Movies with Astral Themes

Movies appeal to us more when we connect with them, sometimes when we don’t even know why. There’s something about them, some great underlying truth to it, that we can’t quite put our finger on yet.

Sometimes it’s because it contains elements from the subtle worlds – from the dream world, from the Astral plane.

Some movies I like that have heavy Astral themes:

Inception – while literally about sleeping and dreaming, there are so many great elements in this movie that show how things are in the Astral level. Like how the dream world can be strongly effected by elements in your subconscious (trains/trucks crashing through the dream). The idea of a dream-within-a-dream is very symbolic of reaching higher levels beyond the Astral plane by passing through the dream-level to reach a new place. In the real world, you can reach the Mental plane, beyond the Astral plane – it’s a better place with higher vibrational energy and higher quality people, instead of being a lower/disintegrating place as shown in the movie.

The Matrix – the core element of realizing the power you have in the world, that you’re dreaming, and don’t have to obey all the rules you thought were immutable forces; this is what it’s really like on the Astral plane. Flying / defying gravity, dodging bullets with ease, and even controlling those bullets completely. When you wake up consciously on the Astral level, you literally can control the world around you, even moreso than what they portrayed in this movie.

Paycheck – I love the idea of the main character, thrust into a series of events that seems wildly out of control, continuously makes the right decisions, and figures out the right thing to do at every turn just in the nick of time – and it works out for him in the end. This has many Astral qualities to it. Bad things on the Astral plane literally cannot hurt you, cannot even touch you, if you don’t allow them to, if you don’t accept it. When you realize your strength there, it’s very powerful.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – So many Astral elements, when his world is changing, memories are being wiped away as he stands there, titles of books being erased on the bookshelves. This is a very wistful movie and makes me feel bad after I watch it, but, so do various Astral dreams too, in the same way. It’s just a part of this world and you don’t have to let it hurt you, it’s just a thing that happens sometimes. Realize that everything is going to be OK when this happens.

The Truman Show – A man trapped in a fake, constructed world – that is so Astral! He starts out following all the right indications, but eventually starts to see cracks in the false scenario all around him.  He tests the limits, and finds even bigger things, the very edges and walls of his world (literally). And then he escapes. I love this movie so much.

I could probably write for ages about these, and other movies like them.

What are other movies you’ve seen that have dream-like elements?
Did those movies appeal to you or repel you?
How did you feel after watching the movie?
What elements were likely Astral ones?

Good and compelling movies are a great way to break out of the boring limitations of our “real world” and excite our mind and heart with new ideas and expand our limits.


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