Sleeping Piano Playing Man

I have a lot of friends on the Higher Mental plane. Sometimes I go there and visit with them when I sleep. I get to explore, do scientific experiments, and learn things about the world around us, and talk to each other about it – show off our findings. Everything is open there. We go our separate ways to visit places we want to visit, and we join back together again at various times to share our findings. Some friends I see more than others.

This one night I had many dreams that I remembered and recorded in my Dream Journal that I keep next to my bed. I have a mechanical pencil stuck in the spiral metal rings holding the journal pages together so I can wake up, rotate my body 90 degrees to sit up on the edge of my bed, grab my journal and start writing before I lose anything. Every moment counts, and not having to use my lower brain to figure out how to write it all down helps even more.

The following is just one snippet of a long night’s experience.

I was walking around the inside of a building where different people were doing different interesting things in different rooms. I walked past a closed door with a big window where I spotted a man sitting at a black grand piano. I opened the door and walked up to him, and he was playing some nice music. It was a song I’ve heard before; I don’t recall what it was now, though.

I continued walking past 2 or 3 more doorways and found my best friend in a room setting up some experiment or something. He is a nice young man in his late 20’s or early 30’s, average stature, blonde hair. He’s a scientifically minded person, someone who thinks the way I do, so we share notes and do experiments together, learn things from each other and have a lot of fun doing so. He’s one of my buds on the Higher Mental plane. (Awake now in the Physical world, I can tell you that I’ve never seen this person before in my physical worldly life. But I’ve seen him many times over the years in these sort of dream experiences).

When he saw me my friend said, “did you see the man playing the piano?” we zoomed back to stand outside the doorway, looking at the man playing the piano. He was sitting at the piano but not playing anything at the moment. “I heard him playing earlier,” I said, “he’s really good.” My friend replied, “well, watch this.”

My friend opened the door and we went inside. The man was just sitting facing the piano (away from us), poised to play, but not moving; not playing. We zoom up to his side. When he spotted us standing there out of the corner of his eye, he immediately started playing the piano, playing a song right in the middle, the same song, just like I heard him playing before. “He does that every time,” my friend said. I hadn’t realized it before, but I think he was right. This is very strange.

We zoom out of the room through the doorway and close the door. We talk about the man briefly, considering many possibilities of what’s going on with him, pondering how we can help him. We could hear that he stopped playing again. We go back inside and stand next to him again. Same thing happens again – he realizes we’re standing there, and starts playing the same song again, from the same exact spot as before, right in the middle of the song! My friend leans over and shouts in the man’s ear, trying to help him, to tell him what’s going on – he doesn’t have to play the piano any more, he’s not back at home like he thinks he is, nobody is expecting him to play now, nobody will be mad at him if he stops playing, he can really do anything he wants to now, he’s free, etc. But it doesn’t help. The man keeps facing forward, concentrating on playing his song.

I feel so bad for this man, whoever he is. I wonder what kind of trauma he went through to end up like this. Some people don’t realize they’ve passed away from the Physical plane and wind up in strange situations like this. Could that be what happened to this man? I have no idea. And I don’t know how to help him.

Eventually I get tired of waiting for my friend and not knowing how I can help; so I leave to find something else to see. If anyone can get thru to the man, it’s my friend.

I hope my friend figures out what to say to wake up the piano playing man.


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