Month: April 2015

Evaluating Your Own Motives

As you become more sensitive to the higher worlds and inner forces within you, you will start striving to do work that is not motivated by your lower bodies, not self-serving, not thought up by your lower mind. Your best work is influenced by your higher self. But down here on the physical plane it’s not always easy to distinguish between lower and higher motives, plans, and ideas.

Here is one trick that I use sometimes. I have a big framed picture of a Great One on my wall in the room where I meditate. I stand just in front of the picture maybe 2 feet away, looking at it, and formulate the thoughts of what my plan or decision is and say it out loud (or say it in my mind). And I try to be aware of the feeling, of the reaction, that I feel from saying it. Sometimes I feel that the picture is “frowning” at me, rather than smiling.  Of course the picture is not changing, just my perception of it; it’s very subtle.

You know when you say something to your friend that they disagree with, that uncomfortable conflicted feeling that comes between you? I feel a subtle version of that feeling when I do this if my plan is not in line with nature, with my higher self. I can sense if it is the wrong decision or the right one. I can usually tell if it is good and helpful, if it will end up being harmful, or if it’s just neutral and pointless. Sometimes I take the action anyway regardless; then observe the outcome and see how it matches up with what I intuited from this exercise.

Start with a physical picture of a Great One who means something to you.  Eventually the picture will live inside of you, and you can hold any plan in your mind and sense the rightness/wrongness of it. It’s a very subtle feeling though; all of our strong feelings cover up these internal feelings, making it hard to know what the right thing is to do. But you do have this mechanism of question & answer inside of you right now!  It’s just a matter of becoming sensitive to it by not overwhelming it with ordinary feelings and thoughts that cover it up and override it.

In this way you can do the highest work in our world, driven by your inner purpose, for the good of all, if that’s what you’re interested in doing.

If someone is talking or shouting incessantly in your room, you can’t hear the beautiful music that is playing.  Stop the shouting and talking.