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Wrote it Down in the Wrong Place

I dreamed the other night that I wanted to remember something from my recent dream-experience when I woke up, because I wanted to do a Google search for it, so I sat up and wrote a few words in my notebook.

Except, I had only “woken up” to the astral plane at that point, I wrote it down there – so when I actually woke up physically, a few minutes later, I was still lying in bed, I hadn’t written anything down at all in our world!

This time I couldn’t remember enough of it to write it down for real, so I couldn’t actually Google it.  I was annoyed.  🙂



Elderly Couple In the Park

I dreamed that I was visiting a nice park with grass, trees, and a nice walkway with a park bench near it. It was a beautiful sunny day.

On the bench sat an older woman, just sitting there looking forward. Her husband, who passed away, still loves her very much and enjoys being near her when she visits the park. However, his favorite thing in the world to do is going swimming. He loves the cool water of a large swimming pool, he loves swimming laps and getting good exercise, and moving through the water. So, as he’s in the Astral plane now, where anything can be created by your own mind, the couple gets to do both things at the same time – he is swimming in the water in the Astral plane facing her as she sits on her park bench, in the park, in the Physical plane. No matter how hard he swims as he plows through the clear blue splashing water, he never gets closer or further from her – he remains about 2 or 3 feet in front of her, his head level with hers. Because he loves seeing her and being with her. And she sits there quietly, knowing that he is close by, not seeing him so much as feeling him and enjoying his company, as he enjoys her company.

I caught a glimpse of the activity, the togetherness, of this whole beautiful moment, and I just realized right then that love really can span worlds.

Well – I just had to tell someone.  Earlier that night in an earlier dream-experience, I was on the Higher Mental plane with a friend of mine. We were trying to wake up a man who was playing a piano, sort of; he was kind of hypnotized and didn’t know where he really was. I’ll tell that story another time.

The above event with the elderly couple being together despite living on different planes of existence was so moving to me, and was such a perfect example of cross-world communication that I wanted to tell my friend. So I shifted myself up to the Mental level and zoomed over to where he was (just by thinking about him). I shared with him this amazing experience I just had, in an excited tone of voice and energy. My friend responded with a cold shoulder and a look of boredom. He didn’t want to hear about the Astral plane, and worse still, the Physical. Everyone knows that the real world is the Mental plane where we are right now, that’s where all the good stuff is – the real science, the real fun, good people, joyfulness, plenty instead of insufficiency, and so forth. Why was I even bothering him with this crap? He didn’t want to hear about it.

I felt so let down. My good friend who I talk about science with all the time, didn’t want to hear about my discovery. It was kind of snobbish of him, but understandable since he never goes any lower down than the Mental plane. He just doesn’t need to. His life is here on the Mental level, and that suits him just fine. I get it – that’s all he wants. I shouldn’t push him to appreciate something he doesn’t want to. But this was so cool!  Who am I going to share it with?

This has happened many times in the past, I remember – as soon as I launch into a description of something Astral or Physical that was really interesting to me, my friend on the Mental level stops me 1-second into my description. Sometimes I’m so excited, I can’t stop describing it; and he goes elsewhere instantly, leaving me explaining this interesting thing to the wind. To nothing. Just talking in space, talking, explaining, describing, gesturing, emoting; with nobody to see or hear me. It’s OK with me – maybe the wind needed to hear it.  Maybe I needed to hear it. I love the things I love, and sometimes describing things is what I love too; so I won’t stop until the story is told.

A few minutes later my story is done, followed by silence and stillness – and then off I go to find the next interesting thing I can in whatever worlds I feel like visiting next.


Different Types of Sleeping

There are different types of people in our world, and they experience sleep differently.

Some people, when they sleep, are just out like a light – no mental or emotional activity; no traveling to distant worlds. And that’s OK. That is a natural way to sleep that matches the level of development that they are at.

Some people float away from their body a small distance, but are still out like a light – no conscious activity. The next day they wake up refreshed, ready for a new day.

Some people are able to leave their physical body and take off with their Astral body – visit the Astral plane when they sleep. Maybe not every night, but many nights.  More and more, with practice.

Still other people are able to depart from their Physical and Astral bodies, and travel to the Mental plane with their Mental body. Upon returning, it can feel like “waking up” to travel back to the Astral plane – and “waking up again” to actually wake up in the physical body.

Still other people can go one level further and visit the Intuitional plane with their Intuitional (or Buddhic) body. Perhaps only .01% of the population on the physical plane can do this.

Regardless of which of these things you’re able to do, you may or may not remember it when you return to Physical consciousness. Even if you travel all over, most nights, you may or may not remember it when you awake. It’s not simple to bring back the memories and sounds and thoughts and feelings of the other worlds. Rather than saying, “I haven’t ever been there,” it would be more accurate to say, “I can’t recall ever being there.”

