Angel Movie Idea

Here’s my movie idea:

An angel comes to Earth to watch people because she thinks human beings are so fascinating, and she doesn’t fully understand them. Her supervisor warns her beforehand, that while she’s on Earth she must adhere to the energetic laws of the planet — do not interfere, she is warned, because if she triggers any karmic connections with people at all, she will be karmically indebted to them, and have to pay off that karma somehow before returning home. She hears all that, and agrees, but is too excited about the prospect of visiting Earth to really think about it very much.

When she gets to Earth, she zooms around observing people, and she notices that they can’t see her, but they see a bright glow of light any time she’s in the room. “What’s that?” they say, pointing at the light in the corner. Once in a while it’s near a lamp, and someone says, “oh that’s the lamp that’s broken, it just turns on and off sometimes; ignore it.” so she is not found out. But then comes the time when she visits a single man at night, when he’s asleep, she observes him from up near the ceiling, and his bedroom is filled with light. And then he wakes up.

“What the…!!” he is startled at the bright light shining down from the ceiling, something he knows just can’t happen in his dark bedroom at night.

The angel realizes her mistake and disappears real quick, observing him from a higher dimension (up higher above the roof, but seeing thru the roof, and the view is a bit opaque and harder to see) causing no glow of light. The man is deeply startled and nervous now, he can’t get back to sleep; and has a sleepless night, which somewhat ruins relationships at work the next day at his crappy job. His annoying coworkers magnify everything wrong with him, pointing out his wrinkled clothes and messy hair. They are not very nice about it, making him feel like an outsider. The angel witnesses all of this from a distance, and feels so bad because she caused it. She realizes she must do something to fix it. She ponders the karmic tie she created, and how to unwind it.

Thus the adventure begins. Of her trying to help this guy in his life, from a distance, without interfering but with guiding him with joy and encouragement, something he doesn’t have a lot of before this time, and he doesn’t know where his inspiration is suddenly coming from. He feels better for no reason, and his mind can think clearer than usual. He is about to drink a cup of coffee, but stops – and looks at it – and dumps it into a nearby sink. His newfound self-worth causes him to walk home a different route, see new places and new people.  He meets people who become better friends than his other friends are, and he tries to spend more time with them.  He gets fired from his job and quickly gets a new job that is a better environment for him, brighter office, friendlier people, more successful responsibilities.  He loses his druggy girlfriend, and realizes he can be happy alone; then meets a really nice girl and hangs out with her now.  He grows and matures as a human being, as a man, in our society. He had a great heart the whole time, but was so downtrodden and had such low self-esteem, he didn’t seem to amount to much at the beginning. But the angel helps him overcome his limitations, slowly, to live a much happier life and be more in control of his own destiny.

At the end, when his life is much better off, he suspects he’s getting divine help, but doesn’t understand it and never sees the angel. She just watches him now, not affecting his emotions & mind hardly at all, because he’s doing it all himself now. When she realizes she’s paid off her karmic debt, she waits for him to go to sleep at home, in the same bedroom, in the same body position, everything the same as in the original scene; when she visits him this time, there is a powerful bright light in the room just like before, maybe even a bit brighter. This time he does not wake up but has a happy & satisfied smile on his face, as if he somehow unconsciously knows what is going on in the room. She swoops down and kisses his cheek, and blinks away; plunging the room back into darkness.

The End

See also: “Angel A” by Luc Besson  – it’s a really hard to find movie with a very unique and enchanting story line.


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