practices. They actually have ways of acting on the astral and mental planes in some way that invokes a reaction here on the physical plane. I don’t understand how that’s possible, I wish I understood how it works. Somebody needs to study this scientifically so we can all learn more about it.

Invisible Helpers are a variation on these warriors in our society. Invisible Helpers can help on physical, astral and mental planes.  There’s  fascinating Kindle book on Amazon that tells more about their work:

INVISIBLE HELPERS (Timeless Wisdom Collection Book 447)

Being Conscious on Higher Planes

When I am conscious on higher planes, like the Higher Mental level, it’s funny because there’s the “lower” me (my lower mind) which is where my consciousness lives currently. I find myself trying to figure out this new world that I suddenly woke up in, the Higher Mental world; usually right in the middle of some kind of activity. I get the feeling that my higher self has been talking and interacting, and the people are talking to me at my higher-self level, so my lower self hears this and wonders what they’re talking about.

You know, if you join a conversation in the middle (at a party for example), you listen to the next few sentences that people speak, and try to decipher what the conversation is about. Sometimes you can tell, sometimes you can’t. It’s not so bad when the two people conversing are both separate from you, two of your friends talking together; and you walk up, and try to join in.  They both clearly see that you weren’t here a minute ago, so they understand you might have missed some key information related to the conversation. But what if that conversation was between somebody else and YOU, a different “you” than the one which just “woke up” on this interesting level? You have to respond sometimes to what the other person’s saying; what do you say in return that won’t sound dumb? What do you say that won’t give away your “infiltration of the higher worlds” so to speak? It’s a funny situation I’ve found myself in many times over many years.

When this happens to me on the Higher Mental plane, sometimes I go ahead and ask a question that my lower mind is wondering – because if they would just answer that question, my lower-self would learn something, and I’d be one step closer to understanding the conversation.  But when I do this, usually I just get a puzzled look, because what I just said was not something they expected from me, it’s not something my higher self would say, which they were just talking to a moment ago!

I feel like a spy sometimes, when I’m there – I know I’m in a high-level place, where only higher-mental plane beings live and interact; and I’m from “way down there” (the physical plane). One time when this happened, I negotiated a few conversational phrases with a friend and we were walking into another room of a fascinating large home I’ve never seen before. I decided to confide in my friend that I was “also awake on the physical plane!” I mentioned that actually I was physically asleep, but my waking consciousness was awake on this higher mental plane. My friend had a look of shock and doubtfulness on his face when I said it! I think he couldn’t think of anything to say in response. It kind of made me laugh … and regret saying it.

Other times I just stay silent, watching and listening. Those are the times that I learn the most. Usually I don’t figure it all out at once; I have to wake up, think about what I’ve seen and heard, and I figure out things about it later on (weeks later, or sometimes years later).

I wonder about my higher self, who must have been participating in that conversation which I interrupted; he doesn’t mind me being there? Usually this happens at the tail end of my dream experience, when it’s nearly time to wake up; I have a few minutes of consciousness on the higher levels before I drift back downwards, pulled back to my physical body, back into our physical world, gently, and eventually wake up in my bed.

My higher self generally stays quiet when I’m there; rarely do I hear my higher-me speak. When he does, it’s my own voice, more pure sounding than my normal voice in our earthly world. I would call it the “perfect version” of my voice, if I could speak perfectly, full sound, proper pitch, intensity, feeling, intention, confidence, no ill feelings, etc. My higher self watches me being awake, exploring, trying to understand, learning more and more over time. I think my higher self is happy to see me waking up like this. Maybe someday I will be awake on all of these levels at all times, just like the greatest people throughout history. I feel pretty far away from that stage right now, though.


Different Types of Sleeping

There are different types of people in our world, and they experience sleep differently.

Some people, when they sleep, are just out like a light – no mental or emotional activity; no traveling to distant worlds. And that’s OK. That is a natural way to sleep that matches the level of development that they are at.

Some people float away from their body a small distance, but are still out like a light – no conscious activity. The next day they wake up refreshed, ready for a new day.

Some people are able to leave their physical body and take off with their Astral body – visit the Astral plane when they sleep. Maybe not every night, but many nights.  More and more, with practice.

Still other people are able to depart from their Physical and Astral bodies, and travel to the Mental plane with their Mental body. Upon returning, it can feel like “waking up” to travel back to the Astral plane – and “waking up again” to actually wake up in the physical body.

Still other people can go one level further and visit the Intuitional plane with their Intuitional (or Buddhic) body. Perhaps only .01% of the population on the physical plane can do this.

Regardless of which of these things you’re able to do, you may or may not remember it when you return to Physical consciousness. Even if you travel all over, most nights, you may or may not remember it when you awake. It’s not simple to bring back the memories and sounds and thoughts and feelings of the other worlds. Rather than saying, “I haven’t ever been there,” it would be more accurate to say, “I can’t recall ever being there.”

When you first visit a new level you’ve never been to before, it’s like being born anew. It’s a strange world, you don’t know the rules yet, and don’t have full command of your faculties yet. You can open your eyes, and look around, and see things going on – great, fun, mysterious things, happy things. Just by practicing doing things in this new world you naturally grow and learn and become more and more capable. And through practice you are able to visit more often, have more energy to do things while you’re there, and stay longer each time.

After visiting other worlds thousands of times, you become completely used to the rules of those worlds – the rules seem strange only when we’re on the physical plane. Rules that are completely natural in those other lands. When you eventually start remembering your experiences there, a plain ordinary experience on a higher level might seem mind-blowingly unbelievably awesome to our regular world.

Someday you will master your physical body in our Physical world.  Someday you will master your emotions, and your Astral body in the Astral world. Someday you will master your mind, and your Mental body on the Mental level.

And then — I can only imagine what amazing things will be in store for you after that.