Elderly Passing Away

What happens when a person dies?

When a person passes away, it is only their physical body that has died – they are still conscious and aware, just on the astral plane now. The first thing that happens is they are intercepted by helpers who guide them to a safe location so they can grasp what is happening to them. Within the next day or two, they meet with their Solar Angel, and review their entire life like a movie – where they get to analyze everything they did during their physical plane life, and decide whether they did right or wrong – cleaning karma or accumulating it. At the end of this movie, they clearly understand how their words and actions were actually received by all the people around them when they were alive in the physical plane. They clearly see now why and how they hurt other people, and the degree they hurt them; they realize the times they were misunderstood now, why and how; and so forth.

This gives them the basic foundation which they can use to have a last visit directly with the loved ones from their life. They visit each person who was very close to them during their physical life, if that person is open to it, for a few minutes or a half-hour or so. Sometimes the loved one is not conscious that this is happening; although they may think fond memories suddenly of the one who has passed; remembering events from their life experiences; and then the feeling passes and they think nothing of it. If the loved one is sleeping, they may meet on the astral or mental plane and have a lovely conversation. When awake, if the loved one is a little more conscious about the higher worlds, they may feel a sensation that the passed person is visiting them, and stop what they’re doing to sit quietly with them, calm their emotions, quiet their mind, open their heart and bring love to it – and, without forcing anything, just be with the thoughts and feelings of that person, and commune with them, in a way. It really feels like sitting down next to your best friend and talking comfortably with them.

A Visit From my Grandma

This happened to me when I was a teenager, when my grandmother (on my father’s side) passed away. I remember it was a couple of days after her death, I was in my bedroom and I felt her presence so strongly. So I stopped what I was doing and just sat on the edge of my bed and felt her and connected with her. I could feel her smile. I felt she was standing in front of me looking at me and feeling love and pride about me, and apologizing to me for the times when we had conflicts. I apologized too, told her I loved her, and thanked her for visiting me. It lasted about half an hour.

Eventually, some years later, the person’s astral body passes away too; so they move on to the mental plane. Now they live in their mental body only. They can live there for many more years, even hundreds of years, before their mental body passes away too from old age.

People who have harmed themselves with drug abuse and poisoned themselves with harmful thoughts and actions while alive, often spend little or no time in these higher worlds; their bodies up there can’t handle it and they pass on much more quickly.

When Everything is Gone

At some point, eventually all of a person’s earthly vehicles have passed away. If they haven’t cleared all their karma and still have ties back to other people, they will reincarnate back here again with a fresh set of bodies – physical, emotional, and mental. A fresh start as a new baby!

If, instead, they have cleaned all their karma and mastered this world, then there’s no purpose left for them to return here as before; they can now move on to higher responsibilities and studies, which is completely exciting and new for them. Graduation!

Those Who Mastered Our World

These people who have literally mastered our world and therefore don’t have to return – they are very fascinating to think about. That’s who people are referring to when they say “Ascended Masters” or “Masters of Wisdom” – they have followed the wisdom of our world, and mastered all the aspects of living a life Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally. They did it. They got it. They’ve accomplished something that seems so hard to us. We can be inspired by their example. I’d like to think that we’re all striving towards that degree of perfection.

I understand that a large number of people have graduated from the school of Earth by mastering it – they’ve moved on to higher duties already. It’s frustrating to me that they are not widely seen today in our society, because they could set very good examples for all of us to strive for consciously. They still have a presence in our world, but it is much more subtle.

Masters Create Masterpieces

Now you may be getting an inkling of the meaning behind the word “Masterpiece”.  A Masterpiece is a great work that shows the height of accomplishment of someone who has truly Mastered their craft. Everybody has areas that they can become an expert in; a Master has exceeded all other people in the area that they have mastered. An example of a Masterpiece might be the decimal numbering system. Or, domesticated cats. The sign of a great Masterpiece is that it is still used and valued hundreds of years or even thousands of years after its creation.

A true Master is someone who has Mastered their personality and cleaned their karma. They don’t owe anybody anything now. They learned all their lessons. They can basically accomplish anything in our world at this point. You could say life is too easy for them, now. They became good at everything – art, science, finance, religion, communication, music, dance, writing, genetics, teaching, you name it. Very few people ever get to meet a master in their physical life; some people get to meet them on a higher levels at night. When you meet a master, it’s a powerful experience you’ll never forget.

A true Master is a Masterpiece, themselves.


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