Absynthe is Not Much Fun

New Year’s Eve of last year (about 6 months ago) I had a chance to try some of that legal Absynthe, which is basically an alcohol product.  I guess Absynthe in its pure form is illegal, this legal stuff is some kind of watered-down variation. Now, I drink alcohol occasionally, so my body has gotten used to it over the past 20 to 25 years. I can take it or leave it; I think the last drink I had was over 2 weeks ago. My limit is 5 drinks; I get pretty sick if I have more than that. I won’t have a hangover if I have fewer drinks and also drink enough water. I usually just drink alcohol at parties and occasionally at home. I find alcohol is sometimes a good way to reduce my overactive mind, to allow me to think in different directions than I normally do – as long as I don’t drink too often.

Anyway. About this Absynthe stuff. I wanted to see what it was like, and I was at a big party at a friend-of-a-friend’s house. One guy broke out the Absynthe and sugar cubes, and demonstrated the way you’re supposed to take it with the sugar cube. I had already had 2 or 3 beers by that point, which isn’t all that much, and I wanted to try that, so I did.

I figured out that Absynthe basically just pushes you into lower astral plane. That’s the “hallucinogenic” side of it. That may be amazing to some people, but not to me. The lower astral plane is dumb and boring.  It’s uncomfortable to me, sometimes even painful. It blocks me from getting to the higher levels that I’m used to.

My body and my brain felt weighted-down for the rest of the evening, and I could kind of see apparitions in my mind’s eye that I know are astral (something that doesn’t normally happen to me in everyday life).  Then, when I went to sleep that night, I was mostly stuck in the lower astral plane; it was not fun. I was caught in complicated convolutions of things I had to do, and places to try to find my way out of; I didn’t like it.  I’m glad I didn’t take any more of that stuff.  If someone took 2 or 3 “drinks” of this stuff, I’m sure they’d spend the entire night wasting their energy in the lower astral plane.

So, I don’t like Absynthe.  My suggestion is this: if you really want to experience alternate worlds, all you have to do is purify yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally – and practice remembering your dreams. Learn to wake up and be conscious within your dreams like I do, and you will have much more fun than you get from some dumb drug that weighs you down lower than normal. Seriously.

For more on how to purify the physical, emotional, and mental parts of you, I recommend Torkom Saraydarian’s book “The Science of Becoming Oneself”. It’s really good.  Actually, a lot of his books go into useful details on this topic; for help cleaning your subconscious mind (something we ALL need!) his book “The Subconscious Mind and the Chalice” is really excellent. I’ve read it multiple times.

Purify, and see where that takes you – in this world, and beyond.


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