Being Conscious on Higher Planes

When I am conscious on higher planes, like the Higher Mental level, it’s funny because there’s the “lower” me (my lower mind) which is where my consciousness lives currently. I find myself trying to figure out this new world that I suddenly woke up in, the Higher Mental world; usually right in the middle of some kind of activity. I get the feeling that my higher self has been talking and interacting, and the people are talking to me at my higher-self level, so my lower self hears this and wonders what they’re talking about.

You know, if you join a conversation in the middle (at a party for example), you listen to the next few sentences that people speak, and try to decipher what the conversation is about. Sometimes you can tell, sometimes you can’t. It’s not so bad when the two people conversing are both separate from you, two of your friends talking together; and you walk up, and try to join in.  They both clearly see that you weren’t here a minute ago, so they understand you might have missed some key information related to the conversation. But what if that conversation was between somebody else and YOU, a different “you” than the one which just “woke up” on this interesting level? You have to respond sometimes to what the other person’s saying; what do you say in return that won’t sound dumb? What do you say that won’t give away your “infiltration of the higher worlds” so to speak? It’s a funny situation I’ve found myself in many times over many years.

When this happens to me on the Higher Mental plane, sometimes I go ahead and ask a question that my lower mind is wondering – because if they would just answer that question, my lower-self would learn something, and I’d be one step closer to understanding the conversation.  But when I do this, usually I just get a puzzled look, because what I just said was not something they expected from me, it’s not something my higher self would say, which they were just talking to a moment ago!

I feel like a spy sometimes, when I’m there – I know I’m in a high-level place, where only higher-mental plane beings live and interact; and I’m from “way down there” (the physical plane). One time when this happened, I negotiated a few conversational phrases with a friend and we were walking into another room of a fascinating large home I’ve never seen before. I decided to confide in my friend that I was “also awake on the physical plane!” I mentioned that actually I was physically asleep, but my waking consciousness was awake on this higher mental plane. My friend had a look of shock and doubtfulness on his face when I said it! I think he couldn’t think of anything to say in response. It kind of made me laugh … and regret saying it.

Other times I just stay silent, watching and listening. Those are the times that I learn the most. Usually I don’t figure it all out at once; I have to wake up, think about what I’ve seen and heard, and I figure out things about it later on (weeks later, or sometimes years later).

I wonder about my higher self, who must have been participating in that conversation which I interrupted; he doesn’t mind me being there? Usually this happens at the tail end of my dream experience, when it’s nearly time to wake up; I have a few minutes of consciousness on the higher levels before I drift back downwards, pulled back to my physical body, back into our physical world, gently, and eventually wake up in my bed.

My higher self generally stays quiet when I’m there; rarely do I hear my higher-me speak. When he does, it’s my own voice, more pure sounding than my normal voice in our earthly world. I would call it the “perfect version” of my voice, if I could speak perfectly, full sound, proper pitch, intensity, feeling, intention, confidence, no ill feelings, etc. My higher self watches me being awake, exploring, trying to understand, learning more and more over time. I think my higher self is happy to see me waking up like this. Maybe someday I will be awake on all of these levels at all times, just like the greatest people throughout history. I feel pretty far away from that stage right now, though.



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