Picture Window

The master contractor stood in our bathroom when the walls were not yet finished, looked into the back yard
and saw the scenery. With a creative eye, he instantly knew the dimensions that the picture window needed to be
for the most beautiful view out the window. he knew they were not the exact dimensions of the
cookie-cutter house design he was supposed to build, and he didn’t care.
Looking thru the space before him he instantly knew the top line, bottom line, left and right sides
that the window must be, and he made it so.
Thank you, master builder, for your quick eye and experience.

We’re here to express our heart towards fellow humanity, despite every hint around us to do the opposite.
When you have the perfect opportunity to hurt another person with your words or actions, just when every
law is on your side and every person around you is in agreement that this is what you must do,
because it’s so obvious, so do it! Get them! That is the moment you stop, let go, and do nothing.
walk away. Or shake the person’s hand. Or give them a hug. or pay them $20 on the spot in silence.
Break the mold, break the stereotype, break the giant trough of same-ness and boringness within you
that was created by your mind and all the people around you.
You do not have to do exactly what everyone around you would do.
You do not have to do what your brain told you to do.
You can do anything you want at any time you want.
This time you want to be kind to the vulnerable.
It will open your heart, you will free them, and that act of kindness will free you.

Now how do we communicate this deeply to every human being in the united states of america, and all over the world?
How do we make everyone understand this is their new goal?
Look for every opportunity to do the OPPOSITE of what everyone else is doing.
* when everyone is laughing and carrying on, you stop – because it’s dumb and boring
* when everyone else is serious and worried, you’re happy because finally something new is happening.
* when everyone is praising the rich person, you belittle them for not looking past themselves, for bragging
and showing off, for not donating to charity. You see them as small when everyone thinks they’re large.
* when everyone is belittling the poor person, you encourage them with human connection, honesty,
truth, love, compassion, providing for their immediate need.
If it helps, you can think of them as you. What do you want and need, since now, you are them?
Why doesn’t anyone treat me right, you think to yourself? Just one person?
YOU are that one person, and right now is the moment you treat yourself (them) that best right way.
With an open heart, and right action. You’ve wanted it for so long – now you finally have it.
You have it by giving it.
You will feel something great in your heart that you never felt before.

These things I realized in a split second when I was suddenly woken up by my wife in bed as she
shouted something in response to a bad dream. it woke me from a deep sleep immediately, I was
someplace else, coming back into this body not in the normal order. I knew things about this life
for a moment that I don’t normally know, I saw what life was about, and how shallow it really is
for us when we don’t live with our hearts, and we don’t, most of the time. 99% of the time.

I am not a criminal this lifetime because I love you. I don’t want to live a double life filled with lies
and deceit. I think I became very good at crime in other lives, but it hurt my heart so badly,
I will not do that in this lifetime. I’m so lucky I got to live my life this lifetime without any
connection to that bogus world. I love how this world works, Thank You great emancipator
for letting me out of such a horrific trap I found myself in, in the past.
I am free from that trap, and working my way out of nicer traps of life, slowly, surely.
Thank you life for my joys and my loves, my family and my friends, my invisible helpers who are all around
even though I almost never see them. I love them, and the one life I see I am inside of.
It’s so simple, with one rule, that is love everyone around you, and act that way at all times.
My brain can’t imagine I could get away with it, but my heart says keep trying.
Finding new ways and niches and moments is a good start; keeping it foremost in mind is a good start;
eventually every word, every action, every expression will be all light, all love, and as a result,
it will be all power. Life can be mastered, it has been done before, the formula is so simple,
and you can do it, and you will do it. you can do it immediately, and you can take your own time.
Life loves you that much, unconditionally.


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