Simply Living Life Uplifts Matter

Just by living our lives on the physical plane, our bodies are transmuting matter from lower forms to higher quality – from solid/liquid to etheric, emotional, mental levels of energy.  You do this naturally, every single day. You eat food, and feel feelings, you think thoughts, make plans. You send greetings to other people, which helps them form higher thoughts and feelings themselves.

The higher matter we create this way stays with the Earth.  It’s just higher quality matter, available for other people to use and appreciate, long after we pass away.

If you meditate and uplift your own body-cells even higher, that’s even better – but even if you don’t, the basic actions of just plain living helps a lot in the world. People don’t usually realize that.

If you use Joy energy to cure yourself of illnesses, you’ve converted the germs and microbes that once were your enemies into powerful allies and co-workers. Maybe they even bring skills at abilities (at their level) that your body didn’t have before.  Instead of cooperating with darkness, those little lives are now working for the light. They’re better off, and you’re better off – a win-win scenario.

You are naturally the bringer of light.

You are a spark of light.



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