Three Levels of the Astral Plane

The Astral plane, as I’ve described, is the level above the Physical world that we find ourselves in while we are awake.  The Astral plane is not a “high” or “low” level, it’s just a regular level, like this world that we currently live in, only different. The Astral plane adheres to its own set of rules, it’s own laws of physics.

According to the books I’ve read, the Astral plane has seven levels from low to high; however, I have only experienced three levels that I’ve been able to distinguish: high level, normal level, and low level. I am not sensitive enough yet to distinguish any more subdivisions than that, yet. Maybe some day.

Normal or Middle Level of the Astral Plane

This is the level we think of as the “dream world”, the normal place you go when you fall asleep and have dreams.  You know – all those silly dreams, interesting dreams, scary dreams & nightmares, hopeful dreams, desirous dreams, and so forth.

When you fall asleep, if you’re like me, you don’t always dream – but when you do, you’re likely visiting the normal or mid-level of the Astral plane. At least that’s the starting point, often times, the first place we visit in dreamland.

In this level, the people you see are not real people at all – they’re all constructions created by yourself – usually from your subconscious mind. They may seem real, but if you watch them carefully, they can only say the things you already know. They won’t tell you things you didn’t know before – whereas the real person in your “awake” life could tell you something you didn’t know before. In the Astral world, they won’t act in any way you didn’t expect them to; whereas in the real world, they can act in ways completely contradictory to what you expected of them. You could be dreaming about a theater full of hundreds of people, each one a unique individual, when you inspect them up close – yet, you are the only real person in the room. The roomful of people act as a consistent group, somehow manage not to do anything out of your expectations – a bit unlike the real world. And there isn’t really a room – the highly convincing way that it looks and smells and sounds was constructed by you as well.

If you are conscious enough on this level and know that you are dreaming, you can construct things yourself – change things, visit other places, remember places you’ve been before and instantly jump to that location, and so forth. You can conjure up anyone or anything, as much or as little as you want.  You can fly anywhere, gravity can exist, or doesn’t have to exist, for you, depending on what you want (what you expect). You can even fly through the very earth as if it’s not there. No one can hurt you and nothing can stop you, actually, on this level.

When you have nightmares, often you are in this level, and your subconscious is conjuring up things for you to face and experience. You can run away, or face and fight.  I usually face them and fight, because I’ve learned how not to ever be harmed in this level – nothing can touch me most of the time, now.  By controlling my fear and knowing nothing can hurt me, then, nothing can hurt me.  It’s that simple. But it takes practice. I didn’t get this way over night. It’s taken decades of practice and experience dreaming, living my dreams, suffering from my dreams, and gaining control over them. You can do it, too.

If you’re running away from men with guns and knives, next time try something: stop and turn and face them.  They’ll stop running towards you!  As long as you can control your emotions and not feel a pang of fear in the gut of your stomach, they won’t touch you. They might yell at you and look vicious, but they won’t come any closer. If they come closer, be stronger – they literally can’t touch you.  If they aim their guns, they can’t shoot at you. If they shoot at you, they can’t hit you – the bullets never reach you. You have to be 100% convinced that YOU WON’T LET THEM HURT YOU – using your willpower, and they will not be able to hurt you, not even a little bit. Even a ferocious dog, or a pack of dogs, frothing at the mouth, totally out of control, they can’t respond to logic and language – but they will obey your intention. They are constructs, from your subconscious, they cannot hurt you or touch you if you don’t allow them.  So, don’t allow them. Don’t put up with that shit anymore.

If you have a recurring dream, it can be your subconscious trying to help you get over a limitation – each time you have the dream, try doing something new this time that you didn’t do last time. Be new. Be wild and crazy if you want to. It’s your dream. You’re allowed. And nobody will know when you wake up the next day.

The Astral Plane is a great practice world to gain more self-confidence in various situations that you might face in the physical world. Nothing is permanent there, anything you do can be undone, nobody can really be hurt, nothing can be destroyed.  It’s great, it gives you a kind of freedom you don’t have in our physical waking world.

Lower Level of the Astral Plane

This is an unusual level, not the normal place you go when you fall asleep. In this place you feel a lot of heat and pressure pressing on your body, it’s quite an uncomfortable feeling actually.  You usually hear loud music that sounds irritating and raucous to you, like the most extremely ugly music you’ve ever heard. When I’ve been there, it sounded like very extreme heavy-metal music.