When you first visit a new level you’ve never been to before, it’s like being born anew. It’s a strange world, you don’t know the rules yet, and don’t have full command of your faculties yet. You can open your eyes, and look around, and see things going on – great, fun, mysterious things, happy things. Just by practicing doing things in this new world you naturally grow and learn and become more and more capable. And through practice you are able to visit more often, have more energy to do things while you’re there, and stay longer each time.

After visiting other worlds thousands of times, you become completely used to the rules of those worlds – the rules seem strange only when we’re on the physical plane. Rules that are completely natural in those other lands. When you eventually start remembering your experiences there, a plain ordinary experience on a higher level might seem mind-blowingly unbelievably awesome to our regular world.

Someday you will master your physical body in our Physical world.  Someday you will master your emotions, and your Astral body in the Astral world. Someday you will master your mind, and your Mental body on the Mental level.

And then — I can only imagine what amazing things will be in store for you after that.

Dream: White Stone Sanctuary

[Higher Mental plane]

The other night (early April 2014) I had a very strange dream. I visited a very remote sanctuary and prayer place with my wife. It was very peaceful, and high up in the mountains, away from all cities and towns. No streets, no lights, just nature. As soon as we arrived I knew what to do.

I picked up one beautifully carved head-of-buddha made out of white milky stone that was lying nearby, and held it in both hands. The coloring was like white marble with a few other faint colors mixed in. I lifted it into the air, above my head; it was heavy.

Now for the difficult part: I had to climb up and over the white stone threshold of slippery white carved marble that curves gently upwards to an upper lip that I need to reach, about 8 or 10 feet off the floor. I couldn’t just walk or crawl slowly, I would slip back down awkwardly, long before reaching the top. No, the trick was to get a running start, so you could make it up the side using momentum. Since I can’t use my hands (holding the stone carving high above my head), it was harder than I expected. But I made it up and over the large curving part on the first try, with a confidence like I’d done this before. I don’t remember ever doing this before.

My wife scrambled up somehow on her own to join me moments later. It was easier for her since she could use her hands and feet. So now we’re both upstairs, like in a loft area, open on all sides, with a roof overhead. In the center of the room is a square stone area for a fire, like a fire pit, but pretty large. The stone head in my hands was now vibrating a funny vibration energy that I can’t really describe; it was excited, almost singing a musical note. The closer I moved towards the stone fire pit, the more energetically it vibrated, shaking almost violently!

There was no fire in the fire pit that I saw or felt.

[Mid Astral plane]

My wife took the stone head from me and moved it really REALLY close to the fire pit, which I had been hesitant to do – and the stone head shattered into many pieces.

Meanwhile 2 or 3 other people somehow were suddenly standing nearby watching us. One man nearby (a doctor) suggested I do something that I don’t recall (but it made sense to me at the time). I took the broken pieces of the stone head that broke apart, and carried them to a place where I was was able to reassemble them, I believe.

This is when I woke up.

When things start to fall apart, it usually means that I’m drifting downwards, out of the Mental plane into the the Astral, heading back to my body.

When dropping down from the Mental plane to the Mid Astral plane, very often an exact copy of everything you see around you is created – so there isn’t much of a transition, everything around you looks the same – it can be really hard to know that you’re now on the Astral plane instead of Mental. The way you know it’s Astral is that the behavior of everything becomes Astral – more people show up, people will interfere with you, argue with you, act dumber, baser, the sort of things that your subconscious normally grapples with in ordinary dream-world. People wait to react to what you say and do, rather than thinking on their own. They don’t surprise you, they act in the annoying ways you expected them to, nothing more. Nothing unexpected. That’s the middle Astral plane.

How I Wake Up

This is an example of how I wake up. First, my normal lower consciousness awakes on whatever plane I’m visiting, and I see what’s going on; I’m usually right in the middle of something. I can hang out there for a few minutes. Then I’m pulled down a level, and can hang out there for a few more minutes. Then I’m pulled lower still, etc., until I wake up, lying in bed in our physical world.

If it’s the middle of the night, I’m often still connected and if I relax enough I can still hear and see on the higher level while wide awake, sort of; if the logic part of my brain wakes up enough, though, it blocks the connection and I can’t see or hear anything. If I can relax enough again right after that, sometimes I can get it back; sometimes not.  But if I fall asleep again within a few minutes of waking up, I can sometimes return to where I left off. Other times I go to a new place, new people, new things to visit and experience and do.


Dream: Movies and Classrooms

A few weeks ago I had a dream that was pretty interesting. It fluctuated between the Astral and Mental levels, I will indicate which is which.  This was the second night in a row where I was in the same classroom, same students and teacher, for the classroom part below.

