Audio Interference with the Higher Worlds

When you remember your dream from the Higher Worlds, it means that the sounds or pictures or intentions (or, often, all three) traveled from the higher levels down to the lower level where your physical brain lives, for you to remember it down here. Once in a while I’ve experienced a very weird sensation and sound, which is like a kind of weird vibrational interference, in the sound-quality of what I’m experiencing. Kind of like a high-speed stuttering, or fluctuating sound variation in the sound that I’m supposed to be hearing. Like if somebody is speaking there, I don’t hear the pure tone of their voice like usual; it’s chopped up at a rate of maybe around 50-100 cycles per second or so – like the volume of the sound of their voice is going up and down that quickly.

It’s very uncomfortable and sounds weird; sometimes it freaks me out, and I disconnect from the higher level and wake up immediately. I can make myself wake up spontaneously when I need to, if I need to get away from some place I’m at in the Higher Worlds. But this sound is very unearthly; like a “cyber voice”, sort of, like the connection is being interfered with by some kind of electric interference on some level I don’t really understand.

I would say I can remember experiencing this maybe 5 times in my life, or so.  So maybe it’s happened a few more times than that, but I don’t recall more than about that.  So it doesn’t happen very often.

There are so many unique and interesting things like this that need to be experienced, studied, and figured out by scientists. And I know this kind of research will happen on a wide-scale in the future.  All I can do is describe what I’ve experienced for now, and ponder it from time to time for the rest of my life. Maybe I will figure out something more about it over time.  Or not.  Maybe someone else will figure this all out, 200 years from now.

Hopefully my having described it will allow somebody to say “hey yea! that’s happened to me too! I’m glad I’m not the only one!” If only 1 person benefits from my description in the next few hundred years, I will be happy.


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