Great Beings in the Higher Worlds

In the Higher Worlds, there are great beings you can meet who have special skills in every avenue in life: Science, Art, Music, Education, Finance, Philosophy, Technology, Communications, and so on.

On the Higher Mental plane there are many people from many levels, including people who are much more spiritually advanced than we are, who live primarily on the Higher Mental plane and levels above that. They live very balanced lives that enables them to work on many exciting projects that are interesting to them, on topics that they are experts at. They work on projects that will help on many levels, including levels lower than themselves, like the Physical and Astral levels that affect us.

They work on new projects and make new discoveries, simplify things, connect things, and explain things to those who are interested. If you are able to visit the Higher Mental plane, you can join them and help them with their research projects, and contribute to great causes – and have a lot of fun in the process.

You Probably Work With Them

If you are scientifically minded you might join some of these great, great scientists in their every day work. And it’s not that big a deal; you don’t get super excited and nervous to meet them – you meet them on their own level, and they have respect for you just as you do for them. You try to understand their project and how you can help, and they try to understand your skills and limitations, to find the best way that you can help advance the project. It’s really fun and freeing and expansive feeling to do this.

When you’re meeting with these scientists and artists and philosophers on the higher levels, you can see them and hear them face-to-face just like in our physical world. But also, you can feel them – you feel their presence.

Hearing Meaning in Their Words

You also hear more than just their words; you receive the meaning that was intended, when the words were spoken, so there cannot be any misunderstanding of what was meant. It’s not like down here on the Physical Plane, where someone speaks a short sentence to you and have to figure out mentally what the heck they’re talking about, based on the context at the time, what the meaning could be, what related info is related or not related, how their background differs from yours, the meanings of acronyms you aren’t familiar with; none of these things are an issue on the Mental plane.

On the Mental plane you have an understanding of the thoughts that the person sent you at the same time as hearing the words. Perhaps the sound carries the thought? I know that in the Physical Plane, sound can carry thought; I’ve experienced that on a couple of occasions. This happening is a regular occurrence on the Mental plane, it’s just the way things are there, all the time.

You don’t even have to be looking at the person to be talking to them; you can just be mentally connected with them; understanding with them, thinking with them, listening to them, solving problems with them and conversing with them. Maybe they aren’t even in the same room with them, it’s possible; but sometimes you’re standing just next to them and you can feel their presence with you, and you can just communicate with a few words, and boom, the meaning gets across.  You can ask a question quickly and instantly they answer is given to you in just a few words and you clearly understand it.

Person Qualities – the Feeling of Them

When you meet some of these high-level people, sometimes they have special qualities about them. They have a feeling about them that feels like them – a unique, indistinguishable feeling that they are really them. They don’t have to speak or be seen by you, but you can sense them and know without a doubt it’s really them.  On the Physical Plane we only have this kind of sense (if we’re lucky!) with a few people: maybe our mom and/or dad, a close brother or sister, our beloved spouse; someone we spent a large part of our lives being very close to with our hearts. On the higher levels it can happen with anyone you get to know, any friends you have there, it’s very common and normal there.

Thinking about this reminds me of how I felt my grandmother’s presence in my bedroom a few days after she passed away, when I was a teenager; I clearly knew it was her, I could feel her presence near me and watching me, loving me and encouraging me and so proud of me. She was saying goodbye as she moved on, and wanted me to know that she loved me and is very proud of me. I could clearly tell, the feeling was so strong, and it really felt like her. That strong feeling of her never happened again.

It’s a very very unique feeling.  I know I have this feeling with my father, and my mother. I can remember the memory of their feeling, they each have a unique feeling unlike anybody else I’ve ever met, anywhere.

I know this doesn’t happen that often on the Physical Plane, but it definitely happens a lot on the higher levels.

Music in Their Presence

Another quality some of these advanced beings have is music in their presence – you can hear a background music playing. It’s not loud, but it’s clearly there, you can hear every note, and it fits perfectly with their presence, their intention, their action and intention at the time and place where they are. It’s like the sound track of their life, right at that moment, which involves you too because you are in their presence. I guess they hear it too, I’m not sure; I think they consciously choose the music, and can adjust it; it’s just part of their expression of existence on that level.

You know how you can get a song stuck in your head, and you can’t get rid of it for a period of time? Recently I had the same song constantly with me throughout the day, day after day for almost a week.  As soon as I’d wake up in the morning it would start playing again, and I would carry it with me all day. That kind of song colors your life, a bit, affecting the way you feel and the things you do, the way you speak, how you react to other people and conditions, somewhat; and so forth. It sets the tone of you, a bit. Well you’re the only one who can hear it. But what if others could hear it too? What if you could turn it off and on at will? What if the volume was never too loud to interfere with any other sounds or communication?

You can make the music-in-your-head come to an end, but you have to hold it to that – it takes practice to keep it from coming back again in a minute or two, because it usually wants to come right back again.

A better example of this musical existence would be like in High School when you’re hanging out with all your best friends, you’re all walking together, or biking, or sitting, you’re all focused together on something, and one of your friends brought their boom box, playing your group’s favorite songs. You hear it and feel it, you’re in it, connected to it. It feels so epic – like you’re on top of the world, invincible, energized; it just feels right in a way that’s hard to describe unless you’ve experienced it. On the Higher Mental plane it’s not that emotional, it’s like a refined version of that, a distilled, purified version of that feeling. It’s beautiful and perfect.

It’s interesting to listen to the music that is the background music of an advanced person on the Mental plane. It’s a little bit like in a movie when an epic moment is happening and the music sweeps into a crescendo; some TV shows do this near the end of the episode to great affect. This strikes a chord in us down here, because it’s a real thing on the higher levels. Even if we don’t have direct conscious memory of it, it’s there as a great part of human happiness and existence.

Continuous Music

On the Mental plane these songs do not have a beginning, middle, and end like songs do in our world.  These songs keep going and going; climbing up and down, growing and shrinking like the waves of the ocean, and the tide; always completely appropriate to the situation going on with the person creating the music.

I most recently heard a person’s music like this in my dreams last night, there was a woman who was helping me learn how to use a kind of tool or vehicle better on the Higher Mental plane, and I noticed her music and listened to it for a second or two while working with her on some project. Another time I recall hearing my dad (one of my meetings with him a year or two after he had passed away). He was playing a Jazz song that he really liked, and wanted everyone nearby to listen to it (typical dad!) It sounded nice, very crisp and clear and perfect, but it just wasn’t my kind of music.

Let’s Research This

People need to think about these experiences, study them, write about them, and discuss them together. How does this mechanism work? Who can do it? Can it be learned? Can it be taught? How advanced to you have to be to do this? What aspect(s) of self-development does it take to do this? Can we actually make progress here on the Physical Plane that helps us achieve this on higher levels? What is the work we do here, to achieve that?

It sure would be cool to be able to do that down here on the Physical Plane.


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