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Flying Dream Running Out of Energy

This is a dream I had on April 21, 2017 –
I found myself consciously awake on the Astral plane.
I was able to fly because I felt like it; I was in a neighborhood area with houses and backyards and fences, and I was standing outside in some back yard and decided “I want to fly now to get out of here, and see the whole area from a high up point of view” – something I like to do a lot because I can then go to wherever I want from there.
So I used a burst of energy to launch myself up into the air at an angle, mostly up and a little bit towards some other houses I saw.
I didn’t put any more energy into it after that initial propulsion, I just went along for the ride, which was fun; my body/viewpoint traveled in a long arc, way up, over, and down, landing on the ground. It felt like it took 10-12 seconds.
I landed in a field behind the housing area that I wanted to land in the middle of.
So I re-aimed myself and tried to launch again, up at a smaller arc, to fine-tune my position, but I realized I couldn’t fly – I couldn’t launch! I could not figure out what muscle to move to make myself fly up into the air again.
This happens to me sometimes in dreams, and I don’t know what to do when it happens.
I had to break myself out of some limitation that was gripping me at the time, remove some restriction that I have within myself, my beliefs, or something. This time the way I did that was to twist my head to the right about 90 degrees, jerking it quickly like that, which changed my whole viewpoint, and that made me launch up into the air suddenly!

Now I was travelling in a big arc thru the air, however I couldn’t control it or aim myself for some reason; so I landed on the ground again, in a different completely wrong location than what I wanted.
At that point, I believe I was getting bored with the whole idea and I just woke up. It felt like it was time to wake up, that realization that I am losing all my propulsion energy, and things in my dream start to fall apart; it’s usually time to wake up then.

Those flying curves I travelled in were gravitational arcs; up, over and down. Like if you threw a stone at an angle, up into the air, the kind of path it would travel.

Of course on the Astral plane there are no hard rules about space; there is no gravity, you don’t even have to stop moving when you hit the ground, that’s not a requirement, you can go right thru the ground if you feel like it. I’ve done that before.
But since gravity is such a strongly built-in feeling in my consciousness from living in our physical world on Earth for years and years, gravity feels natural, the arc my “body” should take when thrown is a known feeling to me, so that behavior naturally happens on the Astral plane.
I wanted to stay longer, to stay conscious there in my dream world, and I wished I had more control in that moment so I could fly around some more like before when it was easy; I just didn’t have the energy now for whatever reason.

It would be interesting to learn what that motivation force is, in the Astral plane; what really is it, and how do I get more of it? Is it related to the thoughts we think in the Physical plane during the day, and the emotions we feel too? Perhaps not hurting ourselves and others with our thoughts and feelings produces more motive-force energy the next night? Sort of like not punching holes in your bucket before trying to get water from the well; keep more by not losing it from a leaky bucket. Maintain your capacity of that motive force.

I think it’s closely tied to slipping out of the Astral plane and back into the physical world – like getting out of your car and stepping onto a scooter – for a moment you’re kind of “between vehicles” and it may be awkward for a small bit.  But then I wake up, and my body moves and functions, and I am wide awake in the world once again.


Sleeping Piano Playing Man

I have a lot of friends on the Higher Mental plane. Sometimes I go there and visit with them when I sleep. I get to explore, do scientific experiments, and learn things about the world around us, and talk to each other about it – show off our findings. Everything is open there. We go our separate ways to visit places we want to visit, and we join back together again at various times to share our findings. Some friends I see more than others.

This one night I had many dreams that I remembered and recorded in my Dream Journal that I keep next to my bed. I have a mechanical pencil stuck in the spiral metal rings holding the journal pages together so I can wake up, rotate my body 90 degrees to sit up on the edge of my bed, grab my journal and start writing before I lose anything. Every moment counts, and not having to use my lower brain to figure out how to write it all down helps even more.

The following is just one snippet of a long night’s experience.