[Higher Astral plane]

I was going to a theater with my friends to see a movie on the big screen. I was looking forward to it while driving a car that’s towing a trailer up an incline road to the theater parking lot.[1] At the top there is only a turnaround dead-end; we parked there and got out of the car. I could see two puzzle-questions hovering nearby for one movie in front of me, and there’s 2 different puzzle-questions related to the movie we’re here to see, in the distance. Instead of ignoring them I chose to “get” all of them right now before the movie starts, because they are always fun to play with for a minute or two. To do that I actually have to go over to the vicinity of the spot where the puzzle creator connected the question, sort of like a big glowing floating-diamond “save point” in some computer games, just not nearly as distracting. Or, like a kind of GPS vicinity-triggering game of some kind in a heads-up VR display – except you don’t have any special equipment, it’s just part of the normal world all around us on this level.

One question for the second movie said, “what is the exact spot that actor _________ stood in this very parking lot during the opening ceremony of this movie on the first day it opened?” That question had the closest location to where we had parked.

By standing on that spot, you could play the equivalent of a Youtube video that showed the opening ceremony and actors and actresses, in case you were not there during the real ceremony; something that a fan of the movie or a movie-buff would like to see if they missed it. My friends had gotten out of the car and were milling around a bit.

I’ve seen this type of trigger-causes-a-short-video kind of puzzle-question before on the Astral plane. I walked a dozen steps over to the right spot and … nothing happened. That surprised me. Something was supposed to happen! I was in the right spot; but it was broken. It should have triggered an acknowledgement of some sort to give me credit for finding it, but, nope. [2]

I don’t remember, in waking consciousness, what the other question was. I may have just skipped it when I saw the first one wasn’t working.

My friends and I go into the theater room with the huge screen, and the movie begins. It has nice music as it starts unfolding.[3]

[Mental plane]

I was suddenly in a large white classroom with other kids. The teacher is teaching on one wall of the room, all the kids are facing that direction. I see the lecture and notes on the wall, and it all looks and sounds familiar. I have done this before, I am here again I think because I didn’t do my homework last time. The music of the movie from the above Astral dream is still playing; I exist in both realms at once, and can jump back and forth whenever I want to. Everyone in the classroom can hear the music playing! It’s coming from the back of the room, sort of my portal/connection down to the Astral level from here. I pause the movie using some kind of remote control from where I’m standing near the front of the classroom, because it sounds a little disturbing.

The teacher asks me, “did you get it right?” meaning: here is the solution to the problem, when you did this problem as homework, did you get the right answer as shown here?

I quickly respond, “well I must have, I’m here, aren’t I?” with my big ego and an artificially boisterous voice. I meant: I would not have come to class if I hadn’t done the homework. I said it in that voice to evoke a response from the crowd; but nobody reacted at all to what I said, or how I said it.[4]

The teacher immediately continued teaching without waiting for anyone to respond; it was less than satisfying to me; I wanted someone to at least snicker a little.

[Higher Astral plane]

I’m in the theater with my friends. I had paused the movie earlier, now I resume it using my remote control, it feels like it is in my hand. I don’t have to look down at the remote, I just know how to work the controls easily without having to think very hard about it.

I somehow learned while sitting there watching the movie that we cannot see the second movie after this one because it was recalled, it was not allowed to be shown; and I could tell one of the actors felt sad about that.

I investigated why the geo-location puzzle had failed to operate when I stood in the right spot, by looking at the code behind the puzzle. I am a software-developer on the higher planes like this one, so I can understand this type of programming. The code required something to be at a different specific location on the ground near the parking lot, but was not actually there because the movie had not been released! Something else was in that spot now (a bush, or something). If the movie had been released, the item would have been put in that proper place, so the puzzle would work. They must have forgotten to recall the puzzles, when the movie was no longer coming out. I’ve seen stale links before, in completely different dream-experiences on the higher levels like this. I could see in the code what they had tried to do; nobody expected the item to disappear, so nobody fixed the trigger to work in this situation. It was sort of like having a symlink to a file in Unix, then deleting the file. Or having a shortcut to a file in Windows, then deleting the file.  The link (shortcut) looks like it’s still viable, but you can’t open it because the thing it refers to is gone.

I resumed watching the movie.

[Mental Plane]

I went back up to the school, I was only gone a few seconds. During that time a student had written the entire problem and solution on the board.[5] I compared my answer to the problem against the one that a student had written on the white board in the front of the classroom – and I realized, I didn’t do the right homework problem.

That was the disconnect – I didn’t do the right homework for the answer on the board.

The puzzle for the movie could not find its missing item, so it didn’t work; I couldn’t play the game.

I didn’t do the work so some part of me won’t let me have the reward. Balance is maintained.

This is when I woke up.


[1] In the physical plane I don’t own a trailer or a car with a trailer hitch; I drove a lightweight pickup truck with a trailer, once, but I didn’t enjoy the experience, and hope to never do that again. Nothing in this dream equates to anything I’ve experienced on the Physical plane; that is, it’s not a reliving of something I experienced, as far as I can tell.  It was all new to me, and interesting, which frequently happens to me on the Higher Astral and Mental levels. Like seeing new sites when you’re on vacation.

