Higher Internet

There is a higher Internet that exists on the Higher Mental plane.

I am not sure whether it existed before the physical-plane Internet did; let’s say earlier than 1990. I never dreamed about anything remotely related to the Internet before that time, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t exist.

I believe that when we build things on the physical plane, it customizes our minds down here to understand that certain things are possible, and gives us the ability to believe and to think in that way.  For example, before the USA and Russia sent rockets into outer space, and before Russia put up Sputnik (the very first orbiting satellite), Humanity’s consciousness largely did not include the thought of flying to other planets, other worlds. Sure, there were science fiction stories in the 1950’s thru 1970’s that talked about it, maybe a few before then even, the idea was just being born in our consciousness; but that type of story was not main-stream until much later. Most people did not read such stories.

When we create things on the physical plane, it opens our minds to understand and believe it, to form the mechanisms of how it works, and to cure our misbelief that “it can’t be done.”  I’m sure that this, in turn, enables our higher minds to participate in related things on the higher levels.  And if it doesn’t exist on the higher levels but would be useful up there, I’m sure that some of us participate in creating in there, and sharing it with everyone on those levels.

I have many memories now over the past 5 – 10 years about my experiences with the Higher Internet.  I’ve seen it operating, I sent messages to other people, I received visual messages and audio messages (like voice-mail); I remember “checking my messages” before waking up in the morning – and hearing the voice of a friend, with background sounds, just the same way I heard it the night before; it was obviously recorded, in my voice-mail, and I hadn’t deleted it yet.

When I woke up, many things struck me from that experience: My waking consciousness has no idea who that person is, though my higher-self remembers it’s my good friend, we talk a lot, and he was telling me something interesting.  I remember hearing a background noise of a vehicle going by behind him, and I remember hearing it at the exact same moment, in the same way, same volume, same everything – when I listened to it just before waking up the night before!  And, my emotional fear was saying “maybe there’s a truck coming towards me? I need to turn my head and see it, and get out of the way?” But no, there was no truck, I didn’t need to see anything; which is unusual – if this sound I was hearing was an Astral experience, my fear would have CREATED a truck for me to have to escape out of the way from; but nothing like that happened; nothing escalated, nothing transmogrified into my fear-based imagination. That’s one way I know it was on the Mental level, above Astral.

I have seen news on the Higher Mental plane, I’ve watched movies there (including some that my closest friend created), and used this Higher Internet to locate beautiful works of art – following the “clickable link” from paintings in the gorgeous art studio (more beautiful than any I’ve seen in our physical world by far), over to the actual original painting hanging on a wall in a building on a planet that I’ve never visited before.  In fact I was fixing all the “links” in the art studio, by following them and locating the painting if it had moved, and re-connecting the link, to make it easier for other people to do the same — zoom themselves from the displayed-art to the actual original artwork by the original author!  That is just one role I’ve played in improving the Higher Internet.

Sometimes experiencing something in our Physical world becomes an immensely important experience for life on the higher worlds.

When you do something in our world, and just as you learn it you end up never needing to use it ever again – you might think to yourself, “what was THAT all about? What a waste of time!” But the truth is, you didn’t waste your time. You learned something new. You trained yourself on something useful that you didn’t know before. That can be extremely useful on the higher levels.

Learn and do all that you can in our world, especially things you’re drawn to learning and doing. Don’t worry about when or where you’re going to use the skills and knowledge. On some level you may already have used them. You might be surprised how these most interesting things come in handy for you, somewhere, some day.


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