Money Blockages; Money is Energy

Many people have blockages against money. They subconsciously reject money, and block themselves from having more money in the future than they have today. This problem stems from many things – when they discover those things and clean them, a person can make a lot more money than they ever have before.

Without finding and cleaning those limiting factors, it’s extremely difficult to make more money – or, we sabotage ourselves once we have the extra money by losing it or wasting it; or, our it is taken from us in various ways. When that happens it’s easy to say “see! I told you I’m never allowed to have more money!” and, in a way, that’s true. But the restriction is not from the outside, it’s not “The Man holding you down”, it’s actually internal.  That’s Good News – it means you have jurisdiction over it – so you can fix it.

Money is not evil or good. If you feel any differently, then you have something to clean in yourself, about money.

Money is energy. What you do with this energy is what’s important. You can use your energy for good, or bad. The same is true for all energy you have – body energy, feeling energy, thinking energy, talking energy, gasoline you put in your car, etc. Having more money-energy won’t suddenly make you a bad person, or a good person, for that matter. You are still you, rich or poor or somewhere in between.

Money Restrictions Inside of Us

1. movies you may have watched

  • “Other People’s Money” – greedy business man is the only one with lots of money; takes money from others through deceipt and deception; hurts everyone while laughing maniacally about it.

  • movies with the theme of: do anything you want to do, run away, destroy stuff, don’t learn anything or get good at anything; forget everyone else!

  • violent movies where the good guy can only win by killing all the bad guys

2. stereotypes in our consciousness

  • greedy businessman

  • money-grubbing businessman

  • “what-can-I-do-you-for” salesman

  • losing money through investments

  • thief will steal my money

  • car repair shop up-sells you to get more money out of you

I’m not saying these things don’t exist – of course they do.  But if your subconscious decides that ALL businessmen are evil, ALL car repair shops are going to up-sell you and lie to you, not only is that wrong but it blocks you from being involved in those things in a beneficial way. Maybe you could be the greatest car-repair person, it’s what you love, but you’ll hold yourself back because of these misanthropic stereotypes inside of you. You should be allowed to be involved in anything, everything, without limit. You should be allowed Freedom.

Finding Your Money Restrictions

Figure out what is limiting you about money, then take steps to fix those limitations. Each specific limitation may make sense to you, or they may not – either way it can be very powerful. For example, you may realize you have a thought-pattern someplace inside of yourself that says, “anytime I have more than $3000, I lose it.”  Or maybe, “I do not deserve to hold a check in my hands that says $20,000”.  Really?  Why?  Try to tune-in to your personal limitations, even if it doesn’t totally make sense to your brain. “If I have $50,000 or more, I will be attacked.” It doesn’t make sense, but it can be a powerful blockage inside yourself that you need to clean. These things are not helping you, they are only hindering you and need to be cleared away.

Look back at your past experiences with money. What’s the most money you’ve ever held in your hand?  In your bank account? For how long? What feelings came up? What thoughts? What happened afterwards with the money? What mistakes have you made with money? What successes have you had with money?

A lot of our negative emotions and responses around money come from:

  • our parents or grandparents

  • our friends

  • our coworkers at our job/school

  • our spouse/significant other

  • the society we live in

  • the media we absorb (news, movies, music, games, YouTube)

In fact, if you experience the negative side of money in 3 or more of the above areas, you certainly will believe it, for no other reason than “everyone around me agrees”.  You aren’t even getting a chance to think about it and decide for yourself. Your society decided for you, and told you the way it is.  That’s not Freedom. You deserve to think for yourself, and make personal decisions in your life, and everyone around you needs to respect that.

Fixing Your Money Restrictions

Once you’ve found 1 or 2 or 3 of these restrictions, it’s time to start cleaning them.

To clean the emotional side of your monetary limitations use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), documented in various places on the Internet. There are free instructions for how to do this procedure for yourself, which is harmless and very beneficial at the same time.

Use the Tapas Acupuncture Technique (TAT) to clean the emotional side of your money limitations, as an alternative to EFT. Both TAT and EFT are very powerful techniques, and both freely documented on the Internet.