[2] In normal Astral self-centered dreams, nothing happens that you don’t expect – because your ego and psyche is driving everything in the dream. On higher Astral levels, you can experience things that other people have created to share with you, like the most real Virtual Reality you could possibly imagine. The fact that I was surprised by something – I expected one outcome, but it didn’t happen – that’s a sign this part of the dream was at least Higher Astral or possibly a Mental level experience.

[3] My friends were so passive, they never said a word, and followed me everywhere, keeping mostly out of sight of my focus. They never distracted me or said anything original. This makes me think they were constructs of my own imagination – something that happens a lot on Astral levels. Not everybody on Higher Astral levels is a construct, but in this case, I think my “friends” were.

[4] Another example of not getting the reaction I expected – proving this is not an Astral dream. Astral level people and dream-elements always react to personality behavior. People are very serious and clear minded on the Mental plane, and happy and friendly to everyone. You don’t need an ego on the Higher Mental plane; it just gets in the way.

[5] On the Mental level, you have to think and move fast – knowledge, and people, can pass you by quickly if you spend too much time being distracted by something. Everything there is very quick, but also, you’re quick, so it all usually works out properly. If you are awake enough on the Higher Mental plane that your lower (waking) consciousness is trying to “think”, it slows you down too much and you miss 80% of what’s going on all around you. It’s tricky to find that balance of being quiet and mostly just listening and observing, yet being conscious enough to record what you’re seeing and hearing at the same time.

The Different Planes – Terminology

By now you have questions – “what are the Astral and Mental planes? How do they relate to our world? What’s the difference?”  Or, maybe you already know about these things, and you’re wondering what I think they are, and how different my understanding is from yours. Let’s hope my descriptions fit in with what you already know well enough to be useful to you.  But if this is all new to you, welcome!

Different writers have used different names for these levels in different teachings, in different books. This knowledge is not widely distributed enough for everyone to have settled on a common set of terms yet.  But I’m sure that day is coming.

So, I decided to use the wording and concepts found in books I’ve learned the most from, generally called the “Ancient Wisdom”: the author Torkom Saraydarian; the Agni Yoga series; and other works such as those by Alice Bailey and others who have worked with these people during their lifetimes. I’m trying to use their common terms, but the dreams and many concepts I write about are from my own experience, not something I read in a book.

Physical Plane

The Physical Plane is the regular world we live in today – solid matter, the stuff all around us, including our human bodies.  Cars, houses, the ground underfoot, the air you breathe, paper, computers, all of these things exist in the Physical Plane. The physical Plane is sub-divided somewhat, as there are different types of matter (solid, liquid, gas, and 4 ethers), but that’s a topic for a different article.

The physical plane has a lot of rules; you can’t fly around the place; if you fall off a cliff, you could die. It’s possible to break your arm simply by slipping in mud! Because of this, we learn to be careful, and avoid situations and things that can hurt or kill us.  There’s lots of them.

We each have figured out actions to take, words to say, so that we can have a happy life, or at the very least a less-objectionable one, given our situation in the physical world. There’s a lot of shit-work we all have to do in our lives, things we don’t want to do but have to do.  We’re used to it and are getting pretty good at it by now. But there’s also fun things to do, places to explore, people to encounter, stories to read and movies to watch, to entertain us and stretch our imagination, all created on the Physical plane.

Astral / Emotional Plane

The Astral Plane is where your Astral or Emotional body lives.  (the terms Astral and Emotional are interchangeable here).  This plane, too, has 7 sub-levels, which I will talk about in later posts. The most important thing to understand is that your emotional body is separate from your physical body.  These two bodies are connected, of course – a feeling in one can affect the other; but they are completely separate bodies. One can be damaged without hurting the other; one can die before the other dies. An illness in one can reflect in the other, or not.

The dreams that most people experience come from the Astra plane. Nightmares come from the lower levels of the Astral plane. Self-serving dreams, crazy dreams that don’t make sense when you are awake, come from the Astral plane. If everybody you see in the dream act exactly as you always expect them to, that’s an Astral dream, and you created those people to say just those things in just that way. They aren’t real people, and you can do anything you want with this artificial construction, so have no fear.

All of the creations you see in most Astral dreams come from you – all the people, things, places, colors, smells, sounds – it’s all from your own consciousness. Sometimes we replay scenarios that are fearful for us, to work through the fear, or find a better way to handle a situation.

Astral dreams can feel “more real than real life!” There can be brighter colors, more powerful feelings. It’s the world of feeling-creations, including everything you can perceive in this fluid environment.

The most important thing to remember is: nothing in the Astral plane can hurt you.  The most fearsome monster with huge teeth cannot bite you! Or if he bites you, it doesn’t actually hurt you in any way. Maybe it tickles.  It can’t actually touch you, really, at all.  Go ahead and jump off that cliff you’re standing on the edge of, you can fly! Falling can’t hurt you!  In fact, you can fly through the ground – even the solid-looking earth is not an obstacle on the Astral plane. I know this because I’ve done all of these things many times.

