Falling Behind in Higher World Classes

A few years ago I had a very interesting dream. I was visiting a university or school that was pretty large, and had many work-stations which were small 1-person tables with computers on them, with a person at each station, working away on interesting projects. I was walking around looking and visiting, thinking about how I liked this place, I had come here many times before. I have used the computers here before, but I wasn’t using one today. Instead I was walking around and briefly seeing what each person was up to. You could do that – visit anybody, see anything, in this training center; it was OK. There was so much interesting things going on at the moment. Some of the people working were my friends, others were strangers, but everyone was friendly and helpful and positive, just like every other time I visited. This place always has such a great community feeling all of the time.

A man walked up to me whom I recognized as the Teacher.  He said to me, “follow me to my office, I want to talk to you about something.” He was the leader of all the classrooms here, not just this one, so I was interested in what he wanted to talk about.

As I was pondering his words, his body zoomed diagonally between the workstations and disappeared through a doorway in the corner, where I knew his office was. I made my way around the workstations, unable to keep up with him; he got there in less than 1 second, but it was taking me at least 3 or 4 seconds to get there myself. I was a little worried when he disappeared through the door way that I might lose him (it’s better to keep someone in line-of-sight on this level, if you want to follow them; it’s best to keep up with them if you can).

Luckily, when I went thru the door way, I saw him sitting behind his large office desk, which had all his important teacher-things nearby.

I stood in front of the desk and looked at him. He was bringing up a chart on his desk computer, and let me see the screen. It was a list of my classes, when I took them, and how many course credits I needed to take in the future to meet my requirements.

He said, “You haven’t taken any classes for a few weeks now. You’re behind a bit on your credits. You need to take this many credits by this point in time, just like you’ve agreed to do.” It was like 20 credits, let’s say; I don’t remember the exact number. I knew what he was saying was true.

He said, “now, my school alone offers twice this many courses, that would fit what you need to complete all of your coursework. But you are welcome to take classes and get your credits anywhere. You’re welcome to study here if you want, or anywhere, but you must get these credits done.”

I apologized to him and admitted he was right, I told him I would try to take more classes as soon as I can, to finish my studies.

I believe this happened on the Higher Mental plane. I know there are a lot of courses and training on that level; and it’s purely thought-driven and super open and friendly, the most comfortable place I’ve ever visited.



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