Moving Between Astral and Mental Planes

I am not exactly sure how I move between Astral and Mental levels, most of the time it just happens on its own. But I know the times I forced it, some experiences I had doing that.

One night I decided that I wanted to skip past the Astral plane quickly. When I arrived in the Astral plane I was in a scenario that was outdoors, in a neighborhood with houses and front yards with grass, mailboxes, etc., on a nice sunny comfortable day. I could hear kids nearby playing, someone was washing their car, small background sounds like that. I ignored all of these things that I saw and heard, and just started walking in a straight line, diagonally across the yard I was standing in, not in any particular direction. My lower mind said, “I’m going towards the street, I have to look for cars approaching from the left and right; why aren’t I looking? Now I’m walking across the street! Oh good, no cars came down the street. Now I’m crossing the yard on the other side of the street. If I keep walking in a straight line, won’t I bump into the wall of this house? Should I look where I’m going?” But I ignored all that and walked on with focused intention – and suddenly – pop! – I was on the mental plane. I felt great relief and success that I found a way to get there intentionally!

Another time I sat down in a meditation position, focused my mind in the center of my head just as you do with meditation on the physical plane – and pop! – I was on the mental plane.

This led me to realize – some of the things we do on the physical plane have seriously huge impact on the higher levels. The act of meditation in our physical world, when performed regularly and continuously, helps you on many levels not just the physical plane.

Meditating is not only helping you in our “real” world.  It helps you on higher levels, too.

To get back down to the astral level from the mental level, it’s a kind of “letting go” feeling – nothing visually changes, instead a copy of all that I can see around me is duplicated by the infinitely pliable matter of the astral plane – but now everything is an astral construction, not the real thing, so for example if my friend was talking to me, now he is still talking, but strangely, his words aren’t making sense anymore. Or he is telling me something I already knew. Things usually degrade at this point, until I wake up a few minutes later back in our physical world.

These are just some of my experiences. Your experiences may vary. I’d be interested to hear if you’ve experienced anything like this before.


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