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As Above, So Below

There is a principal you’ve probably heard about, but you may not have realized the depth of the saying:

As Above, So Below

I’m quickly realizing the weight of this message.

The things we do on the physical plane can have large impact on the abilities we will have in the higher worlds, the places we can go, the people we can meet, and the things we can do there.

Creating a Foundation for the Higher Worlds

For example, if you have absolutely no experience with science, let’s say, on the physical plane, then you can’t really be involved in the more advanced levels of science in the higher worlds; because you have no basic knowledge, no foundation to build from. Even the littlest learning you do on the physical plane is useful, even if you never “put it to use” on the physical plane. This is why reading books and learning new things is so important, even if you never “need them for real” on the physical plane.  It can be really fun to learn new things, see new people, visit new places, and learn more and more about the world we live in. Not everything we do has to have a preplanned purpose or goal to accomplish.

One time, after I had just read and absorbed the HTML web formatting language from a document when the Internet was still fairly new, I was so excited about it.  That night I experienced a dream where I was late to “class”, on the Higher Mental plane. The teacher spoke strongly to me, as the last student to enter the room when he was already speaking, he said “you are late and disturbing the class.  What are you going to do to make up for this?” And with no fear whatsoever I replied, “I will teach the class HTML,” with the implication that it is something from the physical plane.  Everyone in the class made sounds of happiness and excitement at the thought of learning HTML from me, because they had heard of it, but did not know anything about it yet. The teacher seemed to accept that answer, and I knew I had to teach a class now in the upcoming nights, which was going to be work I didn’t expect to have to do.  But I love teaching.   I don’t have any memory of teaching HTML up there.  I hope I did a good job.

Writing down dreams in the Astral plane

When I wake up in the middle of the night, I write down my dreams in a journal.  Doing this for so many years has had an interesting side-effect I never expected:  Sometimes when I wake up, I think, “hey I was just writing my dream down – but THAT was a dream too!”

After thinking about this for a while, I realized that what I experienced was:

  1. I had an interesting experience

  2. I woke up from that experience, grabbed my journal, and wrote it down by reciting it step-by-step in my mind

  3. Then I woke up FOR REAL, and realized “dang! I was dreaming that whole time!”

Wait a minute, I’m certain that I woke up in step 2 — but then I woke up AGAIN in step 3?  Two waking ups…

This is how I know I experienced the original experience on the Higher Mental plane.  In step 2 I woke up from the Higher Mental plane down to a lower plane called the Astral plane.  Then in step 3 I woke up from the Astral plane (the normal one that people “dream” in), to the Physical plane, right here, where we normally eat and breathe and live.

So — my physical-plane practice of writing down my dreams had a memorable affect on the higher worlds!  Now when I’m in the Astral plane, I write my dreams there, too; that’s very interesting.

The true benefit of this is:  It might be too difficult to bring back a specific memory from the Higher Mental plane all the way to the Physical plane. But I found an intermediate step somehow – I write it in the Astral plane, recalling every part of it, so that when I wake up physically, I got it!  I remember it clearly.

This is the multidimensional version of repeating a phone number in your head over and over, until you can find your phone and dial the number.  (I guess that doesn’t happen so much anymore, thanks to mobile phones; but in the old “land line” wired telephone days, that was a thing.)

Sometimes I lose a little going from Mental to Astral, and again more things from Astral to Physical. There just are some concepts that don’t translate down to lower levels, sometimes. But a surprising amount makes it through. I think with proper purification (physically, emotionally, mentally) and more practice I will be able to retain more information, and lose less of it on the return trip.