Night Terrors are Astral

Night Terrors

Night terrors are lower astral dreams where you stay connected to the astral world even after you wake up for a little bit. I had them every night for a couple of weeks as a child, it was the worst thing ever. I was probably around 7 years old. I would still be connected to the dream for 10-15 minutes after waking up crying, I remember sitting on my dad’s lap as he was trying to help me without much success; the visual movies I was seeing were brighter and more powerful than the brightest TV set in the physical world; and they connected to me emotionally; it was much scarier than anything I’ve ever experienced in the physical world. I would flinch when something flew at my head, in this visual nightmare in front of me, with my eyes wide open.

One time my dad was holding me in the middle of the night to try to reassure me. He asked me to tell him what I was seeing.  I couldn’t really explain it. It didn’t have the words for what I was seeing and experiencing. The closest thing I could say one time was, “there’s way too many pennies, they’re all falling and going to hurt me!” and that was about it.  I don’t remember much more about them, but those 2 weeks were really the worst experience growing up. I dreaded going to sleep every night for many weeks after that.

Stopping Night Terrors

Smelling eucalyptus oil really helps. My father figured this out. Eucalyptus oil successfully disconnected me instantly from a night terror, one time. I took one deep breath with my nose over the bottle’s opening, and with half an inhalation, the dream was GONE.  This trick didn’t work as well at other times, but it always seems to help somewhat. Peppermint oil should also be very good. You want pure oils that have no other ingredients. The place I buy my oils from is the White Mountain group bookstore, but there are many other sources of pure natural oils.

Try Not To Feel Fear on the Astral Plane

I know that the way the lower astral plane works, if you show fear, the dreams take advantage of that.  If you’re running away from “danger”, and you’re worried it’s going to catch you, then you’ll hear it getting closer, no matter how hard you run; or you won’t be able to run very fast (like running thru mud); if you don’t want to see a danger, you squinch your eyes closed as hard as possible but you somehow still see through your “eyelids” (you don’t have eyelids in the Astral plane) – so you can’t stop seeing whatever it is.

Practicing Controlling the Astral Plane

As I got older, I learned to control my emotions on the Astral plane. The more I was able to control myself, the more I controlled the entire experience around me – sights, sounds, people, objects, ground, sky, everything.  It can be scary and difficult, especially at first; but definitely worth practicing if you have nightmares or night terrors.

Do you or anyone in your family have experience with night terrors?  What helped stop the night terrors? Are there any tricks you figured out that you wish you knew when they first started?

Your comments below may help other people in the future who go through this scary experience.


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