Participating in Great Projects

You can participate in great projects on the higher planes.  It’s really fun and feels so rewarding!

But you can only do that if you have a good foundation in your mind for the project – if you teach yourself the basics of whatever it is here in the physical world, then you can be of use on the higher levels related to that area. You will naturally tune in to the right people and projects and places on the higher levels in order to participate in projects involving the cutting-edge of that particular science, on those higher levels.

So: don’t be upset if you learn something on the physical plane that’s interesting to you and then you don’t end up using it here.  There was a reason you learned it.  Maybe you learned it NOT for this place, but for another place.

For example, let’s say you teach yourself a programming language, and write and debug a few silly throw-away programs for yourself to play around with the language until you clearly understand it; programs that you never release to the public, things you never share with anyone.  Doing that may have seemed pointless to you, but I assure you it’s not! You have fine-tuned your mental mechanism in a way that opens you up to accomplishing exciting things on higher planes, even if you never use that knowledge or ability in our physical world.

There can be amazing things going on in the higher levels, but if you didn’t build the requisite emotional and mental foundation for yourself, you cannot participate. So teach yourself new things down here, things that seem interesting to you. Practice new skills. Learn to dance or sing or paint. Learn how some aspect of modern communications actually works today. Learn modern things about medicine or biology; genetics, sub-atomic particles, encryption algorithms & digital signatures, crypto-currency and block-chain algorithms, solar power systems that can be used in third-world countries, water purification systems that require no electricity, new polymers and plastics, 3D printing advances, new clothing materials, properties of carbon nanotubes, the arctic seed vault, future voting systems with cross-checks and meta-moderation, new species of insects and plants discovered after the Mount St Helens volcano erupted, the future of quantum computing, where artificial intelligence is at now, how GPS knows where you are anywhere in the world.

You can teach yourself everything about these topics and so much more, thanks to the Internet, it’s really great for this; we’re so lucky to have the Internet today.  What’s interesting to you, that you’ve been thinking about researching?

Everything on this physical level has it’s higher equivalents on many higher levels.

Knowledge and experience are never wasted and never lost.



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