Dream: White Stone Sanctuary

[Higher Mental plane]

The other night (early April 2014) I had a very strange dream. I visited a very remote sanctuary and prayer place with my wife. It was very peaceful, and high up in the mountains, away from all cities and towns. No streets, no lights, just nature. As soon as we arrived I knew what to do.

I picked up one beautifully carved head-of-buddha made out of white milky stone that was lying nearby, and held it in both hands. The coloring was like white marble with a few other faint colors mixed in. I lifted it into the air, above my head; it was heavy.

Now for the difficult part: I had to climb up and over the white stone threshold of slippery white carved marble that curves gently upwards to an upper lip that I need to reach, about 8 or 10 feet off the floor. I couldn’t just walk or crawl slowly, I would slip back down awkwardly, long before reaching the top. No, the trick was to get a running start, so you could make it up the side using momentum. Since I can’t use my hands (holding the stone carving high above my head), it was harder than I expected. But I made it up and over the large curving part on the first try, with a confidence like I’d done this before. I don’t remember ever doing this before.

My wife scrambled up somehow on her own to join me moments later. It was easier for her since she could use her hands and feet. So now we’re both upstairs, like in a loft area, open on all sides, with a roof overhead. In the center of the room is a square stone area for a fire, like a fire pit, but pretty large. The stone head in my hands was now vibrating a funny vibration energy that I can’t really describe; it was excited, almost singing a musical note. The closer I moved towards the stone fire pit, the more energetically it vibrated, shaking almost violently!

There was no fire in the fire pit that I saw or felt.

[Mid Astral plane]

My wife took the stone head from me and moved it really REALLY close to the fire pit, which I had been hesitant to do – and the stone head shattered into many pieces.

Meanwhile 2 or 3 other people somehow were suddenly standing nearby watching us. One man nearby (a doctor) suggested I do something that I don’t recall (but it made sense to me at the time). I took the broken pieces of the stone head that broke apart, and carried them to a place where I was was able to reassemble them, I believe.

This is when I woke up.

When things start to fall apart, it usually means that I’m drifting downwards, out of the Mental plane into the the Astral, heading back to my body.

When dropping down from the Mental plane to the Mid Astral plane, very often an exact copy of everything you see around you is created – so there isn’t much of a transition, everything around you looks the same – it can be really hard to know that you’re now on the Astral plane instead of Mental. The way you know it’s Astral is that the behavior of everything becomes Astral – more people show up, people will interfere with you, argue with you, act dumber, baser, the sort of things that your subconscious normally grapples with in ordinary dream-world. People wait to react to what you say and do, rather than thinking on their own. They don’t surprise you, they act in the annoying ways you expected them to, nothing more. Nothing unexpected. That’s the middle Astral plane.

How I Wake Up

This is an example of how I wake up. First, my normal lower consciousness awakes on whatever plane I’m visiting, and I see what’s going on; I’m usually right in the middle of something. I can hang out there for a few minutes. Then I’m pulled down a level, and can hang out there for a few more minutes. Then I’m pulled lower still, etc., until I wake up, lying in bed in our physical world.

If it’s the middle of the night, I’m often still connected and if I relax enough I can still hear and see on the higher level while wide awake, sort of; if the logic part of my brain wakes up enough, though, it blocks the connection and I can’t see or hear anything. If I can relax enough again right after that, sometimes I can get it back; sometimes not.  But if I fall asleep again within a few minutes of waking up, I can sometimes return to where I left off. Other times I go to a new place, new people, new things to visit and experience and do.



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