Angels Help on Many Levels

Angels are all around us, and can come and help us when you desperately need it. Angels can help us directly with energy adjustments to our auras, and they can also inspire other creatures in our world to come and help us in person, sometimes in unexpected ways. Some people are psychic enough to see or hear Angels, and be inspired by them or cooperate with them as a result.

In my experience, Angels help us on at least 3 levels: Physical/Etheric, Astral/Emotional, and Mental levels.

The Love of a Fly

When I was still single, in my early 30’s, I occasionally went out on dates with different women to try to meet someone I was compatible with. After a string of pretty bad experiences one day, I just felt like giving up, like I would never meet a decent woman who was not already married. I did everything I could, overcame many obstacles in my own personality, learned to dress nice and to dance, to be strong but caring, and many other things; but despite all that, every woman I went out was seriously lacking in major ways. I just felt overwhelmed and felt like there’s no way I could try any harder, and maybe what’s the point, maybe I just won’t date anyone anymore, because I certainly am not enjoying it.

In that state of emotion, I went to the KFC near my house for dinner. I took my meal and sat down by the window so I could look outside. Immediately a fly appeared, flying around the table. “Damn it!” I thought. “I forgot – sitting near the window never works, there’s always flies. Flies must really like fried chicken, because I always see them in this restaurant – especially near the window.  Oh well, I might as well just sit here and eat my fly-ridden dinner, because who cares at this point, I really don’t care anymore.” And I started to eat my meal, ignoring the fly.

The fly landed on my arm, then flew onto my nose and walked around there. It tickled a little bit. I ignored it. But I started to feel relief. I didn’t feel like waving the fly away, and I had nothing else to do besides eat my dinner; so I watched this fly instead of waving it away and being irritated like usual when a fly is around me.

The fly flew to the far side of the table, and landed. It soon flew up and buzzed around my head, landed on my hair, and walked around there for a bit.  Then it flew over and landed on my left shoulder. “Great, I have a new pet,” I thought to myself. There was something different about this fly, I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was.

The fly flew back to my face and walked on my cheek, then flew over to the other cheek. I started to get the distinct impression that I was being kissed! I felt the energy of a loving woman kissing me. I know I’m not mistaken; there is no other feeling like that in the world. The fly flew down onto my forearm and continued kissing me. I could see it’s little mouth like element touching my arm, over and over again. It moved around a bit, and kissed me some more.

I couldn’t believe the wave of relaxation and happy feeling that was coming over me.

If the human world cannot bring itself to produce a woman for me to meet that can love me and be selfless instead of selfish like every woman I meet, then the rest of nature would step up and take care of me for time time being. Until I meet that right woman.

Am I crazy to think this fly is kissing me? The energy I felt of being kissed was human-sized, not fly-sized. How could a fly generate that much energy? Everything the fly did was normal fly-things to do: flying around, landing, walking, using it’s little sucker-mouth, and flying around again. But the result was so different on some level, on an emotional level, it was healing me somehow.

Then I realized what it was that was different about this fly:  It refused to land on my food. My delicious and greasy chicken. My warm mashed potatoes and gravy. My sweet cole-slaw. My sticky fingers (and mouth), because eating fried chicken can be pretty messy. This fly was completely avoiding the obvious thing that flies want most! This fly was not being selfish, it was being selfless, and helping a fellow being who was in need of love. This fly was more advanced than any of the women I had dated in the past month!  Once in a while we hear stories about animals (usually dogs, or other large animals) selflessly saving the lives of their owner, or another animal, by risking their own. Animals certainly can show selflessness, in greater amounts than the average person. I never thought tiny creatures like flies could do that too.

I learned something that day.

I believe the fly was inspired by an Angel, and was filled with inspiration and energy to connect with me and send me the love and encouragement to keep going, not give up, because everything was going to be OK. Human-kind failed to love me and protect me, but fly-kind stepped up and filled the gap. For that I am forever grateful.

And I learned too, that flies are not just dirty creatures with no point to existence. All creatures have a reason for being, and can serve a purpose. Some can be pure and even loving, even to a degree that beings much greater than themselves can feel!

The very nature around us wants to help us, and is on our side, when we are on the side of goodness and happiness for everyone. This is such an interesting world that we live in.

Bow of Respect

This is about a little boy who bowed to me in Walmart.

I was doing some shopping at Walmart about 2 years ago, pushing my shopping cart from isle to isle. There is quite a motley range of people who shop at Walmart, and I suppose I am one of them.

The previous day I was just finishing 3 days of visualizations that I created for myself, which I really need to explain. I was getting the distinct impression that all of Humanity was sort of like a single human being – with a body, arms, legs, a head, torso, etc.  That Humanity had eyes, a nose, a mouth, ears, etc.  I wondered to myself what does this single Humanity-being look like? How old is he or she? How tall? How strong? So I meditated on Humanity as a whole, visualizing what that Humanity would actually look like.

And I started seeing something. I saw Humanity as a young man, maybe 19-20 years old with dark hair and very tall, handsome, but sleeping – his eyes were closed, and he was happily dreaming. He’s not quite ready to operate his body yet.  It’s probably a good thing that he was sleeping, because his body was in a pretty bad state – it looked to me like one side of his chest was completely missing, and part of one arm, from his shoulder to his elbow; but the hand and forearm was there. Other parts of him were there, but a little bit mangled, or skinny; not quite working yet.  Not ready to be used yet. There was enough of him that I could see how handsome and powerful he was becoming, I felt proud of him, and wanted to energize him and heal him!

