Pulling Back the Veil

Humanity is slowly pulling back the veil, learning the behind-the-scenes happenings, the how and why of things all around us in life.

First step: understand the people around you

  • understanding the news is lying to you.  You listen to the news, and cross-check against what actual people in those actual locations are saying about the same thing, on Twitter and Facebook and any other social media system you like to use.  What’s REALLY going on is very different than what you’re being told is going on.  Interesting.  See it for yourself.

  • understanding the weird goings-on of your local HOA – join the board of directors. Oh, wow, they’re just homeowners in my neighborhood like me?!?

  • understanding corporations – create your own company, it’s not that expensive, believe it or not. Learn to run your own business, it’s fun. Learn that customers don’t care about you or your product/service without serious amounts of marketing & advertising and providing way more value than you would think, for the money you’re asking.

  • understanding parenting – become one yourself. Every ex-child has views on the “right way to be a parent,” none of which applies when you’re actually there actually being a parent.  It’s harder than you might think. The fact that none of us are perfect plays a surprising part in the opera of parenthood.

  • understanding teachers – learn a skill so well that you start to teach it to others, so you become a teacher too. While teaching it, you realize how little you actually understand; teaching helps you reach the next level of understanding, from many points of view. It helps you learn how to explain something from the other person’s point of view, instead of your own.

  • understanding rich people (if you weren’t born that way) – learn about assets, good and bad debt, cashflow, balance sheets, true investments, the difference between running a true business vs self-employment – none of which was taught to you by our outdated farming/blue-collar oriented school system.

  • learn the WHY not just the HOW. Why are things the way they are?  There’s a reason. That doesn’t mean it has to be that way, but you need to understand the people who created it aren’t stupid – they did the best they could, and their (possibly) retarded result is the best thing they could come up with. Can you really do better, for everyone involved? If so, go for it.  We’re all rooting for you, believe me.

You might notice that most of these fit in with the idea of “be it and do it, to understand it.” Because that’s the best way to truly understand something – throw yourself into the middle of it and do your best in that arena. Then you can speak about it accurately, from personal experience. Some things are harder than you think, but equally more rewarding.

Second step: learn about nature and the world

  • learn about intuition in nature – the fauna and flora naturally have more connection to intuition than humanity has.

  • animals wisdom – friendship, joy, minimal response to threat, being with others unlike yourself, but also spending time relating to others that are like you.

  • people sensing motives of others, real needs, destination for all people. Understanding the differences in other people are OK, and supporting them, and helping them.

  • combined aura of all people as 1 person; where are the holes? what needs to be built still? what’s missing?

From that you will come the realization that all of life was created by a powerfully beautiful consciousness, more advanced than our own. It’s currently being maintained and guided and fine-tuned by that same consciousness.

Walking around in the world and seeing with your eyes becomes a new experience when you hold this realization in your mind – life begins to speak to you in a way it never did before. It’s happy that you’re becoming conscious of it, and wants to share its joy with you and show you funny & happy things.

Third step: pondering Humanity’s role in the world

Realizing you are part of Humanity, and Humanity is part of nature, part of the world, you start to wonder how we can fit naturally into all of this, harmoniously like all the other types of plants and animals that seem to live relatively harmoniously together, moreso than Humanity does today by far.

New roles and activities become clear about what Humanity should and shouldn’t be doing.  Life can become so much simpler, the way it is today for animals and plants, but on a whole new level, the Human level. Humanity can be the protectors of the other levels of life on this planet, and guide and balance all the factors using the rule of Least Interference resulting in Most Harmony.

Fourth step: integrating these realizations into practical action

Practical steps of doing, and not doing; having and not having; talking and not talking; cooperating and not cooperating – with other people, and all of nature. Practical tasks in line with your best understanding of what The Plan is for Humanity and the world.  Feedback loop where you analyze the results of your actions, and plan better and better actions going forward, making improvements, fine-tuning results.  Finding solutions to problems that are win-win for all people, and all of nature. Finding solutions to problems that cause nature and humanity to tend towards improvement, rather than fighting against the improvement – the way the minute-hand pointing straight up is in balance, but if it’s jostled it swings away from vertical; while the minute-hand pointing straight down is in balance, but if it’s jostled it returns to the same position naturally.

Humanity should be the Concierge, the Guardians of nature and of the world. It’s a great role of responsibility for us to take seriously. To be successful, Humanity needs to tune in to what the pure intention is for us and for the world, and take actions that fit in with that Plan. You will know that Humanity is tuning in properly to that Plan when everybody tuning in comes up with basically the same Plan (integrating/compatible actions within an overarching Plan).

Pulling Back the Veil – that covers our eyes, to see the true purpose for Humanity and the world.

We can do it, it just takes work.


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