Dream-Experiences Stick With You

Have you ever had a dream that was so cool, it impressed you so much, you just couldn’t stop thinking about it the next day?

Some dreams stick with you, even years later.  You’re able to still remember and marvel over what happened in that one dream.

When that happens it was probably an out of body experience, not just a plain dream. You were probably on a higher level when you experienced it, you may have experienced it with as your higher self, and it left such an impression on you that your lower physical-world consciousness was aware of it happening too.  Sort of like if you’re doing something and people are talking nearby but you’re ignoring it; then, all of a sudden their subject changes to something unusual, something you’re interested in, or possibly about you; suddenly your ears perk up and you can’t avoid listening to the discussion even though you’re still busy doing what you were doing.

I have experienced this many times, I’ve been to many places over the years that were each completely different from each other, and brought back memories of entire segments of the experience that were amazing. My creative imagination is just not capable of coming up with such rich, diverse scenarios that stay consistent during the time I’m visiting them – it’s got to be something more than pure imagination.

You might experience visiting unusual lands with different colors than where we live, being in amazing class rooms in a school, meeting interesting teachers, working on group projects with good friends, visiting laboratories or facilities, being involved in battles against unknown bad guys, exploring new buildings or campuses with amazing architecture, saving someone’s life, communicating over the Higher Internet, or playing virtual-reality games that would blow your mind.

Not only are these things amazingly fun while you’re experiencing them, but they’re fun to remember when you wake up. If you write them down after you wake up, as best as you can, you’ll have a reminder of so many more details that could get fuzzy over the next 10-20 years.

The main dream-experience sticks with you the rest of your life.


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