I was walking around the inside of a building where different people were doing different interesting things in different rooms. I walked past a closed door with a big window where I spotted a man sitting at a black grand piano. I opened the door and walked up to him, and he was playing some nice music. It was a song I’ve heard before; I don’t recall what it was now, though.

I continued walking past 2 or 3 more doorways and found my best friend in a room setting up some experiment or something. He is a nice young man in his late 20’s or early 30’s, average stature, blonde hair. He’s a scientifically minded person, someone who thinks the way I do, so we share notes and do experiments together, learn things from each other and have a lot of fun doing so. He’s one of my buds on the Higher Mental plane. (Awake now in the Physical world, I can tell you that I’ve never seen this person before in my physical worldly life. But I’ve seen him many times over the years in these sort of dream experiences).

When he saw me my friend said, “did you see the man playing the piano?” we zoomed back to stand outside the doorway, looking at the man playing the piano. He was sitting at the piano but not playing anything at the moment. “I heard him playing earlier,” I said, “he’s really good.” My friend replied, “well, watch this.”

My friend opened the door and we went inside. The man was just sitting facing the piano (away from us), poised to play, but not moving; not playing. We zoom up to his side. When he spotted us standing there out of the corner of his eye, he immediately started playing the piano, playing a song right in the middle, the same song, just like I heard him playing before. “He does that every time,” my friend said. I hadn’t realized it before, but I think he was right. This is very strange.

We zoom out of the room through the doorway and close the door. We talk about the man briefly, considering many possibilities of what’s going on with him, pondering how we can help him. We could hear that he stopped playing again. We go back inside and stand next to him again. Same thing happens again – he realizes we’re standing there, and starts playing the same song again, from the same exact spot as before, right in the middle of the song! My friend leans over and shouts in the man’s ear, trying to help him, to tell him what’s going on – he doesn’t have to play the piano any more, he’s not back at home like he thinks he is, nobody is expecting him to play now, nobody will be mad at him if he stops playing, he can really do anything he wants to now, he’s free, etc. But it doesn’t help. The man keeps facing forward, concentrating on playing his song.

I feel so bad for this man, whoever he is. I wonder what kind of trauma he went through to end up like this. Some people don’t realize they’ve passed away from the Physical plane and wind up in strange situations like this. Could that be what happened to this man? I have no idea. And I don’t know how to help him.

Eventually I get tired of waiting for my friend and not knowing how I can help; so I leave to find something else to see. If anyone can get thru to the man, it’s my friend.

I hope my friend figures out what to say to wake up the piano playing man.

Dream: UFOs in the Sky

From time to time I have dreams about UFOs. I’ve had them occasionally all my life.

In this dream I had last month I looked up into the sky and saw a triangle with lots of bright red and green lights shining from the bottom. Other people around me could see the UFO too, and were looking, pointing, and exclaiming about it.

Suddenly the triangle craft started to fly directly away from me, very fast. It was getting smaller and smaller. It almost disappeared, then suddenly –

A different, much larger, ship appeared in the sky, in the same place as the triangle one, just as close as the triangle one was when I first saw it a few seconds ago. I heard no sound from either craft, I could only see them.

This new ship was not triangle shaped, I forget what shape it was, more circular or oval I think. But on the bottom it had funny arc’s going in different directions as a repeating pattern, like this:


then once it moved closer overhead and past, I saw each of those patterns was a cylinder hole for a fan or a vent of some sort, with lines in them (rings). Looking directly up at the bottom it looked like this:


Evenly spaced cylindrical holes.

Voices of people around me exclaimed about the UFO and talked about it, “wow, look, a UFO, what is it doing, where is it going,” that sort of thing.

At this point I made myself wake up, and I told my wife what I saw. She was sleeping in the bed next to me as usual. She said she hadn’t been dreaming of a UFO, and I felt sad about that – I’ve always wanted to share a dream with someone close. That doesn’t seem to be a thing, though, in our world, at least not that I’ve ever experienced, but I keep hoping.

