Elderly Couple In the Park

I dreamed that I was visiting a nice park with grass, trees, and a nice walkway with a park bench near it. It was a beautiful sunny day.

On the bench sat an older woman, just sitting there looking forward. Her husband, who passed away, still loves her very much and enjoys being near her when she visits the park. However, his favorite thing in the world to do is going swimming. He loves the cool water of a large swimming pool, he loves swimming laps and getting good exercise, and moving through the water. So, as he’s in the Astral plane now, where anything can be created by your own mind, the couple gets to do both things at the same time – he is swimming in the water in the Astral plane facing her as she sits on her park bench, in the park, in the Physical plane. No matter how hard he swims as he plows through the clear blue splashing water, he never gets closer or further from her – he remains about 2 or 3 feet in front of her, his head level with hers. Because he loves seeing her and being with her. And she sits there quietly, knowing that he is close by, not seeing him so much as feeling him and enjoying his company, as he enjoys her company.

I caught a glimpse of the activity, the togetherness, of this whole beautiful moment, and I just realized right then that love really can span worlds.

Well – I just had to tell someone.  Earlier that night in an earlier dream-experience, I was on the Higher Mental plane with a friend of mine. We were trying to wake up a man who was playing a piano, sort of; he was kind of hypnotized and didn’t know where he really was. I’ll tell that story another time.

The above event with the elderly couple being together despite living on different planes of existence was so moving to me, and was such a perfect example of cross-world communication that I wanted to tell my friend. So I shifted myself up to the Mental level and zoomed over to where he was (just by thinking about him). I shared with him this amazing experience I just had, in an excited tone of voice and energy. My friend responded with a cold shoulder and a look of boredom. He didn’t want to hear about the Astral plane, and worse still, the Physical. Everyone knows that the real world is the Mental plane where we are right now, that’s where all the good stuff is – the real science, the real fun, good people, joyfulness, plenty instead of insufficiency, and so forth. Why was I even bothering him with this crap? He didn’t want to hear about it.

I felt so let down. My good friend who I talk about science with all the time, didn’t want to hear about my discovery. It was kind of snobbish of him, but understandable since he never goes any lower down than the Mental plane. He just doesn’t need to. His life is here on the Mental level, and that suits him just fine. I get it – that’s all he wants. I shouldn’t push him to appreciate something he doesn’t want to. But this was so cool!  Who am I going to share it with?

This has happened many times in the past, I remember – as soon as I launch into a description of something Astral or Physical that was really interesting to me, my friend on the Mental level stops me 1-second into my description. Sometimes I’m so excited, I can’t stop describing it; and he goes elsewhere instantly, leaving me explaining this interesting thing to the wind. To nothing. Just talking in space, talking, explaining, describing, gesturing, emoting; with nobody to see or hear me. It’s OK with me – maybe the wind needed to hear it.  Maybe I needed to hear it. I love the things I love, and sometimes describing things is what I love too; so I won’t stop until the story is told.

A few minutes later my story is done, followed by silence and stillness – and then off I go to find the next interesting thing I can in whatever worlds I feel like visiting next.



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