Warriors of Light

Some people are warriors on the higher levels, even when they are just a shadow in this physical world. Usually there are signs about them that helps you realize who they really are, if you are open to looking and listening beyond the obvious. Most people are not able to do that, they like to judge people by the most obvious external qualifications. Have you seen one of these warriors in your life?

Warriors on the higher levels do not have to be warriors on the physical plane. They don’t have to be rich, or even middle-class. They may have a steady job, or they may not. They may be chronically sick or mostly healthy. There is no single obvious thing indicating who they are in our physical world. They often have very strong energy about them, confidence in the things they like to talk about and do, and an overwhelming sense of fairness and right-action, expecting it from themselves and all of the people around them. This world is extra difficult for them sometimes because of the dirt and corruption that is so prevalent all around us today.

To the degree that we manage to clean up the dirt and corruption here on Earth, to that degree we will be enlightening the load on the warriors who move among us, enabling them to fight for all who need their help on many levels.

What do warriors do on the higher levels? One thing they do is defend the weak and innocent, and protect them from bad forces. Some can stop people from committing suicide (in our physical world) by visiting them on the astral level to help them. I’ve been told that there often are two evil entities connected to the person considering suicide, whispering terrible things in their ear, nonstop. The warrior speaks to the evil entities and says, “if you don’t leave immediately, I will kill you!”  And he means it. The warrior is trained for battle on this plane of existence and could win such a small battle easily, every time. The entities realize this and usually flee immediately. Once in a while an entity tries to fight back and is destroyed immediately.

Warriors sometimes protect and guide animals in the physical world to defend them from unfair and unjust harm at the hands of heartless and harmful human beings.

Warriors help root out corruption on the physical plane, invoking natural disasters at the critical moment to destroy dangerous facilities that are harming humanity with their evil practices. They actually have ways of acting on the astral and mental planes in some way that invokes a reaction here on the physical plane. I don’t understand how that’s possible, I wish I understood how it works. Somebody needs to study this scientifically so we can all learn more about it.

Invisible Helpers are a variation on these warriors in our society. Invisible Helpers can help on physical, astral and mental planes.  There’s  fascinating Kindle book on Amazon that tells more about their work:

INVISIBLE HELPERS (Timeless Wisdom Collection Book 447)

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