waking up

The Truth About Sleeping

Actually, I want to share … a secret with you.

Sleep isn’t what you think.

We say that when you “go to sleep” you have “dreams” (the Astral plane); then you “wake up” back in our physical world. But is that really the right way to think about it?

We know that the Astral plane is a higher, more subtle level than the Physical plane; and the Mental plane is higher still.

The truth is, going downwards to the Physical plane is the real falling asleep! Rising up to the Astral, Mental or higher levels is the real waking up.

Who would have thought that this “real world” we live in, which feels soooo real and soooo scary sometimes, is actually closer to sleeping? I think this is why movies like The Matrix and Inception strike such a chord in us.

Sleeping, awakening; I guess our language has it backwards today.