“But I Don’t Remember My Dreams”

Even if you don’t remember your dreams, you can still visit the higher worlds and probably do, most every time you are asleep.

My father was one of the most spiritually advanced people I know, and I am sure he visited the higher worlds regularly, but he didn’t remember 99.9% of his dreams. He would talk about this openly from time to time. I can only remember one time where he said he remembered a dream-experience he had the previous night. He told us all about it, multiple times, because it meant so much to him. Many other times he complained that he never remembers his dreams, never remembers his trips to the higher worlds and I always tried to reassure him that he certainly visited those places, he just couldn’t remember them in his physical waking life. Some people recall them easier than others.

After my father passed away, I know that he was so excited, he could move and dance and fly all around the place with lots of energy. I could tell that he was experiencing and enjoying his freedom, finally, after being freed from his ailing 80-some year old body. Later on when it was the right time, I met with him at night while I was sleeping, I believe we were on the Higher Mental plane at the time.  We talked face to face and I was relieved to see him so happy and full of life once again.

I vaguely remembered my meetings with him during the following days and weeks, when I went to sleep at night. Seeing him again so healthy and happy really helped me recover from his passing away. He meant so much to me as I was growing up during my childhood and early adulthood.



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