Future May Hold

As the year 2016 begins, here are 10 things that I’ve been thinking about – things the future may hold for Humanity:

  1. A new money system – value rooted in useful cooperative behavior, not products. Each person can have more/less money independently from other people, countries, and economic conditions.  Money is not moderated by any government. Money is created by acts of good will and useful work and action, and varies in quantity as the need varies. People will be able to stop any fear of losing housing, or worries about obtaining food and clothing; they will have all the basic necessities of life.

  2. Truly understanding the cost of war – so that we sensibly stop wasting vast amounts of resources, money, human lives, and eliminate massive amounts of pain and agony and bad-will, reducing separatism between the different nations of the planet.

  3. Truly understanding the benefits of cooperation and respect between nations, to such a degree that we don’t have to have national borders any longer; no passports, no check points. All Human beings will be allowed to visit any city or country on Earth, without restriction.

  4. New level of art, created to inspire and uplift people from a mundane existence. Art created from the highest heart, rather than the solar plexus or self-serving ego. Art that meets you in the lowest places you find yourself, and uplifts you to your next level, whatever that may be. And art that uplifts you from there, even higher. A fresh understanding of Beauty, and respect for the healing qualities of Beauty.

  5. A carport with four electric cars for every house: one small car to zip around locally (energy saving); two medium sized cars for both husband & wife, or any 2 partners, to drive around separately whenever they need to; and one big vehicle for hauling loads of whatever needs to be moved.  The single carport for these four vehicles will look like an “X”, with the top space within the “X” containing the smallest car, and the bottom space in the “X” containing the largest car; and the two regular sized cars fitting into the left and right sides of the “X”.

  6. People will figure out how to communicate with loved ones telepathically – audio and visual.  This will eliminate the fear of death, and help people understand the law of reincarnation – how it works, and why.  The general population will understand the basic cycle of birth and death and rebirth, the various levels of existence, and exactly how many human souls there are now, both in and out of incarnation.  It will also help to expand people’s view of “loved ones” to encompass more than just their immediate family & friends in this life; it will encompass everyone on the planet.

  7. People will understand the spiritual development mechanisms within Humanity, accurately understand their own level of development, and consciously work on their next level of development. This will be commonly accepted and encouraged.

  8. You will consider every stranger your closest friend by default. You will only avoid contact with a person if they have proven themselves to be bad or mean towards you in some way; you’ll consider that a one-off, an exception to the general behavior of humanity. This will actualize the ultimate American dream, that people are innocent until proven guilty, emotionally and mentally as well as physically (something we do not have today, even in America).

  9. A true understanding of win-win scenarios, why they are better than win/lose; and how to create win-win situations and avoid win/lose and the lose/lose traps that humanity has suffered from in the recent past. This is a science that can be taught and learned, and it will be taught in all schools and learned by all children.

  10. People will figure out how to fly safely with their own bodies, no vehicles needed.

I really feel like these are achievable aims for all of Humanity over the next many years.  Some of these things may take hundreds of years, some maybe 500 or one thousand; but all of these things are completely achievable.  Open yourself up to these possibilities, and see what kind of progress you can make in yourself and engender in others, related to these goals, during the next year.  You might be surprised.


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