Visiting with people who have passed away

Once you’ve experienced the higher worlds of the higher astral plane, the mental plane, and beyond, you realize something interesting – you can visit with people who have passed away, and people who have yet to be born.

You can see your old friends that you haven’t visited in a long time.  You probably have way more friends on the higher levels, collected over a much longer time period, than you have down here on the physical plane. Some friends you may have known for 100 years, or who knows, maybe 1000. Why not? Occasionally you and they incarnate in the physical world around the same time. Maybe one is your mom, or your dad; maybe one is your child, uncle, aunt, grandparent, or other relatives. And, some family members are not. You never know. A relationship can begin here in the physical world, and continue long after you and they have passed away.

On the higher levels you can stand effortlessly with your friend and talk with them for a long time. You can play games with them, 100% realistic virtual reality games, and create game-constructs for them to play, creating adventures to explore; just as they can do for you. You can work on important projects together, when you have common things you both enjoy thinking about and doing. When you get tired of working on one thing, you can immediately go and work on a different one. You can come and go as you please.

You lived in these higher levels before you were born to this physical world; you visit there at night when you go to sleep; you will continue to spend time with your pals up there even after you’ve left your body behind – when you pass away from old age.

Of course immortality exists. The more you experience the higher worlds, the more it truly sinks in. I hope you get to experience more of the higher worlds for yourself in this life time. It’s fun.

We, the real us, exist. Which bodies we get to experience life with seems to change over time. Sometimes you put on a jacket, and later you take it off. Don’t be too attached to that jacket. The real you existed before, during, and after that jacket-wearing experience.

There’s no need to be lonely. Your friends are all around. You may not have recognized them yet, or they may not have recognized you. Even if you have no friends in the physical world, you have many friends on higher levels. I’m sure about that. So don’t worry.


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