No Pets in the Bedroom

It’s probably not popular to say this, but I don’t recommend letting your pets into your bedroom.

Animals are closer to the Astral plane, and are a lower level being on the hierarchy of beings, which goes: mineral, plant, animal, human, master, and so on. Animals do not have the advanced kind of mind that human beings do, even if they do sometimes have very sophisticated emotions, as well as physical bodies.

Animals can bring bad entities into your house and into your bedroom. Especially at night when you are not conscious, they can interfere with your visiting higher levels of Astral, Mental and higher planes.

Some pets are restless, especially cats, and will get up dozens of times, jostling you and making you wake up partially, pulling you away from the higher levels where you could very well be doing important work with other real people or experiencing interesting dreams that you’re learning things from.

You can be attacked Astrally by an entity attaching itself to your pet and working through the pet. At least, this is what I have heard, I haven’t seen it first hand since we don’t allow our pets in our bedroom.



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