The Astral plane is a way to face your fears and overcome them.  It’s a way to learn to control the situation all around you, and change it the way you want – neutralize the bad guy, turn a gun pointed at you into a flower, and dismiss everyone from your sight if you want.  You can replay it all you want, until you get it right.

If you have powerful emotions that control your waking life, these emotions often control your dreams. By conquering your jealousy, hatred, embarrassment, and other such feelings in the Physical world, you will begin to develop the ability to control your dreams.  You can literally create anything you want in the Astral plane, and experience it, and have fun with it – it is the worlds greatest sensory playground ever created. It takes practice to learn to control it.

If someone warns you about a horrendous danger to you in the near future, and it scares you – that is most likely an Astral dream with no merit or truth to it.  If that happens, you can certainly take it under advisement and keep alert and aware, but understand it’s most likely just an attempt to scare you.

After waking up from a night full of Astral dreams, you will likely feel drained of energy; or at least, the normal amount of sleepiness and morning heaviness that you feel when waking up in the morning.

Mental Plane

The Mental Plane is where your Mental Body lives.  It does not live in your “brain”, but in a field around your head. Religious paintings from the past often showed a representation of this with a “halo” encircling a spiritual person’s head.  Perhaps very spiritually high-level people have a visible halo like this around their head that everyone can see. Or maybe certain spiritually advanced people can see this part of the human aura on everyone they meet.  I don’t know, I have never seen anything like this myself, in this lifetime, but I know its there and have heard of people being able to see it.

People have a lower mind and a higher mind.  The lower mind is connected to your body through your brain.  The lower mind is where logic and reasoning are. “If this is true and that is true, then this other thing must be true,” your lower mind says.  It is 100% sure of itself, even though a lot of the time it’s wrong.  Have you caught yourself in that situation, assuming something that you’re absolutely certain is true, but then discovering you were wrong?  How does that happen?

The lower mind can only work with what it has seen in the past.  It calculates solutions, compares alternatives, then picks one as the “best”, based on its facts – whether it really is best, or not. The lower mind tends to be separative – me versus you – which is why people feel separate from each other. The lower mind comes up with “net zero” solutions, for example: for me to have more, you must have less – I take from you.  Or, if I give something to you, then I have lost something. This is old-fashioned thinking, and it’s wrong – but seems completely right to the lower mind. “There’s only so much _____ in the world”.

The higher mind is different.  Some people call it the Heart. The higher mind wants to bring people together. It finds solutions where everybody can win, nobody loses – it finds the “win-win scenarios”. Solutions where everybody benefits are harder to think up than ones where someone wins and someone loses.  But it’s totally worth it.  It’s the future of problem solving. It’s the core concept behind the idea of Mediation.  One example can be seen in nature: people inhale oxygen, exhale carbon-dioxide – and, trees and plants do exactly the opposite: inhale carbon-dioxide, and exhale oxygen! Nature automatically creates win-win scenarios.  You could even say that this is proof that nature is more advanced than the average human being.

The higher mind doesn’t need to store a lot of facts – it knows what’s right automatically. The higher mind can solve problems quickly, it just knows the answers.

A small child watching a bug on the ground – does he crush the bug violently, or does he help it walk to a new place and offer it a small leaf to eat? You can see which mind a child is naturally focused in by observing their behavior.

There is nothing wrong with having a lower mind – you need both lower and higher minds.  They’re simply different tools in your toolbox.

When you are dreaming and visiting the Mental plane at night, the people you see there are real, actual people – not fake constructions created by you (like on the Astral plane). You can ask them questions and learn new things – things you didn’t know before. Their answers to your questions may surprise you, and be deeper or more complex than you anticipated. If you say something a little off, they may react in a way you didn’t expect – maybe pull away from you, or go somewhere else.

Everything happens faster than you’re used to on the Mental plane – if you’re aware while visiting the Mental plane, you notice the higher speed, but somehow you’re able to keep up with everything since your Mental body is designed for it.  Conversations are faster and deeper – when words are spoken, you understand the meaning behind the words, in addition to hearing the words with your ear.  Misunderstandings cannot happen on the Mental plane, you hear everything the way the speaker intended it to be heard.

People don’t joke around and say painful things on the Mental plane. It’s just not done.  Everyone is friendly on the Mental plane, and happy to share knowledge with you.  If you sense someone is being sneaky, hiding things from you or backstabbing you, that is an Astral dream.

After waking up from a Lower Mental dream, you feel like you’ve solved some problems – it can feel good, but ordinary.  Your mind might feel tired at that point.

After waking up from a Higher Mental dream, you will feel like a million bucks! You feel refreshed from this kind of sleep, ready to face a new day, a new week of physical life – it feels like no problems in this physical world can be real problems, because you can always go back to a much greater place when you go to sleep again later.