I am not posting links to these, you can find them yourself if you are really interested in helping yourself. Nobody else can fix your limitations, just you.

We don’t publicly have very many ways to overcome mental obstacles and hangups, yet. Society needs to fix this. Once you have overcome many emotional issues and seen the positive results, look for ways to clean these issues in the mental part of yourself. Find new ways to think. Simplify your thinking. Find the positive side to everything in your life – it takes creativity and can be a real challenge to find them. But you can.

Use the “as-if” technique to heal some separation issues within your mind. This is when you catch your mind saying, “that person is completely wrong and dumb, I’m glad I’m not them.” You stop yourself and say, “let me see it from their point of view. What was their past experience that would make them say that? do that?” Put yourself in their shoes. Because the truth is, you’re still you, there’s no danger in thinking this way. You can see life thru their eyes for a moment without losing yourself. You might be surprised that they have more dimensions to themselves than you first thought.

You can use the “as-if” technique to get more comfortable with a future that you want to experience. What would it be like if you were that person driving the high-end car, wearing the nice jewelry? Of course that could be you – so be them, for a moment and see what their life is like. Don’t know what their life is like? Find out. Talk to them. See what they’re seeing. You can choose to accept it or reject it – but you have to know what it is, first, to do that.

Visualization is a powerful thing for the mind. You can use it to burn up obstacles once you find them. There are many good visualization exercises in books like:

Root of Bad Businesspeople

The root problem behind the “cheating/stealing businessman” misbehavior is the OLD way of thinking about business (which some people still think, even today): the win/lose idea, also known as zero-sum game. It’s a very old viewpoint that’s completely outdated today, where the person believes that in order to have more, other people must have less. They take from others in order to have.  But that’s not really how the world works, even though it may seem like it to their misguided mind. Many people were raised to think this way; mentally intelligent people are some of the worst subscribers of this incorrect thought form.

The world around us actually works as a Win-Win scenario.  For me to win, I need you to win as well.  How is that possible?

Trees and People – A Natural Example

You inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. You can’t breathe carbon dioxide. Something needs to provide more oxygen, again and again throughout your entire life, or you will die.  It turns out trees and plants take in carbon dioxide, and emit oxygen!  Both life forms win, that way.

Real Estate Investing – Done Properly

Three siblings inherited a house from their recently deceased parents which they want to sell and split up the money. They don’t want to fix it up but it’s in bad disrepair, so it won’t sell for much. They don’t care, they just want the money fast. So they sell it to an investor quickly for cash – they’re happy now because they got $150,000 for the place, which split 3 ways is a decent amount of money for each person.

The investor spends lots of time and money fixing up the property repairing various problems that accumulated over time (replacing water turn-off valves that are frozen stuck, replacing the roof that is worn out, painting and repairing cupboards and walls, modernizing the kitchen, doing landscaping, etc.). The investor then sells the property a few months later for a lot more money. The investor is happy because they recovered all their costs and made some money as well.  The new buyers of the property are happy at the price, because it was $5000 below the usual sale price for this type of property in this neighborhood; and because everything is all fixed up and fresh. The contractors who worked on the project were paid everything in a timely manner, so they’re happy. Paint, supplies and parts were purchased, so local businesses benefited; the local economy is boosted a little bit. And the neighbors are happy because their view has improved – a freshly painted house, trees and shrubs trimmed nicely, and junk that had accumulated in the yard is cleaned up. The property values of other houses in the neighborhood are a little higher now because this house is cleaned up and looks nice again. Everybody wins.

All businesses founded on the principle of Win/Lose are going to die off.  New businesses founded on Win-Win will eat their lunch – take their customers and all their business. It’s already happening, you can see it in the most modern businesses on the Internet and in the world, today. Businesses with a specific goal to dramatically help their customers end up growing bigger and more successful. Businesses that are just in it to make money for themselves are shrinking and losing business. It’s dangerous to think the old way, today. It’s time to think new.

Being Dishonest Costs More Than It’s Worth

If I screw you in a business dealing, you will never work with me again. Why would you? So, I have to spend all my time looking for new business, starting from ground zero every time, which is by far the hardest way to run a business. And its the most dangerous, because I’m constantly creating gigantic risk for my business – any one of these people could sue me, spending lots of my money and time with expensive lawyers and court rooms. That’s not a good business plan.

