Some People I Know

I know a lot of people on the higher levels, on the Higher Mental plane.  I know more people up there than I do down here in our physical world. I have more time to meet with my friends up there than I do down here.  Down here I spend the majority of my time just working.

The greatest scientists and spiritual leaders and interesting people are up there on the Higher Mental plane. At night I talk with them on a regular basis. I know I’m not the only person who has done this. Don’t be afraid to talk about this now, people need to be inspired about the higher worlds and experiences and reality, now, it’s time.  If you read Nikola Tesla biographies, near the end of his life he talked about talking to great scientists who have passed away, when a reporter was talking to him during a rare interview. Most biographies completely skip over that part because it’s so far-fetched and crazy sounding to most people. I’m sure it was true, I’m sure he really did that. That must have been amazing.

On the Higher Mental plane people are completely honest and up front, they never take offense, and don’t get mad and upset, and never misinterpret things, and never twist things. They aren’t using their emotions up there, because the Higher Mental plane is the level above emotion – it’s pure mind, in a way we’ve never seen down here in the physical plane. It’s unnecessary (and probably not possible) to bring junk from the “lower levels” to the Higher Mental plane. I think it’s not possible. Really those limitations from the lower levels is what holds people down, keeps them away from experiencing the higher levels that are so close to them they would be surprised if they only knew.

On the Higher Mental plane you can think much more clearly than here; you don’t have emotions and physical body problems that interrupt what you’re doing, what you’re thinking. It’s just not a thing up there.

One of my closest friends up there who I work with on a lot of projects (and have throughout my whole physical life), is apparently a very advanced person, because his lowest body is his Higher Mental body – in other words, he has no Astral nor Physical body; unlike us.  He doesn’t need them – he graduated from those levels, and does not need to go back, ever!  I think he can choose to go back if he wants to; one time I was talking to him about the fact that I still live on these “lower” levels – Astral and Physical.  I told him about a problem I was dealing with in our physical world, and he looked at me with sarcasm and a little apprehension, and exclaimed, “well, good luck with THAT…!”  in a funny way that made me laugh.  I could tell his meaning was “I’m glad I never have to deal with that stuff anymore!”

And I realized how much I wish I didn’t have to deal with these physical things again, and I won’t have to, some day, but for now I do. And I kind of like these problems I have in the physical world, in a curious, conquering every problem in this world, kind of way!  I feel differently than he does.  I actually like it.  But I do admit, it can be painful to live in our physical world at times.

It’s hard down here. But I’m glad to be here.


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