Different Types of Sleeping

There are different types of people in our world, and they experience sleep differently.

Some people, when they sleep, are just out like a light – no mental or emotional activity; no traveling to distant worlds. And that’s OK. That is a natural way to sleep that matches the level of development that they are at.

Some people float away from their body a small distance, but are still out like a light – no conscious activity. The next day they wake up refreshed, ready for a new day.

Some people are able to leave their physical body and take off with their Astral body – visit the Astral plane when they sleep. Maybe not every night, but many nights.  More and more, with practice.

Still other people are able to depart from their Physical and Astral bodies, and travel to the Mental plane with their Mental body. Upon returning, it can feel like “waking up” to travel back to the Astral plane – and “waking up again” to actually wake up in the physical body.

Still other people can go one level further and visit the Intuitional plane with their Intuitional (or Buddhic) body. Perhaps only .01% of the population on the physical plane can do this.

Regardless of which of these things you’re able to do, you may or may not remember it when you return to Physical consciousness. Even if you travel all over, most nights, you may or may not remember it when you awake. It’s not simple to bring back the memories and sounds and thoughts and feelings of the other worlds. Rather than saying, “I haven’t ever been there,” it would be more accurate to say, “I can’t recall ever being there.”

When you first visit a new level you’ve never been to before, it’s like being born anew. It’s a strange world, you don’t know the rules yet, and don’t have full command of your faculties yet. You can open your eyes, and look around, and see things going on – great, fun, mysterious things, happy things. Just by practicing doing things in this new world you naturally grow and learn and become more and more capable. And through practice you are able to visit more often, have more energy to do things while you’re there, and stay longer each time.

After visiting other worlds thousands of times, you become completely used to the rules of those worlds – the rules seem strange only when we’re on the physical plane. Rules that are completely natural in those other lands. When you eventually start remembering your experiences there, a plain ordinary experience on a higher level might seem mind-blowingly unbelievably awesome to our regular world.

Someday you will master your physical body in our Physical world.  Someday you will master your emotions, and your Astral body in the Astral world. Someday you will master your mind, and your Mental body on the Mental level.

And then — I can only imagine what amazing things will be in store for you after that.


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