Intuitional Level

Some people are learning to master their physical body.

Some people have mostly conquered physical body control, so that’s not as interesting to them anymore; now they are learning to master their emotional body.

Some people have mostly conquered the physical and emotional parts of themselves, so the mind is more interesting to them – they are learning to master their mental body.

What is there to do after that?

The next level is the Intuitional level.

When you are beginning to reach the Intuitional level, it’s like being born as a baby all over again. You can feel intense energy pressure, and it’s really hard to open your eyes; at first you can only open them for 1 or 2 seconds.

You’re awake and conscious enough to hear other people talking nearby, even with your “eyes” closed.  You can hear your “parents” on this higher level who are watching you and love you very much, more than any other love you’ve felt. You can clothe yourself in anything you see fit.

When you’re back down here on the physical level you can actually see the sun shining within you, in your mind’s eye, especially when relaxing to go to sleep.

If you are Mentally focused and are super good at physical activities and emotionally connecting with every type of person in the world, it’s time to go further.  Let your heart lead you, even when your mind disagrees with the decision. Try it, at least, and see where it gets you. Thank your mind for giving you a quick bunch of thoughts on the matter, and reassure it that you’ll consider all those those ideas; but right now you’re going to follow something greater than your mind without logically thinking through it.

It’s a kind of instant knowing, coupled with action. Follow your heart and see what happens.

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Let the sun shine in….

The sun is shining in a place without any clouds.

This is the true meaning of being born again.


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