Being Born Into Our World

When a baby is becoming born into our world, an interesting series of things occurs. They look forward to visiting our physical plane so much. They are warned by their Solar Angel that it can be a hard life down here, but they still want to come here. They discuss with their Solar Angel what style of life they will have this time around, and they get to provide some input as to how that will work – with the goal of cleaning a certain portion of their past karma, and accomplishing various works and even some great works if possible.

Around a dozen goals are set, or so, some large and some small; some hard and some easy to accomplish, including some that are VERY hard to accomplish, but possible; and some that will be accomplished with little effort other than by just living in the physical world. And many things in between.

The baby understands that any number of things can happen, but these basic goals are important to accomplish if they can manage it in their life. Here’s perhaps an example of an agreement a person might make to be born here. Maybe they will plan to raise a family, or live with a family where there are children who need a strong sane adult figure. And maybe they will create a variety of works of art, with one specific piece of art that exists for a long time, beyond the end of their life, to inspire people way into the future. And also, they plan to clean their karma with a number of specific people who they may be karmically tied to from past lives. Not everyone they’re tied to, but many people they’re tied to – to reduce their karmic debt. It’s exciting to have a specific plan. Which parents would best fit what this baby needs to accomplish these goals? The baby is happy to have this opportunity, and can’t wait to be born.

And then, they are born!

The pressure of the physical world immediately hits them at birth! The air pressure, the coldness of the air in the hospital, the lights are way too bright; much more so than they had expected. Not being able to talk to these people or even control their weak (newborn) arms and legs; a baby can take only so much of this harsh physical world awakeness before falling asleep again, retreating back to familiar ground – the astral plane, where they most recently came from. On the astral plane they are in full command of their faculties and body once again – they can play with any toy they see, visit people they know, fly around anywhere, speak to anyone, etc.

When they’re slightly older on the physical plane and learn to play with toys, they want every toy they see, including taking a toy away from another child that’s playing with one – why not, after all this is completely acceptable on the astral plane where they came from, because “taking” something from someone else makes a COPY of the item – it doesn’t affect the other person, they still have the original copy! But in this strange physical world, for some strange reason it’s considered wrong to take something from another person – the baby is surprised when mommy or daddy scolds them, and even worse, takes the toy away from them and gives it BACK to the other child! What? I can’t have that toy? But I want it! This hurts so much the first time it happens!

Eventually the baby learns the rules of the physical world. There is only 1 of each thing, in the physical world. There’s a whole new strange concept of “scarce resources” here, something that’s not a problem on the higher levels. Copying something in the physical takes a long time and a lot of work, and the copy is NOT the same as the original – it’s different, maybe noticeably different, or worse than the original in various ways. Well, OK, that’s not true for digital media is it; data files like mp3 songs and mpeg videos. With those, the copy is as good as the original. And you can have as many copies as you want, instantly, no problem. You REALLY CAN make a copy of the thing your friend is holding, so you get one and they get one too.

Wait a minute…  That sounds familiar…

And you were wondering why children are so good at computer technology.



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