Flying Dream Running Out of Energy

This is a dream I had on April 21, 2017 –
I found myself consciously awake on the Astral plane.
I was able to fly because I felt like it; I was in a neighborhood area with houses and backyards and fences, and I was standing outside in some back yard and decided “I want to fly now to get out of here, and see the whole area from a high up point of view” – something I like to do a lot because I can then go to wherever I want from there.
So I used a burst of energy to launch myself up into the air at an angle, mostly up and a little bit towards some other houses I saw.
I didn’t put any more energy into it after that initial propulsion, I just went along for the ride, which was fun; my body/viewpoint traveled in a long arc, way up, over, and down, landing on the ground. It felt like it took 10-12 seconds.
I landed in a field behind the housing area that I wanted to land in the middle of.
So I re-aimed myself and tried to launch again, up at a smaller arc, to fine-tune my position, but I realized I couldn’t fly – I couldn’t launch! I could not figure out what muscle to move to make myself fly up into the air again.
This happens to me sometimes in dreams, and I don’t know what to do when it happens.
I had to break myself out of some limitation that was gripping me at the time, remove some restriction that I have within myself, my beliefs, or something. This time the way I did that was to twist my head to the right about 90 degrees, jerking it quickly like that, which changed my whole viewpoint, and that made me launch up into the air suddenly!

Now I was travelling in a big arc thru the air, however I couldn’t control it or aim myself for some reason; so I landed on the ground again, in a different completely wrong location than what I wanted.
At that point, I believe I was getting bored with the whole idea and I just woke up. It felt like it was time to wake up, that realization that I am losing all my propulsion energy, and things in my dream start to fall apart; it’s usually time to wake up then.

Those flying curves I travelled in were gravitational arcs; up, over and down. Like if you threw a stone at an angle, up into the air, the kind of path it would travel.

Of course on the Astral plane there are no hard rules about space; there is no gravity, you don’t even have to stop moving when you hit the ground, that’s not a requirement, you can go right thru the ground if you feel like it. I’ve done that before.
But since gravity is such a strongly built-in feeling in my consciousness from living in our physical world on Earth for years and years, gravity feels natural, the arc my “body” should take when thrown is a known feeling to me, so that behavior naturally happens on the Astral plane.
I wanted to stay longer, to stay conscious there in my dream world, and I wished I had more control in that moment so I could fly around some more like before when it was easy; I just didn’t have the energy now for whatever reason.

It would be interesting to learn what that motivation force is, in the Astral plane; what really is it, and how do I get more of it? Is it related to the thoughts we think in the Physical plane during the day, and the emotions we feel too? Perhaps not hurting ourselves and others with our thoughts and feelings produces more motive-force energy the next night? Sort of like not punching holes in your bucket before trying to get water from the well; keep more by not losing it from a leaky bucket. Maintain your capacity of that motive force.

I think it’s closely tied to slipping out of the Astral plane and back into the physical world – like getting out of your car and stepping onto a scooter – for a moment you’re kind of “between vehicles” and it may be awkward for a small bit.  But then I wake up, and my body moves and functions, and I am wide awake in the world once again.


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