We were in a weird room, though, with lots of native American wall hangings and knick-knacks, too much stuff really, like you might find in an old hotel room in the southwestern United States where the hotel owner was trying too hard to decorate.

Then some obviously Astral things started to happen, I saw big bugs crawling on things, which is a sign that I’m still Astrally dreaming, so I realized I wasn’t awake after all!  So I forced myself to wake up again.

This time I woke up for real (on the physical plane), and I wrote this all down in my journal.

So I guess that means that my original dream was on the Mental Plane – because I “woke up” downwards, into the Astral Plane, then “woke up” from there, downwards, back to the Physical plane!  I had gotten confused.

For me, UFO dreams often relate to some kind of energetic changes going on within my system. I wish I knew more about this.


Dream: Movies and Classrooms

A few weeks ago I had a dream that was pretty interesting. It fluctuated between the Astral and Mental levels, I will indicate which is which.  This was the second night in a row where I was in the same classroom, same students and teacher, for the classroom part below.

[Higher Astral plane]

I was going to a theater with my friends to see a movie on the big screen. I was looking forward to it while driving a car that’s towing a trailer up an incline road to the theater parking lot.[1] At the top there is only a turnaround dead-end; we parked there and got out of the car. I could see two puzzle-questions hovering nearby for one movie in front of me, and there’s 2 different puzzle-questions related to the movie we’re here to see, in the distance. Instead of ignoring them I chose to “get” all of them right now before the movie starts, because they are always fun to play with for a minute or two. To do that I actually have to go over to the vicinity of the spot where the puzzle creator connected the question, sort of like a big glowing floating-diamond “save point” in some computer games, just not nearly as distracting. Or, like a kind of GPS vicinity-triggering game of some kind in a heads-up VR display – except you don’t have any special equipment, it’s just part of the normal world all around us on this level.

One question for the second movie said, “what is the exact spot that actor _________ stood in this very parking lot during the opening ceremony of this movie on the first day it opened?” That question had the closest location to where we had parked.

By standing on that spot, you could play the equivalent of a Youtube video that showed the opening ceremony and actors and actresses, in case you were not there during the real ceremony; something that a fan of the movie or a movie-buff would like to see if they missed it. My friends had gotten out of the car and were milling around a bit.

I’ve seen this type of trigger-causes-a-short-video kind of puzzle-question before on the Astral plane. I walked a dozen steps over to the right spot and … nothing happened. That surprised me. Something was supposed to happen! I was in the right spot; but it was broken. It should have triggered an acknowledgement of some sort to give me credit for finding it, but, nope. [2]

I don’t remember, in waking consciousness, what the other question was. I may have just skipped it when I saw the first one wasn’t working.

My friends and I go into the theater room with the huge screen, and the movie begins. It has nice music as it starts unfolding.[3]

[Mental plane]

I was suddenly in a large white classroom with other kids. The teacher is teaching on one wall of the room, all the kids are facing that direction. I see the lecture and notes on the wall, and it all looks and sounds familiar. I have done this before, I am here again I think because I didn’t do my homework last time. The music of the movie from the above Astral dream is still playing; I exist in both realms at once, and can jump back and forth whenever I want to. Everyone in the classroom can hear the music playing! It’s coming from the back of the room, sort of my portal/connection down to the Astral level from here. I pause the movie using some kind of remote control from where I’m standing near the front of the classroom, because it sounds a little disturbing.

The teacher asks me, “did you get it right?” meaning: here is the solution to the problem, when you did this problem as homework, did you get the right answer as shown here?

I quickly respond, “well I must have, I’m here, aren’t I?” with my big ego and an artificially boisterous voice. I meant: I would not have come to class if I hadn’t done the homework. I said it in that voice to evoke a response from the crowd; but nobody reacted at all to what I said, or how I said it.[4]

The teacher immediately continued teaching without waiting for anyone to respond; it was less than satisfying to me; I wanted someone to at least snicker a little.