The setting for this place is often underground, with rocks and dirt and related musty dirty smells.  Often you are “prepared” for this place by traveling down into the “earth” in some way, like entering an elevator that goes straight down for a long time, far longer and deeper than you expected; or you rode in a small open rail car like an ore-car that goes down at a steep angle deep underground quite a ways to get there. You might see a number of other people traveling with you, and a couple of “expert guides” or controllers who are controlling the situation and guiding you and the ore car.  (These are actual ways I’ve personally experienced).

The other “people” you see in this level are two types: ordinary people like you, who are open to having their actions influenced and controlled by others, and the strong and loud people who control them. The controllers make all the regular people participate in actions that hurt each other – hitting each other with sticks, punching, harming each other – in order to get something for themselves. Like, “if you beat that man with this stick, I will give you a yummy cookie.” They are encouraged to do things that feel wrong and harm their heart. They tell you to do things that you don’t feel comfortable doing – just the “next thing down” from where your normal impulses are. And, you feel somewhat motivated to do it, because when you look around, other people who resist are beaten or other bad things happen to them; you don’t want that to happen to you. The controllers try to appeal to negative aspects of your psyche, like greed (“you’ll get riches and special gifts if you do this!”), ego (“you’re better than those losers!  Show ’em you’re better than them, teach them that they can’t touch you, but you can hurt them!”), and other bad parts of you that you know better than to exercise.

Criminals, and heavy drug users, regularly dwell in this level when they go to sleep. This encourages them to do the wrong things they do in our world. The “unremorseful criminal” that nobody can imagine why he is that way, lives here. Weak-minded people who just do what others tell them to do can get trapped here and waste an entire night here, and wind up super-groggy or even get sick, in the physical world, when they wake up.

I visited this world one night when I was living alone. I drank way too much and listened to very angry music, when I was emotionally distraught. I really over did it that night; it took about 3 days to fully recover. I don’t recommend doing that! I was in a bad enough state that I naturally was pulled to the lowest parts of the Astral plane like this. It was not a comfortable experience at all. I don’t recommend it.

I think that this is the level that some religious people envision as “Hell”.  It certainly had every aspect that I would have expected in a “Hell”, although I have never believed in that aspect of the Christian religion.  I guess what I’m saying is, you can go to hell and back, and wake up the next day to live another day. Waking up from visiting this level leaves you feeling drained of energy, not feeling exactly like yourself, uncomfortable for the rest of the day like an extra weight is on your shoulders, an extra amount of depression or natural discontent, more than you normally have. Usually after 1-2 more days you will feel normal again, because your normal life helps you stay in the higher levels of the Astral plane or above, most of the time.

Higher Level of the Astral Plane

The Higher Astral Plane turns out to be the true Virtual Reality world. It’s the greatest Virtual Reality simulator that could ever be created, because it’s not a simulator, it’s an actual world guided exactly by the rules you would want to build into the perfect Virtual Reality you could ever imagine. You don’t have to wear any equipment, you’re completely immersed in the world, 360 degrees in every direction; perfect sight, hearing, feelings, memories, everything you would expect to experience in a world like this.

The Higher Astral Plane has so many of the greatest games you could ever play, with no equivalents yet in our physical world. You would be astounded at how cool and advanced the games are on these levels.  And to think some person or entity created the game, and administers it somehow – invisible to you, the player.  And you can play it as much or as little as you want. And you can play it the way that you want, you don’t have to follow a scripted path if you don’t want to.  These games are true “free roaming” worlds, similar to how games like Grand Theft Auto are fairly free motion – you can wander all over and do what you want, or you can follow the story line, in and out, whenever you want. But in Grand Theft Auto you often encounter limits, corners you can’t get into, things you can’t do; the Higher Astral Plane doesn’t have these limitations.

When visiting the Higher Astral Plane you can actually see and interact with other people – and they really are real people in this same level with you! You can talk to them, play games with them. If you say something unusual or wrong, they will point it out or react in some way. They will tell you new things you didn’t already know. They might not want to hear the story you want to tell (just like our “real world”).

The setting of this world can be anything – indoors or outdoors.  Often the outdoors area is beautiful – perfect green grass, blue skies, chirping birds, sounds in the distance that are pleasant, no music playing, beautiful trees and plants. You can go anywhere you want. You can talk to other people or go off on your own. You can play games, or just watch other people playing games, or go hide and explore someplace that you want to. There is lots of light, you have no trouble seeing anything.