There is no discrimination on the Higher Mental plane – you see people the way they are, and nobody cares what color / sex / shape / size anybody else is.  Your lower mind might be surprised to see the shape and color of some of the people you consider to be your close friends on the Higher Mental plane!

The greatest schools exist on the Higher Mental plane. The greatest scientific research is conducted there, and anybody interested is welcome to join in. Great teachers and great heroes can be found on the Higher Mental plane, they are a great inspiration to all who see them.

Your Bodies

These three bodies are called your Personality – physical, emotional, and mental.  These three were born at different times, and will pass away at different times.  Consider what a “birthday” is… isn’t it really just your physical body’s birthday? In the past, people have really focused only on the physical body.  This is why the science of Astrology is only partially accurate and useful today.  They ask you the exact time of your birth – but they’re talking about your physical body!  When was your Emotional body born?  How about your Mental body?  These are just as important as the Physical body birth to understand the full astrological picture of a single human being, but how can we discover these things?

You are not your physical body.  It may feel like it sometimes, but it’s not so.  Neither are you your emotional body.  Neither are you your mental body!  When you realize these things, some amazing life changes will occur for you.  You’ll realize that your bodies are under your care, they are your closest family members, and you have a responsibility, a duty, to take care of them, to feed them and love them, just as you would a child, or a pet – but even more so.  They are your greatest allies while they are alive, and you are living in them.

The proof that these bodies are separate from each other is that sometimes they want opposite things.  You really want to lose weight, but 5 minutes later you eat a giant bowl of ice cream!  Then you hate “yourself” for eating that ice cream – why did you do that?  Well, your body wanted ice cream, and your mind wanted to lose weight. Your mind was focused on the future, and your body was focused on right now. If they were a single body then there would be a single desire, a single view, a single need, with no conflict whatsoever!  The fact that there are conflicting behaviors and desires tells you there is some separation between them.

More and more people are discovering meditation as a way to calm their lower 3 bodies, integrate them together (rather than fighting against each other), at least for a few minutes of time – in order to “tune in” to the silence, the higher self, to the inner thoughts within themselves.  We all have higher thoughts which cannot be heard over the din of three conflicting bodies talking, thinking, arguing, worrying, making demands, taking actions, forgetting, remembering, etc.  It’s so important as a human being to calm all these bodies for a short while and just relax, calm, and listen. Silent, but aware. You can think about higher topics of beauty, justice, joy, freedom; about specific harmless things like flowers, trees; ponder why, what, how, they came to be; how their form is different than their purpose, and what the cause is behind all of that; etc.

Your bodies are like clothing that you put on.  It’s the clothing that people first notice when they see you. But you aren’t your clothing.  You can clean and fix your clothing, or leave it dirty and damaged.  You can take off your clothing, and, standing there naked, you are still you! Passing away is like removing your clothing.  And, you can put on new clothing – you can be born again as a baby with a fresh physical body, emotional body, and mental body, to live a new life, with new opportunities, new challenges, new people to meet, new things to do, new joys and happiness to experience.

Your bodies are not you – but they are your closest friends.  Love them. Take care of them. Train them, decorate them, show them off! Enjoy your life as long as you are still here.

Meditating quietly for 5 or 10 minutes a day is very powerful in letting the real you have some control over these bodies that sometimes misbehave. Meditation can “ground you”, enable you to stand above the problems life will throw at you today – rather than having it eat your lunch, you will be able to deal with unexpected issues with a fresh source of calmness and energy that you don’t normally experience.

All three of these bodies are less spiritually-advanced than you are.  You are the leader of your bodies.  You are more spiritual, and have greater connections to higher sources, than any of your bodies do.  Your bodies depend on you to guide them for happiness and health and success.  Someday each of your bodies will die – but the real you cannot die.  The real you has been around for a very very long time, and has had many bodies to work with throughout the eons of time.

I sometimes think of these three bodies as the Three Stooges.  Think about it!  Curly (the big bald guy) is the Physical body – very strong, but doesn’t think, and can hardly talk. Larry (the skinny curly-haired guy) is the Emotional Body – he’s scared of everything, and is usually the only one who sees the ghost or zombie; he runs away from every little threat.  Moe (short black haired guy) believes he is a genius – he’s the brains of the outfit, as they say, always figuring and calculating, talking the most, commanding everyone around.  He coming up with the plan that gets the three of them in trouble every single time.  The Three Stooges represent the worst aspects of the three bodies.  Maybe some day we’ll have a television show about three people who express the higher aspects of the three bodies of a “balanced, integrated human being”.  Now that would be a fascinating show.

An ancient philosopher once said: “I died as a stone, and was born as a flower. I died as a flower, and was born an animal. I died as an animal, and was born as a person.  When has dying ever been a bad thing for me?”