[Higher Astral plane]

I’m in the theater with my friends. I had paused the movie earlier, now I resume it using my remote control, it feels like it is in my hand. I don’t have to look down at the remote, I just know how to work the controls easily without having to think very hard about it.

I somehow learned while sitting there watching the movie that we cannot see the second movie after this one because it was recalled, it was not allowed to be shown; and I could tell one of the actors felt sad about that.

I investigated why the geo-location puzzle had failed to operate when I stood in the right spot, by looking at the code behind the puzzle. I am a software-developer on the higher planes like this one, so I can understand this type of programming. The code required something to be at a different specific location on the ground near the parking lot, but was not actually there because the movie had not been released! Something else was in that spot now (a bush, or something). If the movie had been released, the item would have been put in that proper place, so the puzzle would work. They must have forgotten to recall the puzzles, when the movie was no longer coming out. I’ve seen stale links before, in completely different dream-experiences on the higher levels like this. I could see in the code what they had tried to do; nobody expected the item to disappear, so nobody fixed the trigger to work in this situation. It was sort of like having a symlink to a file in Unix, then deleting the file. Or having a shortcut to a file in Windows, then deleting the file.  The link (shortcut) looks like it’s still viable, but you can’t open it because the thing it refers to is gone.

I resumed watching the movie.

[Mental Plane]

I went back up to the school, I was only gone a few seconds. During that time a student had written the entire problem and solution on the board.[5] I compared my answer to the problem against the one that a student had written on the white board in the front of the classroom – and I realized, I didn’t do the right homework problem.

That was the disconnect – I didn’t do the right homework for the answer on the board.

The puzzle for the movie could not find its missing item, so it didn’t work; I couldn’t play the game.

I didn’t do the work so some part of me won’t let me have the reward. Balance is maintained.

This is when I woke up.


[1] In the physical plane I don’t own a trailer or a car with a trailer hitch; I drove a lightweight pickup truck with a trailer, once, but I didn’t enjoy the experience, and hope to never do that again. Nothing in this dream equates to anything I’ve experienced on the Physical plane; that is, it’s not a reliving of something I experienced, as far as I can tell.  It was all new to me, and interesting, which frequently happens to me on the Higher Astral and Mental levels. Like seeing new sites when you’re on vacation.

[2] In normal Astral self-centered dreams, nothing happens that you don’t expect – because your ego and psyche is driving everything in the dream. On higher Astral levels, you can experience things that other people have created to share with you, like the most real Virtual Reality you could possibly imagine. The fact that I was surprised by something – I expected one outcome, but it didn’t happen – that’s a sign this part of the dream was at least Higher Astral or possibly a Mental level experience.

[3] My friends were so passive, they never said a word, and followed me everywhere, keeping mostly out of sight of my focus. They never distracted me or said anything original. This makes me think they were constructs of my own imagination – something that happens a lot on Astral levels. Not everybody on Higher Astral levels is a construct, but in this case, I think my “friends” were.

[4] Another example of not getting the reaction I expected – proving this is not an Astral dream. Astral level people and dream-elements always react to personality behavior. People are very serious and clear minded on the Mental plane, and happy and friendly to everyone. You don’t need an ego on the Higher Mental plane; it just gets in the way.

[5] On the Mental level, you have to think and move fast – knowledge, and people, can pass you by quickly if you spend too much time being distracted by something. Everything there is very quick, but also, you’re quick, so it all usually works out properly. If you are awake enough on the Higher Mental plane that your lower (waking) consciousness is trying to “think”, it slows you down too much and you miss 80% of what’s going on all around you. It’s tricky to find that balance of being quiet and mostly just listening and observing, yet being conscious enough to record what you’re seeing and hearing at the same time.