You feel happy here, being outdoors is like the best picnic in the park, you don’t want to leave. If you visit frequently, you can make friends here, and have real life friends that you meet regularly – people you’ve never met in your physical life before. I feel I have a lot more friends in the higher worlds than I do in the physical world. You can be such a busy person on the physical plane with work, school, family, that you don’t have time to hang out with friends anymore; but, you still can visit your awesome close friends on the higher levels each night if you want to.

Some of the people you meet on the Higher Astral Plane are physically incarnated in other parts of the Earth, just like you are. You might be able to tell by looking at them, because their appearance reflects how they think of themselves, just as your appearance reflects how you think of yourself. If you see someone who looks Chinese, for example, they may actually be Chinese, or think of themselves that way for some reason at the current time.

Some of the people you meet here have passed away from the physical world, but their Astral body is still alive, so they live mostly in the Astral plane now. It’s their main home at the current time. They may or may not know they’re not in the physical world anymore (you may choose to tell them! or not. Up to you.) You might see your parents who passed away, or your grandparents, or other distant relatives. But they may not look the way you remember them – they may not look old, they may look the same age as you! It just depends on how they remember themselves.  I’m almost 50 years old right now in the physical world, but I still think of myself (in my internal visualization of what I look like) as a young man around 25 years old. So I believe that’s how I appear on the higher levels. With thick dark brown hair, not balding gray hair like I have now.  🙂

I will post more articles about my experiences in the Higher Astral Plane. I have a large number of stories to tell about this level.

Practice remembering your dreams, if for no other reason than to recall the amazing experiences you have on the Higher Mental Plane! It’s such a relief to know there are other worlds like this that you can experience and learn about, it can give you a greater feeling of freedom in your physical life. Dreams like this can be a source of inspiration, of clearing bad past experiences in the physical plane.

Steering Yourself Toward the Higher Planes

For your own happiness, health and fun, I recommend working to reach the higher levels, and stay away from the lower levels of pain and agony and hopelessness. Waking up after a night of visiting the lower Astral level leaves you drained and sleepy. Waking up after a night of visiting the mid-Astral level leaves you feeling the usual, blah, another day in the grind, every day is the same, etc.  Waking up after a night of visiting the higher Astral level leaves you with a feeling of happiness and excitement, creativity, relaxation.  You feel awake, not sleepy and groggy all day long. It’s sort of like the feeling you get from playing a super fun computer game with an epic ending that you absolutely loved, something that was more than you even expected. It makes you want to go back again and visit once more – you look forward to sleeping each night, then. Don’t you want more energy and happiness, not less, in your daily physical life?

You can steer yourself towards the higher levels of the Astral plane by the life you lead in the physical world.  If you are lying, cheating, stealing, it will be impossible for you to reach the Higher Astral plane (until you clean that within you).  If you are taking illegal drugs that permanently damage your body, you can become trapped in the lower levels of the Astral plane. Too much alcohol, sex, and other energy-drawing things in our life can have a powerful affect on where you land in the Astral world, and where you can visit. If you are planning to harm people, plotting to take money from others in various sneaky ways, planning criminal activities, taking things away from other people without their permission – these all block you from the higher levels. Again, I’m not saying to stop doing that! Do it if you want to. Sometimes its better to do what feels right, and then suffer the consequences of our actions. You’re perfectly welcome to follow your own direction. All I’m saying is that if you want to change the level you visit when you dream, if you want better sleep, you need to reduce and stop those actions and plans that interfere with your visits to the higher levels of the Astral world.

Some of those wrong actions may be things you’ve done all your life, and feel completely natural to you – stopping them feels unnatural.  That’s normal – that’s how we learn. Any time you start doing a new, right thing for the first time ever, it will feel weird and wrong. You might have an inner-fight with yourself about it. Your brain will say “I suck at this, I will never be able to do this.” Just keep telling yourself that you have the right in this world to do what you want, including changing your own behavior. Because you can always choose to go back to the old behavior later, if you want to. You deserve to be in control, not letting any behavior be in control of you!

Who’s the human-being here anyway, you or your hangups?

The goal is balance. I’m not saying “never drink alcohol”, that would be stupid. Try every extreme, and try everything in between; observe yourself; then find a balance. You can learn a lot about yourself this way and not feel regrets about never letting yourself do something in your life.


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