Animals visit the Astral Plane, Stopping Nightmares

I believe that animals visit the Astral plane sometimes when they go to sleep. Sometimes when our dog sleeps, he has a nightmare where he has to bark at something. Maybe an enemy dog, or an invading cat, who knows what it is. Our dog never barks in waking life, he’s a breed who just doesn’t do that, unless there’s a serious emergency of some kind. I’ve only heard him actually bark twice in the 7 years we’ve had him.

But last Monday, and again today, my nice doggy was sleeping on his cushion while I was working in the office. He started yipping a little bit, and began barking a kind of restrained bark, his whole body shaking from the activity. He was dreaming a bad dream, and when I touched him to pet him and reassure him, he flinched and woke up, and raised his head a bit to look at me.

I knew what to do, what I always do to stop nightmares.  I got out the eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus oil helps fend off bad energies and forces and thought forms from your body if you need it, and is especially good at stopping nightmares when you are going to sleep at night. I’ve used it for years, it’s really really good at this.

I open the bottle and cover the top with my fingers, then tip it upside down for a moment to wet my fingers. Then I pet my nice doggy’s fur, down his back, on the top of his head, and a little on his belly.  I try not to get too close to his nose, since dogs are so sensitive to smells – and eucalyptus oil is seriously pungent and strong.

He went back to sleep both times (yesterday and today) – with no nightmares.  Unlike previous times where I didn’t use the oil, and after waking him up and seeing him go back to sleep, he had nightmares a second time, right away.

Another way you can use it is to put a bowl or cup of hot water in the room, and add 2-3 drops of oil in it. You don’t need more than that to fill the whole room with the nice aroma of eucalyptus.

This stuff really works in my experience.

If you want to buy some, try to find the purest eucalyptus oil you can get. No extra ingredients.

I recommend it for people and doggies alike.


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