Higher Planes

There are many planes above these three lower ones.  The seven known planes of existence for us are, from high to low:

  1. Divine plane
  2. Monadic plane
  3. Atmic plane
  4. Intuitional/Buddhic plane
  5. Mental plane
  6. Emotional plane
  7. Physical plane

It’s not time to talk about those higher four levels yet, as 99.9% of the people in our world haven’t developed those bodies at all and aren’t conscious on those levels yet.  They are written about in various books, if you’re curious about them.  Probably only 0.1% of the people walking around our world have the ability to visit the Intuitional plane with their Intuitional or Buddic body. And, our universe doesn’t stop at that highest plane on the list, the Divine plane, either – but that’s way out of my area of knowledge.

There are different beings who live at each of these different levels, and many of them can move around and communicate between levels above/below where they naturally live. They are human beings, just like us, only a bit more spiritually advanced – they have more subtle bodies than we do.  It’s a shame that we can’t directly see them or sense them during our waking consciousness, because it would sure be nice to “see with our own eyes” that these things are real. You can sense they are real, and you can dream about them and meet with them.  Maybe you already do.  I will share with you many, many dreams I’ve had about these things. I’ve had enough experiences now to prove it’s real to me.  I sincerely hope that you will have these kind of experiences yourself in the future.

An Apology

I apologize for deviating a bit away from my main goal of taking about dreams, the dream world, and telling my stories of experiences while dreaming.  That is what my blog is really about. But I felt it important to lay some ground work, so you will more deeply understand the things I describe without misunderstanding me too much. I want you to understand. I am not here to “impress you”, I’m here more to entertain you and lead you to the next level of understanding in something that you already find fascinating – the different levels of the world we’ve somehow found ourselves to exist in.

See Also

If you want more detail, some useful books:

Side Scrolling Virtual Reality game on the Astral Plane

In late January I had a dream that I now remember having had many times (though I didn’t remember it until now).  It’s a giant virtual-reality game where the beginning of the game looks like a giant 2-D side-scrolling multi-level system from the distance, like something from Super Mario or more modern game like Terarria or Spelunky and others like them – only way cooler.  The side-scrolling level looks like a vertical face of caves and indentations made out of brown stone of some sort, non-repeating patterns of large and small caves and surfaces, areas to climb, floors jutting out a bit to stand on, ladder-like cutouts in the stone in certain places for climbing, handholds you can reach, and handholds I cannot reach. Each section you visit is a level – I can play an entire game within that level, by walking into the cave that’s right in that section.  Once I’ve completed that level, I come back out of the cave and stand at this same location within this rock-face I was at when I started the level.  If I didn’t win the level, everything looks the same at this point. But once I win the level, something will have changed on this outer face – a change has been made that enables me to climb to a higher point on the rock-face, to visit a new level I couldn’t reach before!  For example maybe a ladder appears, or a walkway to get across a chasm; a rope to swing across to the next level over; etc.  I can even get bonuses on higher levels that grant me abilities like jumping higher than normal (to get to hard-to-reach levels), or give me tools for climbing where there are no handholds, etc.

The thing is, from a distance it may look like a 2-D side-scroller, but in reality it’s fully 3-D and life-size!  When I approached the first level, I saw it the way you would see a rock-cave in real life – in 3 dimensions, with all of the intricate stone detail that you can touch, stand on, sit on, and move around.  It’s fully life-size and 100% realistic. It feels to me like living inside the coolest arcade game, except it doesn’t “feel” like a game – as a player I just happen to know it is a game! And, as a player, I automatically know how the game works; what is expected of me. There are no instructions to read, no way to be confused about the “intent” of this scenario.  I can leave at any time; but I didn’t want to, I wanted to play the game.

The game starts in the lower-left end of the rock face.  The rock face is at least 50 feet tall; I couldn’t see the top of it past 3 levels above me or so.  And it stretches hundreds of feet to the right; I couldn’t see all the way to the end without walking a lot further to the right, at ground-level.  You can easily move to the right along the bottom by simply walking. Ground level is where all the easy levels are.  More experienced players climb higher where the fun challenges are.  You can spend a lot of time just playing a single level, it may take you many nights of visiting and playing to clear a hard level!  So, this entire game can last for months or even years of exciting play.

This game is multi-player – I could see other players moving, climbing, dropping down, swinging in the distance and above me at any given time. I look up and see one player that is standing 2 levels above me – he jumps 3 times higher than I can jump to get to some level I can’t see from here at all; fascinating. There seemed to be a kind of unspoken agreement that each level is single-player with this game, and that others who see you standing in front of a level will leave you alone with that level, and give you the freedom to move to levels nearby. Nobody was running past me or bumping me; climbing in front of me; etc.  That would be impolite.  They gave me space to play. Each player has dozens of levels they were ready for, but which they had not yet cleared; each person evidently would go to a level that was unoccupied and play with it as long as they wanted; go back to the starting rock-face whenever they wanted; and so forth. It was kind of nice, it felt like a community, but I could also do my own thing knowing that friends were not far away.