So I spent 3 days (only about 15 mins per day) visualizing healing energy going to his whole body. Creating the pieces that were missing, making them look beautiful and perfect, fitting right in with the rest of his body. I could really feel energy transferring to this visualization of Humanity, which was fascinating. It felt so good, but took a lot of energy.  I just felt so happy the rest of the day on these 3 days. I don’t know if anybody else has ever done this before.

So here I am, pushing my cart down an aisle, with different people going in different directions around me. A lady was standing next to me looking at something onthe other side of our aisle; a native american man pushed his cart towards the left, going away from me, with his two young sons trailing behind, playing with a toy and kind of running around nearby. I suddenly felt the whole area became quiet in an unusual way I can’t describe; not audio-quiet, more like feelings and thoughts quiet. One of the little boys (who can’t have been more than 6 years old) ran away from his dad’s cart to a point directly in front of me, like he was flying an airplane with his arms. He stopped directly in front of me about 3 feet away, facing me, but looking down. He stood upright and still for one second. Then he bowed a deep bow directly towards me, raised back up and bowed again, and back up again – all within less than 1 second. I could feel the energetic impact upon me of this amazing vision happening before me – I could feel a huge wave of energy connecting to me! Then he ran off, back towards his daddy, without ever looking at me even once!

I looked around, somebody else MUST have seen what just happened. There were surprisingly few people around at the moment. The lady standing next to me? She was focused on the cans of food on the shelf immediately next to her, she never saw a thing. Nobody else saw anything – it was just for me.

I felt so happy from that experience – I could tell an Angel wanted to thank me for my recent contribution to Humanity, to affirm that my help is really helpful, and it’s being seen, and it’s being acknowledged by those who can see world events in a sort of clarity that we never see. I can imagine the amount of energy it must take for unseen helpers to manifest a physical presence, to arrange for something to happen on the physical plane like this.  This Angel somehow energetically encouraged the little boy (who is probably still highly connected to the angelic world he came from, back before he was born) to perform a movement that just felt right to him, without needing any mental knowledge of what he was doing.

I just stood there, still not believing what I just saw – and floored that literally nobody around me saw it when I did.  It was not a coincidence. The boy never strayed that far away from his daddy’s cart before, or after. I followed them for a little bit, to see if the boy would point, or laugh, like “the joke’s on you,” but nothing like that ever happened. Plus, he’s a bit young to have those kind of negative feelings towards an adult he’s never seen before. Plus, he was playing and having fun, I could see that. Plus, I wouldn’t have felt such energy associated with the movement if it had just been a prank.

After it happened I had to really think back and figure out why I deserved such a visual blessing that left me feeling happy for many days. I realized it was the blessings to Humanity from the previous days.  This world is alive and conscious, watching all of us, ready to help when true help is needed, ready to reward when great achievements are performed. I’ve seen it for myself.

Humanity needs our blessings. Humanity is one, whole, being. We are moving from the individual to the group, and then to the universal. In a group, you still have your individuality. In the universal, each group still has its personality. I can really see the progress we, Humanity, has made just in the short lifetime that I’ve been alive. We need to keep going.

Angel Cleared Negative Energy From My Heart

Story of waking up and feeling damaged from a bad dream and an angel pumped something behind my back up and down and said “mascara and you’re there” 3 times (actually is Sanskrit language)

Once in a while, if I take a nap during the day or early evening (which particularly happens if I’m not feeling well for some reason), when I wake up I feel horrible – like something is really wrong with me, energetically. It’s a feeling I didn’t have before I went to sleep, and I’ve experienced it enough times that there isn’t much I can do to fix it – I just have to wait it out, and it will fade away on it’s own by the next day. I hate that waiting.  I should be able to do something about it. I should be able to fix it!

Anyway – I had just woken up from a nap, and felt this really horrible energy. I was only half-awake as I sometimes am, still partly connected to the Astral plane, but my physical body was awake now in the Physical plane – and I was sitting up in bed. Just sitting there not doing anything.  And I saw a small girl figure that looked like white light hovering behind me, she took hold of something behind my back, a part of me that was like a lever or something, and she pumped it up and down, each time saying something that sounded to me like the phrase: “Mascara and you’re there,” in her gentle girl voice.  She repeated this three times.  By the end of the third time I was COMPLETELY HEALED! No bad feeling remained in my body at all.

I was so surprised, I became fully awake from the surprise of it! I’ve never experienced that before – it always takes a lot of time for that bad energy-feeling to fade away. But this time it was gone in 2-3 seconds. It must be just some kind of energetic blockage, something that’s easy to see and to fix, if you’re an Angel. I wish I could see energies that clearly. I’m glad the Angels are here to help us when we really need it.

After that happened I consulted with a close friend that is good at dowsing, someone I trust implicitly because they’ve shown accuracy in my personal experience many, many times.  I told them the story and they said, “the phrase you heard was not about Mascara, what you remember hearing was just the sounds of the phrase, as best as you understood it in English. I believe the phrase is Sanskrit. I don’t know the exact words, nor what it actually means.” I thought that was very interesting. All I could really do is remember what I heard, in the only language I know – English.

I also realized the location of where this happened in me was behind my back, around where my heart chakra or heart center must be.

Energy Science

There’s a whole science of energies we do not yet understand. These are powerful energies that directly affect our bodies, as well as our emotions and mind. More and more people are becoming conscious of these body-energies, and environment-energies, and world-energies. I know some day the scientifically-minded people among us will figure it out, and create a great science for all to learn – with practical exercises and actions that can be taken in various times, to solve problems never before conquered by our medical science. These things directly affect us today, and we have no ability to see them, understand them, or deal with them today. It’s like being blind, on a certain level. But someday we will be able to see.



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