Meditation to Calm and Connect You

Meditation can calm your emotions and mind. We need this to give us perspective, and control over these bodies of ours that want to be out of control a lot of the time. Meditation can help you be the captain of the boat and the sea; rather than huddling down at one end of the boat, getting pummeled by waves and rain.

There are many different types of meditation. The best kind is very simple – start with relaxation. Close your eyes and sit relaxed. Take 3 deep breaths. Silence your feelings. Quiet your mind. Go back over your body and see where you’re tensed up; relax that part. Quiet your feelings and mind again. Hold onto that quiet. Keep silencing them if any party of you speaks up, because your parts aren’t used to it yet.

Don’t beat yourself up or accuse yourself, or say “I can’t do it,” because that hurts you. Don’t hurt you. Be nice to you. Instead just calmly and quietly try again. Silence. Physical silence, emotional silence, mental silence.

When you can sit silently, the next step is integration – visualize your body, your emotions, and your mind integrating, combining, with each other, sort of like a camera picture that’s out-of-focus and gently coming into focus. Three becoming one. Hold yourself that way for a while – be one whole self.

Again, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t do this right away, it’s harder than it sounds for most of us. It takes lots of practice, and from practice you will be able to do it. It feels good to do this.

Once you can do that, the next step is alignment – connect your one body up to a powerful source of light and love. Imagine your bodies reaching up or rising up to the light, to love – maybe to God, or to Christ, or to Krishna, or Buddha, or any great being that you believe in. If you don’t believe in anything like that, then see yourself reaching up to your Higher Self – the greater You that exists, and is waiting for you, happy to see you coming to visit.

The total time you should start to do this is 5 minutes a day. Not more. After you’ve been doing this regularly for a month or more, you can increase that to 10 minutes a day. After 3-6 months, you can meditate for 15 minutes, if you want, but no more than that per day. Meditation is not about disappearing into infinity, or spending all your time. It’s about silently focusing yourself at regular intervals (daily), and connecting to higher sources of energy that you already have within you – connecting to your higher You.

You don’t have to bring back any messages, hear any voices, or get any special feelings from your meditation. This quietness of all your bodies can help you realize interesting ideas, new things you never thought of before, but that is not the goal here. And, it might just be your mind trying to avoid being silent – just tell it to be quiet for a few minutes. Later you may get excellent new ideas and insights about things interesting to you. If you do, write them down after your meditation.

Some days are a lot harder than others. If you just can’t for whatever reason, don’t worry about it. Try again tomorrow. Don’t let your mind and your feelings trick you into giving up.

Once you’re able to successfully practice this meditation, I recommend seeking a meditation teacher for more instruction. The next step is to meditate on various subjects with your mind, beautiful things like flowers and trees, try to find the purpose behind things in our world; or concepts like beauty, goodness, justice, joy, freedom, sacrifice, service – what do they mean, what are the consequences, what can I do to increase these in my life, how can I help others obtain these things, etc.

This meditation will help you stay focused when visiting the higher worlds when you go to sleep at night, and to have the energy you need to experience things there and bring back the amazing stories of your journeys in the higher worlds, to write in your journal. How amazing will it be to read years worth of interesting dream-experiences and meditation-realizations you’ve had, after a few years go by?


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