Astral Jails – Visiting and Escaping

Tricksters on the Astral Plane know how to create Astral Jails that temporarily traps people for periods of time.

I’ve spent all night trapped in an Astral jail before on a number of occasions. I felt tired and drained of energy all day the next day – it was harder to think clearly, harder to do my job at work. The day after I was fine. It always irritated me that something so out-of-control as this could affect me; so I have been studying it my whole life, and I found a solution from an old friend.

Inside an Astral jail it feels like a regular old place, somewhere you might have been before, except you can’t escape. You can just feel that you can’t wake up, you’re being blocked, even though you are aware that you’re dreaming – its a weird feeling of being trapped, like someone is holding you down; preventing you from waking up. The place isn’t bad, it’s OK, maybe even a little bit nice, but plain; maybe even a bit boring. There’s nothing interesting to do, and nobody interesting to talk to.

The first Astral jail I actually remember was a large cavernous world with very high ceilings, rocks and hills, and there was what looked like a cave in the far distance. I ran towards the cave to get out of this place, running and running; I finally reached the cave.  I entered and discovered I led to a huge new room.  This place had massively huge rooms, room after room after room. You could probably run forever; I know I’ve spent hours running. Always finding some new place that’s different than the last, never reaching the end. I stopped in the middle of this one room I happened to be in, a cavern made of stone and somewhat poorly lit.  I stopped near a wooden table off to the side that had a man sitting at it, hunched over and just staring at the table.  I said something to him and he just sat there without looking at me and said “it’s hopeless.”  He looked really sad.  I could see 3-4 people running from end to end, head down with a focused look on their face, running; certain that they can reach the “exit”. Maybe this guy and I are the only ones who knows there is no exit.

The First Time I Escaped

As I was standing next to this table, pondering the man sitting there and the people running past, I noticed something – a small piece of white paper near the corner of the table closest to me. That’s funny, I hadn’t seen that before.  I picked it up and read it – it was secret instructions of how to break out of jail!  Someone from the outside sent word to me on the inside!  Somebody’s watching me and helping me!  I remember thinking the instructions were so simple, and it makes perfect sense!  Three easy steps!  (later, after I had I woken up, I couldn’t remember any of the steps, but I recall they made sense to me while I was in the dream.)  I knew I could escape at any moment by following the instructions, but I wanted to help take some people with me – I walked to the center of the room and stood in the way of the very next person running thru the room. I said, “hey! I know how to escape this place! All you have to do is -” and suddenly, BAM!  I was ejected from the dream and was immediately 100% AWAKE, sitting upright in my bed, thinking about what just happened!  I felt really truly awake, unlike how I normally wake up in the middle of the night where I feel groggy and half-awake for a long while. It was very strange. I was amazed and excited by what had just happened, but also irritated that I wasn’t able to say the secret to that person, or anyone else inside – I wasn’t able to help anyone else escape.

That proved to me there is a conscious being, some kind of entity, that is watching the people trapped in his jail, and doesn’t want any of them to escape! There’s a consciousness that created a bogus dream-place to trap people, and enjoys watching them silently as they sadly dwell in their infinite frustration. It really irked me to think I was being watched, spied upon, in this jail-world! I swore I would do whatever it takes to never let this happen to me again. No evil being has the right to do this to me.

The Best Way To Escape

Now I am going to tell you the secret way to escape from an Astral jail: visualize a laser beam shining from your eyes, burning and slicing right through the walls of the place.  Cut a big opening, and let yourself out.

A very wise teacher and author, Torkom Saraydarian, asked my father a question many many years ago that confused my father; he later confided in me about it, and now I’m really glad that he did. The question was: “if you were trapped in a room by the bad guys, and you could do anything, how would you escape?” My father thought about it for a moment and answered, “I guess I would time-travel back in time to a point before the building was even built, step 20 feet to the side, and return to the normal time – then I would be outside the building, and I could run away.” My dad said that Torkom wrinkled his nose at this answer.  Then apparently Torkom said, “I would shine laser beams straight from my eyes to burn down the walls and escape”. My dad remembered this for some time, and, thankfully, told me about it many times while I was growing up.

Sometimes the person who really needs to hear something is different than the person who first heard it.  Sometimes a teacher can deliver a message through another person who has the ability to carry it without corrupting it.  I was not more than 13 years old when my dad told me this story. I remember thinking about Torkom’s answer, and wondering if my physical eyes could really burn holes in the wall of a building, with lasers?  Wouldn’t that be dangerous all the time? It seemed too far fetched to me.  How come I haven’t accidentally burn down our own house by now? I thought about how the news on TV has never talked about anyone having an accidental eye-laser-house-burning event, with the fire department being called and everything. I only just figured out a couple of years ago that he was referring to the Astral plane.  Since then I have tested this out, and I’ve seen that it really works.

The Last Time I Escaped

The last time I escaped from an Astral Jail on my own was kind of interesting. I was inside this jail, pondering my situation, when all of a sudden some of my thoughts connected themselves in a way they never had before – I’m trapped in a room by bad guys; if only I had a laser beam or something – suddenly it made sense to me!  I visualized two piercing-red-hot laser beams burning through the wall of the room I was in, and I turned my head to burn a line horizontally around the room.  I got about a quarter-way around the room when suddenly I heard a male voice right in my ear, super close to me, with his voice wavering from personal hurt, say:  “You… Fucker….”  It startled me, because I thought I was alone in this place; and besides, I never dream with curse words in my dreams for whatever reason; that voice clearly didn’t come from me! It definitely did not come from any Astral projection of my subconscious mind. I had personally hurt some being who was watching me being trapped in his jail.

And suddenly – I was wide awake, sitting up in bed.  I was free from the Astral jail.  I was so happy – I swore in that moment that if I was ever trapped like that again, I’d immediately burn the place with lasers again, as fast as possible to see how much damage I can do before I’m kicked out.

And I have never found myself caught in an Astral jail ever since.

Who Creates/Operates Astral Jails?

I feel that the being behind an Astral jail is some kind of evil intelligent entity who takes joy in watching others experience frustration and giving up.  But a very sensitive and intuitive person I know and trust in the physical world believes it is just a “trickster” having fun at other people’s expense. Still, I don’t like tricksters, and I will defeat any Astral jails I find myself in from now on.  I will slice them in half with my lasers and burn them to the ground.

A Tool For You

I am sharing this tip with you now so that you have a new tool in your arsenal, to help you avoid entire nights of wasted energy and time if you ever find yourself in an Astral jail. Living our lives in the physical world is hard enough without wasting all of our rejuvenating sleep-time with energy-draining events in the Astral plane that are out of our control.

It’s time to take back the night.



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