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Sensing the Etheric Plane

The Etheric Plane is not really a plane of its own, it’s really part of our Physical world. It’s just refined matter, more subtle than the normal types of matter we think about today.

Science has discovered solid, liquid, and gaseous states of matter.  But they haven’t yet discovered the other 4/7ths of matter that is described in numerous books written 50 to 100 years ago!  Super-subtle types of matter that are truly matter, important parts of our world; just not easy for us to sense, and haven’t been largely understood yet by our scientists.

Doesn’t it irritate you to realize that we don’t even know about over HALF of the types of matter in the world where we live?  It irritates me, that’s for sure.  I want us to be able to measure this stuff, to prove it exists, to utilize it for Humanity’s benefit.

In case you’re feeling doubtful, I have to say – you have already seen the effects of these etheric types of matter, and chances are you regularly use them every day.  Do you have magnets on your refrigerator?  Magnetism is an etheric effect. Do you use radio or TV, or WiFi for Internet access?  Those use radio waves, and radio waves are etheric effects.  Radio waves are nothing more than the wiggling of matter – what matter? It must be a very subtle matter; not solid, not liquid, not gas; but something even more subtle than those – probably 4th etheric level matter. What the heck is 4th etheric level matter?  Well, the levels are arranged like this, according to many writings I’ve read:

Ether 1 – most subtle matter in our world today

Ether 2 – subtle matter, less than Ether 1 matter

Ether 3 – not quite as subtle as Ether 2, but more subtle than Ether 4

Ether 4 – less subtle still, but more subtle than gas

Gas – gaseous state of matter

Liquid – liquid state of matter

Solid – solid state of matter

Apparently, this is our entire physical plane. There are other planes, which you can visit when you go to sleep at night; but that’s not what we’re talking about right now.  Let’s stay focused on the lowest level, the Physical plane, and talk about the 7 subplanes of this physical level – those 7 things I listed above.


I’m pretty sure that when scientists discover these etheric levels of matter, some interesting things will happen:

  • Dark Matter will be explained, measured, understood.  Dark matter is just Etheric matter, which is not detectable by standard astronomic equipment unless massed in VAST QUANTITIES; causing the scientists to say “most of the universe is Dark Matter.” Oh my gosh! Really?  Could it be roughly 4/7ths of the universe?  We are missing something vital – equipment that can measure etheric matter. Science is far from “done” if it can’t measure more than half of the matter of our universe. Let’s get on this, people.
  • The “unknown planet” will be discovered to be an etheric planet.  Astronomers have already observed, they’ve even measured, wobbles in the path of the planets in our own solar system; right here, close by the Earth, that they cannot explain.  How can that be?  With the advancement of computers and sophisticated instrumentation that we have today, they should be able to predict the EXACT position of EVERY planet in our solar system, down to the centimeter.  But they can’t. There’s a fudge-factor. There’s something else going on. There is a percentage of error that they cannot explain.  I am sure this is due to Etheric matter, and probably even Etheric planet(s).  Unbelievably, some books from the ancient past talk about an “invisible planet named Vulcan,” which is (by the way) where Star Trek writers apparently stole their planet Vulcan from, the place where the character Spock was supposedly from.  I guess art imitates life, doesn’t it.
  • Glands in the human body that “don’t do anything” will be discovered to contain subtle Etheric matter, particularly in the “open spaces” they contain. It will be discovered that they help us heal, and connect to different levels in different ways. Those glands are not “disposable” and “useless”, science just hasn’t figured out what they do yet. As is usually the case.  When they realize this, they’ll stop using drugs on people that damage those glands, or remove them entirely through surgery. They’re realize they have a purpose which we didn’t previously understand. You know, science never seems to learn. Science should know by now that the thing they can’t explain is probably just something they haven’t discovered yet.  You’d think they would figure this out by now!  But giant egos get in the way, which cause ignorant limitations and retardation of scientific discovery and understanding.

Think about this, now: you have to pump power, voltage times current, into a radio antenna to send a signal. When you do, you can “receive” the signal at some distance, and the amount of dissipation of that signal strength is easy to calculate over that distance.  It’s the same every time.  What is that physical matter that’s being wiggled, that took that amount of power to do that?  It’s not a solid. It’s not a liquid. It’s not a gas.  Those 3 guys are still sitting all around us, not helping with the radio transmission at all. No, your radio transmitter was wiggling some etheric matter of some sort. How do we measure what level of etheric matter is being wiggled by these “radio waves”? Maybe there’s a way we can calculate what etheric level it is, somehow.

Let’s do a comparison: how much more subtle is gas than liquid? Liquid than solid matter?  If we could figure out the pattern, we could project or predict it. Maybe it’s an exponential scale. Well if we consider how quickly each thing balances itself when disturbed, if we can only figure out a mathematical pattern, we could maybe predict how etheric levels of matter would work.

Solid – when disturbed, never re-balances itself (or maybe it does, over thousands of years?)

Liquid – when disturbed, it fairly quickly re-balances to a flat level, with all the liquid at the gravitational “bottom” of the container, and the surface trying to find its equilibrium.

Gas – when disturbed, it super-quickly re-balances itself over the whole container regardless of gravity, in fact we call it pressure within the container because of how quickly it evens out, so it equally distributes itself throughout the container and isn’t affected by gravity very much in small amounts (less than earth-sized amounts).

Ether level 4 – ?  Radio waves, which move at the speed of light?  We’ve measured them moving that fast.

Ether level 3..1 – we have no idea yet.

There are some things that are easier to observe in larger quantities. For example, if you watch a model rocket (1-2 feet long) flying, it’s so fast, you can’t really even see it; it’s a streak that’s instantly at full altitude in 2-3 seconds, and then parachutes down to the ground (if you’re lucky!).  But that’s model rocketry. Real NASA-sized rockets, which are solid matter flying through the gas of our air, just like a model rocket, behave much slower, don’t they – you can see them slowly lifting off the launch pad, even though they’re probably going as fast as the model rocket, they’re so large, that at their scale it looks slow. They accelerate…slowly…until eventually they are in outer space, much further than any model rocket ever goes. It’s interesting, that difference in scale has a powerful affect on timing and behavior of rockets.  Our air, which is always the same density everywhere, is relatively more dense for the huge NASA rocket – it acts almost like a liquid, for that giant skyscraper-sized rocket to pass through. Not true for the tiny model rocket.  A model rocket also has to have giant fins, compared to the minuscule fins of the NASA rocket, relative to its whole size. I find that very interesting.

That tells me that gaseous matter can behave like a liquid when measured or observed in very large quantities.

So… I bet etheric matter can behave like gaseous matter, in very large quantities!

I believe that is why Astronomers are able to detect dark matter at long distance, in vast quantities; it’s behaving more like gas, or even liquid, at such as distance and scale; something we understand, something we can measure.

Our world is so interesting.