A better business plan would be to make sure that my customers and my business partners get everything they were promised.  Maybe more. Now will you do business with me again? Of course you will. Return business costs a lot less. We can make money together, again and again. Partnerships, joint ventures work this way. Happy customers are a powerful thing for a business to have. Why would any business person not want to do it this way?  For me to win, I have to make sure you win. Even if I make a little less on this one deal, its still a huge win in the long run.

Here’s an example.  You and I have a business deal together, where we’re both supposed to make $5000 each.  But I find a tricky legal way to get an extra $1000 away from you; you will only get $4000, and I will get $6000.  But, despite knowing this trick, I ignore it and stick to the deal as we agreed – so you get your full $5000. And, once the deal closes, I additionally send you a thank-you card and a $50 gift certificate for the movies. Surprise! You’ll want to do business with me again next month – when we both make another $5000 each, and the next month we do that again, next month again, etc.  By giving up $1000 of stolen money, I made $15000 more with you, which I couldn’t have done before creating a happy relationship with you.

And that’s not considering the moral or karmic consequences from stealing from other people. Those are even stronger arguments, however, not everyone in our society has a balanced moral compass; not everyone believes in karma, which is why I explained it the way I did, above – proof using only money and business and numbers.

Karmically, Win/Lose is more Lose; not as much Win. If you steal $100 from someone, sure, you gained $100. But they lost $100 plus they get to experience the massive emotional distress of realizing someone stole something important from them! The pain from that experience could be the equivalent of $10K, $20K, $100K monetary value to them! Then they tell people in their family what happened, which makes their family sad – that’s more lost value. Then they spend money on a way to lock down their money in the future; they buy a safe, a wallet with a chain, a concealed gun to carry around… that’s even more lost value. All so you could gain $100. Looking at it from an overall-perspective, it was not worth it.

In fact, I propose you try doing the exact opposite – if you see someone not watching their wallet and it occurs to you to steal $100 from them, then do this:  take $20 from your own wallet and add it to theirs when they’re not looking, and watch what happens.  Now you are down $20, but they gained a lot more than $20!  The joy and amazement they’ll experience at seeing something magical happen that NEVER happens in our society – more money appeared out of nowhere! When does that ever happen? Never – but you made it happen.  How will doing this make you feel, too?  Even if you don’t get to see them “discover” it, you know they will later… do you think you’ll feel anything special from that?  And what equivalent amount of money is that feeling worth for you? More than $20….

The Inside Scoop

Win/Lose is created by the Lower Mind which is the logical, separative, calculating part of our mind. Limitation.

Win-Win is created by the Higher Mind which is sometimes called the Heart, or Intuition. Limitlessness.

The lower mind is not a bad thing – it’s just a different tool than the higher mind. We have both, we need both.

The lower mind speaks loudly; the higher mind whispers quietly. Meditation can help you calm and control your lower mind, allowing you to hear your higher mind.

We’re trained in school to operate our Lower Mind, but never taught to operate our Higher Mind. Most of our media is filled with lower-mindedness, rather than higher-mindedness.  Modern business is founded on lower-mindedness.  That is why it’s much harder to find Win-Win solutions at first. That’s why so many more people think Win/Lose instead of Win-Win.

In the future great schools will teach Higher Mind, and Win-Win scenarios for all age groups. The teachers will be surprised to find how easily young children accept these ideas naturally.

In the future great business entrepreneurs will make a tremendous amount of money and success with the Win-Win principals. Actually, many are already doing this today. It needs to be expressed publicly, and demonstrated for everyone.

What examples of Win/Lose have you experienced in your life?
What examples of Win-Win have you experienced in your life? Try to find 3 examples.
Is there a decision you are thinking about that looks like Win/Lose, today? How could you change it so everyone involved gets what they want or need? How different does that solution look from your current one? Is it a practical solution? Can it be made practical? How can you present this alternate solution to the other people involved?

When you learn how to create Win-Win situations with other people in your life, by practicing it, you won’t believe how your life will change for the better. You can do it.


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