Solve Your Problems from the Level Above

Physical problems usually cannot be solved by just physical action alone; you have to rise up to the Emotional level to solve those problems.  That’s the level where people connect with each other, and work together to solve problems.

Emotional problems usually cannot be solved by just emotional action alone; you have to rise up to the Mental level to solve those problems. You have to use your mind, or recruit people who are good at using their mind, to formulate the right things to say and do, in the right order, of the right magnitude, to solve the problem. This includes problems between people – your mind is the only thing that will help you out of the jam you’re in. Practicing changing your reactions to events. Reading books can really help, taking courses, Internet research, talking to trustworthy friends & advisers who can really help you think thru the problem and come up with some good solutions.

Mental problems usually cannot be solved by just mental action alone; you have to rise up to the next higher level to resolve those issues. But what is that next level? What’s higher than mind? Many people get stuck here, and don’t know that they can go further.

The next level up is Intuitional Level – or Heart level.  Leading with your heart.  The funny thing is, our minds want to reject the idea that there is anything greater than the mind!  Our brain scoffs at the ridiculous idea that Heart could be greater than Mind.  How could that possibly be?  The heart doesn’t even think!

Except that it’s true.  The Heart is greater than the mind.  The intuitional level of a human being.  Pure Heart “knowledge” (for lack of a better term) can solve problems that our minds cannot figure out.  It can even solve problems that our minds created! Because that happens a lot to so many of us.

The Heart can solve catch-22 problems, chicken-and-egg problems, cart-before-the-horse problems.  It can solve supposedly “unsolvable” problems.  When two are directly opposed against each other and there seems to be no compromise, the Heart steps in and offers a third alternative nobody thought of before – which just may be surprisingly acceptable to everyone involved.  What sort of things in your life are like this today?  What world events did you think of, when considering this idea?

When the Heart comes up with an answer, it takes no time at all. There is no thinking, only knowing the answer. The complete solution, understood from beginning to end, is done, ready, in your consciousness all at once, without having to agonize through a slow mental process fraught with delays, dead-ends, confusion; there’s no hypothesis, no procedure, no questions, no assumptions, no beginning-middle-end; none of that. There’s just the answer, immediately.

It’s the strangest thing to experience.  You can only hear these Intuitional Heart answers through silence – silencing your mind from all thoughts, silencing your emotions from all feelings, silencing your body from all impulses. Just for a moment, not forever. Temporarily put a stop to your automated knee-jerk reactions – which we participate in constantly throughout every day of our lives, or haven’t you noticed? When the “three stooges” are trained to stop reacting when needed, when you can silence your three musketeers for just a moment, your three amigos, it gives opportunity for the silent inner thinker to take over and make a suggestion – the only real true suggestion that will absolutely work when that inner advice is heard, understood and followed.

The inner unwavering advice of the Heart.

Are you saying this Heart mechanism has been inside me all this time?  Yes.

If so, then why haven’t I noticed it before?  It’s not easy to hear a loved one whispering while in the middle of a loud raging party. You can’t hear a cat purring when voices are shouting in the house.  First, stop all the shouting.

Every time you see a person who is suffering from problems directly caused by their thinking – you are going to see clearly, now, that they haven’t found a way to reach beyond their mind, they haven’t gone past the Mental level.  But they need to.  Desperately.  Could you perhaps be one of those people?


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