I have only played this particular dream-game on 10 or 20 nights, or so, spread out over at least a year of time.  (I don’t remember each occurrence; I just have a memory that this is how much I’ve played it so far).  Sometimes I’d play it 2-3 nights in a row, other times a month or two would go by before I returned to it. I play it when I want to and ignore it when I want to. Because I haven’t played it very much (compared to other people I know!) I haven’t solved more than a dozen of the hundreds of unique and interesting levels. But I recall hearing 2 friends of mine talking about this game, on this occasion; I knew that each had won more levels than I have. I ask them about certain specific levels I’m having difficulty with.  As they describe something that will help me clear the level, I can see them playing the level – I am viewing it outside and from afar, and I can sort of distant-experience levels I know I haven’t gotten to yet, through them.

My Interpretation

This is an actual game that exists on the Higher Astral plane, and thousands of people have played it beside me.  I believe it’s “open” all around the clock, because on Earth at any given time, somebody in some time-zone is sleeping.  There are always people who might want to stumble on a fun, entertaining game like this, and many do.  And then again, this kind of game is not fun for many other people – there are plenty of other things to do on the Higher Astral plane to entertain them.  There are chat-rooms with real furniture and entertaining surroundings, and windows open to beautiful scenery outside; people come to these rooms to congregate, to talk to each other, tell stories and hang out with friends. I’ve seen many of them in my time, of different sorts in different places.

You need to understand something: the Astral plane is just as real as the Physical plane where you are while reading this blog article.  That virtual-reality game is just as real as you or me.  It is a real place that exists whether you or I visit it or not.  Some people from the Physical Plane cannot visit there yet, they haven’t prepared themselves to travel in the Astral plane. They haven’t learned to use their Astral body yet, or maybe they can use it but haven’t purified themselves enough to visit the Higher portion of the Astral Plane yet. Another possibility is that they visit this place as much as I do, but simply don’t remember it once they are awake.  Some people have a hard time remembering their dreams.  I am so lucky that I have apparently done the right things in the past, that I get to visit these levels and remember them once I am awake on the Physical Plane.

Astral Plane games like this one were created by a consciousness who contributes energy to keep it going. They are probably a regular person like you or me.  They have a lot of energy to maintain such a complex, detailed construction like this, with all its facets and intricate detail. I believe the energy of the players contributes somewhat to maintaining a game-world like this, but the continuity of the game, which is consistent day after day, month after month, is thanks to the creator and maintainer of the game-world. I believe the creator can look at the game and within the game while it’s operating, and probably derives great enjoyment from seeing all the people having a good time climbing around, solving puzzles, hanging out in their favorite parts, chatting with their friends about it, telling stories about their experiences in the game, and so forth.  It would feel like creating something cool that your friends really enjoy. It would feel like giving back to society, as a thank-you to all the fun things you’ve experienced that other people have created.  It would feel a lot like the driving force behind Open Source Software in our physical world. It would feel a lot like freedom and relaxation and fun.

The Astral Plane is the true Virtual Reality.  It is 100% what everyone wishes Virtual Reality really was.  It’s already there – it already exists, and you can experience it any time you want to.  You only need to learn how to use your Astral body by gaining control over your fears, especially in this dream-world; practice controlling the world around you; and purifying your heart so that you can visit the higher portions of the Astral plane.  I will talk more about all of this in future posts.

I did not create this particular game.  If I had, I would probably know all of the levels.  This is a game somebody else created, and I’ve enjoyed playing it upon occasion.  I don’t think I personally have enough psychic energy to build and maintain such a large construction as this game.  But I know that I have created interesting constructions on the Astral plane before.  One time when I was waking up in the morning while visiting my parents in Sedona, Arizona on the weekend, I was just regaining consciousness around 7AM when I heard a voice in my ear, even though nobody else was in the room with me.  You know that feeling where you’ve just woken up, you’re still groggy and haven’t opened your eyes yet, but you know you’re somewhat awake now and should probably yawn or stretch or something, but you don’t want to, yet?  In that moment, I heard this little girl’s voice, she was maybe 4-5 years old. She said, “I want to build a world, can we build a world now?” I mentally thought back to her “no, I have to go, I have to wake up now.” And then her reply, even louder in my ear than before (like somebody talking full-volume right in front of my left ear): “awwwww, pleeeeeeeeseee?”  And then I opened my eyes.  Nobody was in the room. My connection to the Astral world was gone again, to begin the new day.

But back to the side-scrolling virtual-reality game.  I visited this game in late January 2014, and remembered it during waking consciousness at dinner-time 2 days later. It’s funny how that happens. I feel so familiar with the game, but I didn’t remember until then, which was the first time I remembered it while awake.  I went to my bedroom and got out my dream journal and wrote down as much as I could remember about the game, my friends, what it felt like, and so forth, so I could write this blog article.

Have you experienced dreams of playing this exact game before, while you were sleeping? Do you remember how many levels you have cleared?  I’d love to hear from you, please post a comment.